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Whether you are a business who is trying to eat out competitors or an individual who disagrees with someone, buying Reddit downvotes is just for you.

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Downvoting works for posts & comments that are under 30 days old.

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Downvoting works the best if the post is less than 2 hours old. This will tell Reddit that this comment / post is not liked by other Redditors.

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How it works?

This is the process of ordering Reddit Downvotes from SocialPlug.


Choose Amount of Downvotes

Select the desired amount of Downvotes You need for Reddit post or comment.


Submit Post or Comment URL

Submit the URL for which post or comment You want the downvotes to be delivered to.


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Done! Complete checkout and receive Your Reddit downvotes within 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy Reddit downvotes?

Buying Reddit Downvotes helps You hide unnecessary comments or posts. Businesses downvote competitors comments to get more traffic on their websites.

What are Reddit downvotes?

Reddit downvotes are just the same as Reddit upvotes, but downvotes down-rank posts or comments on Reddit. It's mostly used to hide competitors posts or comments from the general public.

Is it safe to buy Reddit downvotes?

Yes. All the downvotes are delivered from high karma and aged Reddit accounts. This ensures the quality of your posts & comments.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we provide discounted rates on clients that have spent atleast $2.5k on our panel.

How to buy Reddit comment downvotes

To buy Reddit comment downvotes, simply copy the comment url and choose the comment downvote service and pay.

Who is SocialPlug?

Socialplug is the industry-leading social media shop offering a variety of services across social media platforms.

What are the payment methods?

You can buy Reddit downvotes with bitcoin and with other cryptocurrencies. SocialPlug also offers payments by card.

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