How to Grow a Twitter Account: Ultimate Guidelines

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
December 9, 2022
how to grow a twitter account

Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms, ranking in terms of the number of users. As of June 2022, Twitter had approximately 450 million monthly active users, with 237 million daily monetizable active users (Source). 

Evidently, people are eyeing this opportunity to mark their presence on Twitter and get a decent Twitter account. It’s easy to do so on Twitter if you follow some specific steps and adhere to guidelines. To assist anyone just starting out on Twitter and looking to grow their Twitter account quickly and easily, we've put together some essential tips to help you get there in no time.

Twitter Terms to Understand the Metrics

common Twitter terms

Twitter Impressions

The number of times a tweet appears in a user's timeline or search results is referred to as a “Twitter impression." However, it does not include the number of times someone may have seen the Tweet through an embed on a website, a third-party platform, or via text preview. 

This metric helps you better understand the performance and reach of your tweets, potentially indicating whether or not your content strategy is effective for your target audience. 

Twitter Engagements

Twitter engagement is simply the total number of times a user interacts with a Tweet. When you tweet something, what is the primary goal? You want to reach more audiences to showcase your work. And after viewing your work (a tweet), people interact with it and react to it in a number of ways. And the way they do it is summed up as "Twitter engagement." 

It includes retweets, replies, follows, likes, links, mentions, cards, hashtags, embedded media, or Tweet expansion. Twitter engagement is an essential metric to know the reach of your content or tweet, and it helps you understand if the audience is liking your content approach and improve accordingly.

Twitter Followers

Twitter followers are those people or accounts that are following you on Twitter, meaning they are connected to your profile on Twitter so that they can easily see your activities and whatever you post on Twitter on their timeline and feed. 

They can even receive notifications when you tweet or share something via custom notification settings. However, following someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an agreement with or support the person followed—it only indicates that the follower wishes to keep up with what the person posts.

Why Do Twitter Followers Matter?

why Twitter followers matter

There are a number of social media experts or gurus who would argue that it’s all about quality and organic engagement when it comes to followers. Though I agree with the importance of building a highly engaged, well-targeted community across social networks, quantity matters too. If you’re going to grow a Twitter account, be it for personal motives or to drive business results, you also need a lot of followers. 

A greater number of genuine followers builds your reputation and authority. Twitter is all about engagement, and if you have a large number of followers, they can spread good words about your profile and help attract more audiences for you. More followers mean access to more connections and leads, which is a big upside for Twitter.

Also, engagement is crucial to reaching out to a large audience, and more followers can help with your promotion for free and also have an influence on generating and converting leads. For a business, a large follower count helps build brand identity, increases brand awareness, and even leads to potential sales of your product or service.

Now, this doesn’t mean just running after followers or gaining followers in an inappropriate way. You need to engage regularly with your followers to build an organic follower list. 

Fake followers affect your reputation negatively, and people tend to move away from your profile if they see that a number of your followers are fake. It is quite simple to assess the real and fake followings of any Twitter handle for anyone using a variety of online tools, so keep an eye on that as well. 

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How to Get More Followers on Twitter

getting more followers of Twitter

Customize Your Profile

One of the very basic things for beginners on Twitter is profile page optimization, which involves creating a welcoming profile for your audience. People are more likely to follow you if your profile includes a brief description of yourself or your company as well as answers to any basic questions from your target audience.

To start with, you need to choose a Twitter handle that people will recognize. It is suggested to use the same name as the other social media platforms so that it is easier for your followers on those platforms to find and follow you.

After that, you need to add the profile description by adding some relevant tags, industry keywords, and so on. Apart from that, add your bio and location, which will give your profile a more complete look, help attract more followers, and help you be better ranked in search engine results.

Then, after a few tweets and when your tweets start getting engagement, pin your most popular tweets at the top so that your content gets noticed and people get to see that and engage more when they check out your profile.

Create and Share Relevant Content

You need to create and share relevant content on your feed. Twitter is a platform where people come to have a conversation with multiple people about content that they’re interested in or find relatable. You can track the progress of your content through Twitter Analytics to learn about the type of content that appeals most to your target audience. You can use keywords and hashtags to search for trending topics related to your industry and audience on the Explore Page and create relevant content. You need to be fast in here, or else there’ll be more creators who’ll grab the opportunity to post recent things first and grab more attention from your target audience.

Stay Active and Engaged

One of the key ways to attract more audience members to your feed is to interact with them. Actively responding to comments, having discussions in threads, and reposting their content are a few ways to engage with your audience. It is better to give detailed and thoughtful responses so that the audience feels like you’re valuing them. 

And it is better to retweet your followers and audiences, which will show that you’re actively participating, value engagement, and care about your audiences. You can even engage with more people by connecting with different Twitter communities and sharing advice or experiences with them. 

Follow the Right People

It's crucial to follow the top Twitter users in your niche on the social network. Your target audience is likely to be familiar with well-known celebrities, influencers, and top people in the relevant industry or area.

So it's best to follow them and retweet when what they say makes sense to you. However, before you retweet, always edit and add a quote to make your share more relevant and relatable.

This will give your target audience a sense of the authenticity of your profile, and they will start following you. The top people in your industry will also likely notice you, and you can network in this manner as well. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags help your tweet be more visible in your audience’s feed and get more engagement and potential followers on Twitter. When people search for trends or a specific topic, posts and profiles with similar hashtags will appear at the top of the search results. That is why you must keep track of trending hashtags as well as which hashtags to use in relation to your content topic. 

However, this does not imply using meaningless hashtags; otherwise, your content will appear spammy. You can use hashtag analytics to identify communities relevant to your content industry and see the kinds of hashtags they use. Another good way is to follow the bios and posts of relevant influencers or big names to see the hashtags that they’re using. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easier to use the more relatable hashtags to get noticed by your target audience.  

Retweet Incredible Content

Retweeting is simply reposting on Twitter. When you share a post or a tweet that was originally created by someone else, it is called “retweeting” on Twitter.

Retweeting a top celebrity or an influencer’s post from your niche that you find relatable or important, is often rewarding as they tend to retweet your comment or give you a mention as a thank you. This, in turn, brings your profile in limelight by enhancing exposure, and their followers take at least a sneak peek at your profile, if not actively hit on that follow button. 

This also shows that you are up-to-date about the market and what is happening around you and that you are open to learning and sharing knowledge. It also brings variety to your content posting and gives a diverse, activity-filled look to your profile. And retweeting just takes a few minutes, so it is very easy to do compared to its offering. All these tend to attract more followers to your profile.

Create and Post Visual Content

Visual content, like photos, illustrations, infographics, and videos, helps your content stand out and get better traction in social media as they easily grab people’s attention, as proven historically. Tweets with images are more likely to receive engagement on Twitter because they help people remember, which means people are more likely to retweet and share them with their connections if they find them relatable.  

Promote Your @name 

A Twitter handle is the username that appears at the end of your unique Twitter URL, after the @ sign in your profile URL. It is very crucial to promote your @name as people tend to remember your profile by that name. A creative name often sticks in people’s memories, and it helps get your profile noticed. If you can come up with a catchy @name so that it sticks with people, it will help you get more followers. 

Run a Followers Campaign

One of the simplest ways to promote and accelerate the growth of your account is to launch advertising campaigns in Twitter Ads Manager. The advertising will appear in your target audience's feeds as regular tweets labeled as "ads," with links to your page.

The best thing about it is that you only need to pay when someone starts following you after seeing an ad. You can run short campaigns to boost your follower list on a short-term basis or an always-on campaign that will help you generate a consistent number of followers in the long run. 

Do Twitter Polls

A Twitter poll allows you to ask your audience a question in a tweet and provide response options for them to share their thoughts. And the best thing is, it just takes a second or two—just a click on your preferred option, and it’s done. 

This helps you get essential insights, be it about your audience's preferences, feedback on your content, or something else. This also creates an opportunity to better connect with your audience and network. It also builds goodwill and shows that you care about the opinions of your followers, which helps attract more followers to your account.

Become Part of a Twitter Community

The key to success for any Twitter community is adequate community engagement. So, you need to allocate time for your community, replying to their tweets, retweeting, and loving relatable content; replying to DMs; and addressing their queries and feedback. This will make your community feel valued, and they will commit themselves more wholeheartedly to the community. 

Many people ignore the DMs and don't respond there on a regular basis, but many of your potential community members and audience members may receive a more personalized sense from asking questions and talking through DMs rather than a Twitter thread, so you should handle it as well. Now that you know that engaging with your community doesn't have to be limited to questions and feedback, you can plan a variety of events that will build your community.

Optimize Your Post Timing

While Twitter necessitates regular posting, publishing at all hours of the day will not be effective. To avoid missing out on your target audience's involvement during peak hours, you must align your publishing schedule with their online presence time.

Because Twitter is fast and people tweet a lot, if you don't post at the most engaging moment, your tweets will barely appear in your followers' feeds. You can utilize analytics to determine where the majority of your audience is coming from and tailor your content to their schedule. If you live in various time zones, you'll need to employ scheduled posting services to avoid missing out on your followers' interactions.

Link to  the Website and Other Social Media Profiles

You can include links to your other social platforms in your profile's "Twitter Bio," and you can even invite people to follow your other social media handles at the end of any piece as a friendly reminder from time to time.

Again, if your company has a website, include social media buttons on the homepage so that clients are directed to your social media page, which they can view from there. This is also true for newsletters and email signatures; including your social media accounts via the social icons serves as a reminder to the audience that they can discover you on other platforms as well if they wish.

Connect Through Twitter Chats

Twitter chat is a virtual gathering of people who share common interests and want to interact with additional people. Twitter chats are fantastic for networking, learning business methods from peers, and having meaningful conversations about any shared areas of interest.

Hosting Twitter chats will help your followers and target audience connect and interact more. They can talk about shared interests, exchange views on relevant topics, discuss business, and find something that adds value. It will help to bring them closer and strengthen the bond in your community. 

Is It Possible to Purchase Targeted Twitter Followers? 

purchase Twitter followers

Yes, you may purchase Twitter followers from Social Plug! With a high number of followers, you can build your authority on Twitter and later start promoting your business. 

The most surprising part is that it is not even against Twitter's terms of service. There is nothing to worry about if you buy your followers from a trustworthy provider that sells genuine followers who are real people. The followers you buy will be genuine, active people who will respond to your tweets.


Twitter is a great social media platform. But like other social platforms, it’s a bit tricky to get started. And the number of followers just doesn’t increase by chance; rather,  planning beforehand and following the above guidelines will help you grow beyond your goal. These steps often require a small time commitment with consistent efforts, so once you get the hang of them, the sky's the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many Twitter followers are respectable?

A more reasonable number to aim for as an individual or as someone promoting a business or a service is 10,000. That's a fairly respectable figure. If you have 10,000 committed and active followers, that's fantastic! However, if you amass a following of unengaged and inactive users, your brand's reputation will suffer.

  1. How many followers do you need to be verified?

Twitter does not specify a minimum number of followers required to be verified. They are more interested in other characteristics, such as having an active, authentic, and well-known account.

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