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July 20, 2022

Where to buy NFT Twitter retweets - SocialPlug guide

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July 20, 2022
Where to buy NFT Twitter retweets guide

As NFT-s are taking ground in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, there are hundreds of new NFT projects launching every day. Only 5% of the launching projects are the ones that actually make money. The key to a successful NFT project is marketing and the most effective platform for it is Twitter.

SocialPlug guides You through the process of gaining traction on Twitter by buying NFT Twitter retweets to reach NFT audiences hanging around in Twitter

How buying NFT Twitter retweets will help you reach NFT audiences organically

SocialPlug will go over the process of buying NFT Twitter retweets the right way and how to get the best out of it.

The fact that It's possible to trick Twitter algorithms by buying NFT Twitter retweets on your Tweets, gives You the possibility to get to the top of best-performing NFT hashtags like #NFT, #NFTgiveaways or #ETH. Most of the NFT enthusiasts are following these hashtags. This will give You the chance to reach NFT people organically through these hashtags and through that grow your Twitter following and Discord member count.

Industry secret for successful NFT projects

Have you ever thought how big projects with 300k+ followers on Twitter and 5k+ engagements on each Tweet did manage to get to the point where they have this much engagement?

All these projects started somewhere and this is where the "Industry secret" lies. Most of these projects with astronomically high engagement bought 80% of their engagement from NFT engagement suppliers.

High engagement and following gives the NFT enthusiast a feeling that this project has a high possibility of selling out. This is one of the "Hype Building" tactics that Twitter Marketing specialists from Coinboosts are telling their clients to do in order to sell out.

Why buy NFT Twitter retweets rather than buy random Twitter retweets

The answer is simple: as there are many projects that bot their engagement, the investors are getting smarter and they can spot whether an NFT Twitter account engagement is botted or not.

Luckily SocialPlug offers NFT Twitter retweets from NFT profiles, not random ones. This will eliminate the suspiciousness of the investors that the engagement is botted with random twitter accounts.

What is the quality of SocialPlug NFT Twitter retweets

NFT Twitter retweets from NFT profiles social proof

As you can see from the picture, socialPlug NFT Twitter retweets profiles have NFT profile pictures. They also have NFT related retweet history.

What is the quality of other sellers retweets

Competitors Twitter followers quality

See the quality difference of SocialPlug engagement and other sellers' ones? This is how most of the NFT projects buy their engagement which gives a big red flag to NFT investors.

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