How To Get Awards on Reddit - Detailed Guideline

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
November 16, 2022
How to get awards on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most widely used social media sites, especially for niche segments like gaming and cryptocurrency. People use Reddit both for fun and business. The site is great for sharing your content and being a part of the community.

Reddit has subreddits- subsidiary threads, and categories within the Reddit website- for every segment, which gives individuals a chance to advertise anything they want to the right audience. If you have ever used Reddit, you will notice that some small icons above the post look like badges named “Reddit Awards.” 

To promote your brand or share your content with your target audience, you must get Reddit Awards for better reach. If your audience sees and upvotes your content, whether it's a post or a comment, a picture or a video, because it's of high quality or something they strongly agree with, it will be considered worthy of an award.

Anyone new to Reddit might not understand what Reddit awards are, how Reddit awards work, or how to get Reddit awards. Here, we have put together a comprehensive guide on Reddit Awards to help you get started growing your Reddit account.

What Are The Reddit Awards?

What are the Reddit awards?

Reddit Awards are the badges of honor that can be given by one Redditor to another for relevant and helpful posts, funny memes, or current trends. It is a "super upvote," which shows that an individual really agrees with the thread or comment. The idea is to promote these contents under a specific community's "Hot" or “Top” tabs.

Its purpose is to show that these posts got the attention of many Redditors, and people have awarded these posts with Reddit community awards as a way to recognize their contributions to the community.  It also encourages people to share better content with the community.

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How Do Reddit Awards Work?

How do Reddit awards work?

Redditors can give Reddit Awards to other users who post relevant content and advance the community. These awards require coins, and these coins need to be purchased with money through Paypal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Posts or comments that have been awarded are often highlighted, and the threads that receive these awards draw more attention and upvotes in the main section. It also draws attention to the lines and words. 

Sometimes, the recipient of an award also gets special perks like Reddit Coins, a few days of ad-free browsing, and access to the exclusive r/lounge.People who make content or make memes can get rewards for posting useful, funny, or relevant content in subreddits. Awards also look good on one’s own profile; they are generally seen just below the karma points. 

The awards bring attention to talented people and make them more likely to share useful information with their communities. It displays the contents to a larger audience. Additionally, it levels the playing field for all users so they can each promote their own content within their own communities. 

Why Do You Need Reddit Awards?

There are several types of awards, including average awards, currency awards, animated awards, chain awards, and premium awards. These are awarded based on the community, specific internet trends, and meme culture. 

These awards come with different perks that give the recipient more coins and a higher rank on Reddit. They mainly give a sense of satisfaction to the recipient—that someone agreed to it because it was helpful, funny, relevant, or detailed.

You can also upgrade your account to Reddit Premium to receive coins as a bonus every month. These coins are later used to give awards. Depending on the value of the award, you can get access to these benefits for a longer period of time, varying from 1 week to 6 months.

What Are The Different Types Of Reddit Awards?

What are the different types of Reddit awards?

Community Awards 

There are some icons known as "Reddit Community Awards." The community awards can only be given to the communities that created them. The moderators of individual communities can create custom community awards by choosing images, names, and coin prices for the awards based on their communities. These awards range from 500 to 40,000 coins. 

The community awards are only applicable to SFW subreddits. The NSFW, Quarantined, or Banned subreddits will not be able to make new medals. It can result in adverse reactions at times.


  • Gives 20% of the coins spent on community awards to the community Bank.
  • Value posters and commenters.
  • Gives the best content exclusive awards from the coins in the community banks.


There are some Redditors who have hilarious or witty comments in the threads. Many Redditors usually upvote these comments to show that they agree with them. Many comments can earn the original or community Reddit awards by commenting on something relevant, important, nice, or funny.

Like, for the “Im Deceased” award, which is generally received if the comment is very funny.


The original Reddit awards list consists of 5 categories of awards, i.e., Silver, Gold, Platinum, Argentium, and Ternion. The highest level is the Ternion. Previously the awards were given up to Gold. Now, it has been revised to Ternion. These Medals draw attention to the thread or comments on the posted content. 


  • Ternion-  This is the highest reward available on Reddit. It is a legendary-level award that is very scarcely seen on Reddit. Some have also named it "Unachievanium." It costs 50,000 coins. It provides the receiver 5,000 Reddit, six months of r/lounge, and ad-free browsing.
  • Argentium- It means” Distinguished” in Latin. It costs 20,000 coins. It gives 3,000 Reddit coins, three months of r/lounge, and ad-free browsing.
  • Platinum- It provides access to a platinum users club named "Club Hub." It is an exclusive club only meant for platinum or above users. Any person who leaks content from the club will be banned from the group and possibly all of Reddit. It costs 1800 coins and gives 700 Reddit coins, one month of r/lounge, and ad-free browsing. 
  • Gold- It is one of the most basic awards on Reddit. It costs around 500 coins. It provides 100 Reddit coins and one week-long access to r/lounge and ad-free browsing. 
  • Silver- It costs 100 coins and provides no other benefits than being displayed as a badge in a post.

Reddit Premium

The members with a paid subscription to Reddit are known as “Reddit Premium.” Reddit Premium replaced Reddit Gold in 2018. The premium awards are only available to the premium users that are shinier than the regular ones. 

Some of the premium awards are the Narwhal Salute Award, the Wholesome Seal of Approval Award, and some animated premium awards, such as the Bravo, Grande! Award, the Take My Power Award, and the All-Seeing Upvote Award.


  • Extra coins to spend
  • Quality of life features
  • Exclusive Avatar Gear
  • Custom App Icon
  • Access to r/lounge
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Premium badge in the profile

How to Get Reddit Awards?

Sharing Relevant Content on the Platform

The easiest way to get an award is to share relevant content that you find interesting. Most content that gets an award has already been upvoted and has a lot of engagement. Content that is easy to award may include a user guide for beginners on a certain topic or an original, funny meme.

Gaining Karma  

It is very important for a Redditor to gain karma by commenting on r/askreddit. Individuals can make witty, funny, disappointing, or relatable comments in these threads and get more upvotes. One can also find niche topics on Reddit and comment on specific subreddits. 

Commenting on posts is the best way to generate karma. The higher the karma, the higher the chances of promoting one's own post, thus increasing the chances of getting more Reddit Awards.  

Active Participation in Subreddits

Visit popular subreddits like r/AskReddit, r/pics, and r/funny, which have more than a million subscribers. You can comment on those threads by sorting by the top of the hour, rising, or new. This ensures that your comment won't get buried under those who arrived earlier.

Use Images and Videos

Try to use visual content such as pictures and videos to make your content more attractive. Users are also likely to upvote and reward content with more visuals instead of text-heavy posts. The visual content should also be clear, never confusing, and always show what the token stands for.

Use Creative Titles for Your Links

Reddit shows links in the form of the title you give them, so the tone of the discussion will often depend on what you say in the title. Consider making these titles ironic or humorous (using puns, for example). Upvotes are more likely on a post, thus decreasing the chances of getting awards. 

The Do's and Don'ts to Get Reddit Awards

The Do's and Don'ts to get Reddit awards


  • Make creative and informative content
  • Be relevant to the community 
  • Engage with posts and comment regularly
  • Post relevant and discussion-worthy content.


  • Take part in subreddits involved in illegal activities
  • Post-text-heavy content that is difficult for other users to read and understand
  • Take part in controversial conversations 
  • Harsh criticism of others' content that does not align with your beliefs.

How Much Do Reddit Awards Cost To Buy?

Coins are commonly used to purchase Reddit awards. The coins must be purchased with actual money. The coins can be purchased in packages containing 500 to 82,000 coins, with prices ranging from $1.99 to $199.99.  

The cost of each of the medals in dollars is displayed below: 

  1. Silver- 20 cents
  2. Gold- $1
  3. Platinum- $4
  4. Argentium- $40
  5. Ternion- $124.99

Bottom Line

As a platform, Reddit gives people a huge chance to build communities and have conversations. Essentially, you want to go viral to remain relevant and earn Reddit Awards. It is necessary not to get carried away while contributing to the community. 

Reddit has a bunch of options and tools to help users grow within the platform. You can use these tools, like the Reddit Awards, to get your account noticed and get people interested in your content. Essentially, it helps to be motivated while adding value to a community, be it in terms of being informative, humorous, or curious.


Frequently asked questions

What is the highest Reddit award?

Ternion is the highest available award on Reddit. It is also the costliest and rarest of all the awards on Reddit.

Can I get Coins for free? 

No, it is not possible to get free coins anymore. In the past, free coins were given based on the user's activity. This plan has been canceled, and Reddit has no plans on doing it again. 

Why do some people dislike Reddit awards?

Some users consider awards a waste of money because they think of them as small medals to show off. Some users think that the free awards are a marketing gimmick on the part of Reddit, where they hand out free awards to make it seem like everyone is using them when people are not.

Some users think that the awards take power away from the general or average users of Reddit. A user with money will be able to stand out more than an average Joe with 100 upvotes. Paid content is viewed more frequently than organic content in the community. 

Why buy Reddit Awards?

Convenient strategies to boost sales and establish credibility. Potential customers can be found on Reddit looking for answers to their most pressing queries. Reddit awards can promote one's posts and reach out to these users easily. 

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