10 Best Websites to Buy Twitter Retweets for NFT Projects

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
December 7, 2022
buy NFT Twitter retweets

Retweets, and Why are They Valuable?

Retweets are a form of forwarding any tweet that you like others make that to your Twitter profile. It is similar to the “Sharing” feature of Facebook and the “Reblogging” part of Tumblr. The author of the tweet is visible, so it is essentially publicizing a tweet to a wider audience. 

Once you retweet a tweet, it is visible to your Twitter followers and people can see them when they click on your profile.

Now, why are retweets valuable?

Retweets can be a form of validation. The more people are retweeting your tweet, the more audience, and reach, and from a snowball effect, the number of retweets increases subsequently too. It is one of the easier ways of marketing. Twitter has one of the widest audiences for every sort of niche. 

NFT or non-fungible token is a rising phenomenon in the current world. It is created using the same method as cryptocurrencies. However, it doesn’t have the readily trading and interchangeability feature of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

NFT is a form of investment. It can be in any form like audio, video, game, or digital art. For NFTs, the ownership doesn’t matter as much as getting to attract the highest bid for your NFT. 

An NFT can be said to be worth your investment if you can sell the NFT at a greater price than what you have initially bought it at. Therefore, you need to harbor a strong suit of NFT audience and follower base that would garner the highest bidders. To do that you need audience growth and social media marketing

10 Best Websites to Buy Twitter Retweets for Your NFT Projects

It is a known secret that the big Twitter accounts that got too popular too fast with tons of engagement have bought a significant portion of their followers and retweets. It is a good marketing strategy.
NFT has gathered a lot of hype in recent years. Thousands of new NFT projects are coming to the market daily.

However, not all of them are gaining traction or can gather a decent investment. The main reason behind it is the lack of proper marketing. 

Twitter is the best platform to promote your business and your social media since people are from all sorts of niches and backgrounds. But it is also important to ensure that your content is reaching the right audience and you can ensure that easily through Twitter retweets. 

Here are the 10 Best Websites to Buy Twitter Retweets so that your NFT Projects can gain the traction they deserve:

  1. Socialplug.io 

Socialplug.io is a social media marketing service where you get to pick the social media site of your choice and then select your requirements in terms of likes, retweets, or followers. It has a 9 to 5 business service and a customer service that is available during office hours to inquire about any problems that you might face. 

Socialplug.io allows you to pay with both cards and cryptocurrencies. There are specific bundles that you can buy that are fit for your needs. Moreover, you can also modify these bundles according to your requirements by talking with their agents through live chat.

The service is cheap, reliable, and delivered within 12 hours.

  1. SidesMedia

SidesMedia provides social media marketing services to multiple platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter. Others include Spotify, Telegram, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and Shazam.
Payment methods include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
This website is secured and reliable and it is also McAfee Secure and Norton Secure certified. So you can be assured that your payment information is safe.
Security is of utmost value to this website since it doesn’t ask for any of your sensitive information. 

  1. Media Mister
Media Mister

One of the oldest of its kind, Media Mister’s service is preferred by many because privacy is completely maintained throughout the process. Even your Twitter credentials are not needed. You can simply enter the URL of the tweet you want to boost, and the service will be provided.

Media Mister comes with a package of 500 retweets at a time. In the case of international retweets, the number is 25 to 50 retweets at a time.

Service is delivered within 2-6 days.
Payment is done through CoinPayments, which is a cryptocurrency.

  1. GetAFollower:

GetAFollwer provides a 1 to 3 days delivery service for engagement packages across platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Spotify, and SoundCloud. For Twitter retweets, the retweets come in packages ranging from 250 to 50,000 retweets.  It has options for global engagement too.

Customer support is available 24/7 and the service is similar for each package—that is, the delivery time doesn’t change in proportion to the number of retweets you bought.  

  1. Buy Real Media:
Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media provides four different Twitter follower packages, the lowest of which is for 100 followers and the highest of which is for 2,500 followers. Its service ranges across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

The delivery time is 2-6 days depending on the number of retweets you have purchased, and it provides a 30-day moneyback guarantee in case of unsatisfactory service. 

  1. Viewsexpert:

Viewsexpert currently provides its services on numerous platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more.
There are just two Twitter packages in ViewsExpert currently. However, they allow you to stack different packages to obtain the desired number of followers. You can currently purchase 100 and 300 followers from the two packages.

ViewsExpert provides a live chat option so you can be sure of who you're speaking to and complete the transaction for more reliability.

  1. Famoid:

With as many as 260k customers, Famoid provides super fast delivery service ( as little as five minutes on the best day) and a reliable payment method for your social media marketing and promotion.

Its service ranges from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to Tiktok. Famoid uses Safecharge and Paypal for its payment methods

  1. GetViral:

In GetViral, there are six options available, ranging from 100 to 3,000 new followers. Additionally, all of the likes follows, and retweets are organic.

Their services are offered across multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, and Twitch.

  1. Trollishly:

Trollishly is a UAE-based social media marketing service-related app. It provides its services on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and offers its services on TikTok and YouTube as well. Through 256-bit SSL encryption, their page secures every transaction that occurs.

  1. Followersup:

Followersup gives Twitter retweets in the form of 50 to 50,000 retweets packages. 

It also has a refund policy to get your money back in the unlikely scenario that you get retweets that you didn’t order.

So if you are serious about your NFT projects and looking for a way to get ahead in this competitive race, you can start by utilizing these 10 websites to buy your Twitter retweets from.

Benefits of Buying Twitter NFT Retweets 

Benefits of Buying Twitter NFT Retweets 

The Twitter algorithm works in such a way that your tweet will show up at the top when you click on certain NFT-related hashtags if it has the most engagement. This engagement can come in the form of likes, retweets, comments, or even clicks.

Therefore, having more retweets will increase your chances of getting even more engagement proportionately since your tweet is now gaining a larger audience with each new retweet.

A significant amount of retweets, likes, or follower count is also an amazing way to build "Social Proof’.". 

Social proof is a psychological concept that implies that people are immediately driven to the content that has the most social media engagement. It comes from the fear of missing out and people usually engage with those tweets more to understand why they have gained the traction that they have.

Why You Should Consider Buying Twitter Retweets

Why You Should Consider Buying Twitter Retweets

It takes months, and in most cases, years, to get a significant number of followers for your Twitter account. Twitter has one of the most active user bases among all other social media platforms, but that also means that your tweet has the chance to get lost in the sea of countless others despite having quality content.

By buying Twitter retweets, you can reduce this buffer time by a lot and get a headstart to boost your projects and businesses. People will automatically recognize and want to engage and follow accounts that have several viral tweets since you have what is called ‘social proof’.

Social proof builds on the idea that if so many people are liking content from this creator and supporting them, then they must have something valuable to offer. Moreover, they don’t want to miss out on any future good content that you might have to offer.

You can also pin your favorite tweet or the tweet that you need the most engagement in, showcasing your best content so that people can see it when they click on your profile.

5 Tips and Tricks to Getting Twitter NFT Retweets

Tips and Tricks to Getting Twitter NFT Retweets

In addition to buying NFT Twitter retweets, here are 5 easy Tips and Tricks to getting Twitter NFT Retweets for your NFT Projects: 

  • Buying NFT Twitter followers: To get more NFT Twitter retweets, you need to have a strong follower count that is interested in niches. For a new Twitter user, getting that amount of followers is relatively harder and takes a long time.

So give yourself that headstart and boost your content by buying NFT Twitter Followers.

  • Engaging with NFT-related content: In this way, the algorithm will pick on what kind of content you are looking for from Twitter and therefore, suggest similar contents
  • Using NFT-Related Hashtags: When investors want to invest in particular NFT projects, they search social media sites like Twitter by filtering relative Hashtags. 

So use hashtags and ensure that your tweet has more engagement than most so that it comes to the top of the page when clicking the said hashtags.

  • Paid Twitter Ads: Millions of individuals can be reached with a well-planned paid Twitter NFT marketing campaign, which can also send them to your private NFT Discord and/or Telegram group while increasing your Twitter following. 

Paid Twitter advertising will appear in users' home feeds. So make sure your Twitter marketing is done right because if your campaign has been put up perfectly, it won't feel like an advertisement at all but rather something that belongs in the user's home feed. 

  • Collaborating with other NFT projects: Collaborating is one of the easiest ways to immediately double your engagement and following. Moreover, if you both have a loyal following base that engages, sees, and interacts with your content, then it can be a useful way to market your projects to a varied set of audiences.

A collab can be in terms of putting out a project together and promoting each others’ content to each of your community. It is important to pick the right partner for such collaborations with careful consideration since this also has the potential to do more harm than good.

These are also good strategies to promote your NFTs on Twitter and other social media platforms to a larger audience.

Final Thoughts 

Retweets are a way to boost your post and reach a wider audience than your limited followers. The posts that get more retweets proportionately increase the follower engagement that comes with them. 

Moreover, people usually follow certain hashtags and keywords to get news of the latest NFT project that they might like to invest in. The tweets that have the most engagement and retweets are the posts that appear first when you click on hashtags like #NFT, #NFTProjects, or #NFTGiveaways.

So to ensure that your NFT project reaches its full potential in terms of the target demographic it wants to reach and, in that way, gain investors, you need to have more retweets.

You can buy Twitter retweets from many reliable sites now. These are authentic sites that provide you with real US-based Twitter followers. The website Socialplug.io specifically customizes its retweets based on the customer’s requirements. 

Therefore, you will be able to get NFT-based retweets, that is Twitter profiles that have NFT profile pictures, a timeline, and a follower count that primarily retweets NFT-related content. In this way, your NFT project will have the chance to get its boost and will reach the audience that might invest in your NFT projects.

To increase your target demographic and take it to the highest effectiveness, Twitter retweets are a must. So, buy them now from these 10 easy and cheap websites providing the best service for your NFT projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy NFT Twitter retweets from?

There are many authentic websites on the Internet like Socialplug.io, Buy Real Media that provide affordable and super-fast delivery regarding any type of social media marketing services. 

Should you buy an NFT Twitter account instead?

Many risks need to be considered before buying an NFT Twitter account. In addition to being much more expensive, it has the risk of getting shadowbanned or even terminated if it has fake followers. 

It's better to start a brand new Twitter account and then buy NFT Twitter followers and retweets instead?

How do Twitter retweets help in NFT marketing?

Twitter retweets promote your NFT projects to a larger audience and build ‘social proof’ so that more people want to interact and invest in them

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