Frequently Asked Questions about Buying NFT Twitter Followers

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
July 11, 2022
Buy NFT Twitter followers guide

Have you ever thought about how some NFT projects have got 100-500K Followers on Twitter? How did they manage to get to the point of having such a high follower count? In this guide, we will answer these questions…

Socialplug is here to describe You, how successful NFT projects started out as nothing and how they managed to sell out their NFT collections thanks to using high-quality bots.

Today, there are only 2-3 providers from where you can buy nft Twitter followers, likes, retweets, comments and custom comments.

SocialPlug has proven to be the best source to get the engagement from, because their service is automated and all the services are delivered within 30 seconds.

Did successful NFT projects buy nft Twitter followers?

If you ever came across NFT projects on Twitter that had hundreds of thousands followers, note that about 60-70% of their followers were high-quality bot-s.

How do these bots look like?

SocialPlug NFT Twitter followers have NFT profile pictures, NFT related retweet activity and some of them have nft related Twitter bio-s.

Buy NFT Twitter Followers Socialplug

After I buy NFT Twitter followers, how will the organic traffic start to kick-in?

The secret lies in tricking the Twitter algorithm. Every time you post a new Tweet, buy as many engagement as you need to get to the top of trending NFT related hashtags like #NFT, #NFTs or #NFTart

Note that if the tweet is on top of these hashtags, it can start to appear in the front page to NFT enthusiasts not following these hashtags.

This is the strategy to grab viral traffic from Twitter.

Buy NFT Twitter Followers Likes Retweets Custom Comments Socialplug

Is it safe to buy nft twitter followers?

Yes, buying NFT Twitter followers is safe and will not affect your account negatively in any way. SocialPlug has bypassed all the major bot detection systems to provide our clients with the most reliable and high-quality service.


It is a well-known industry secret that to sell out a NFT project fast then botting is crucial. Be wise and choose the best quality bot-s if you ever feel like going this road. SocialPlug offers the industries top quality NFT Twitter followers, likes, retweets, comments & custom comments.

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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