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How to get More Members on Discord?

There are two ways to get more members on discord:

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Grow your Discord channel organically - This solution could take years to gain thousands of Discord members.

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Buy Discord members - Get thousands to tens of thousands of members within 12 hours and be 2 steps ahead of competitor Discord servers.

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Buy Online & Offline Discord Members

Do you want your community to be online & active 24/7? Say no more, Socialplug will make sure it will happen.

To make your Discord server member count look as organic as possible, we will add 20% online and 80% offline members.

Why Buy Discord Members?

Buy Discord bot members

Global Community

Discord is a powerful communication platform that brings people together from all around the world. By giving people a place to interact, exchange ideas, and form relationships, it enables communities to expand and flourish. Yet creating a thriving Discord community is not simple. To draw in new members and keep them interested, it requires time, effort, and a lot of hard work.

This is where purchasing Discord users can be beneficial. You may immediately increase the size and activity of your Discord community by acquiring additional members. This can enhance participation, bring more individuals into your group, and generate excitement and buzz.

Buy Discord Online Members

Establish Authority

Buying Discord members can also help to establish credibility and authority. People are more inclined to take your community seriously and regard it as a valuable resource when they perceive that it has a significant number of members. More members as well as potential partners, sponsors, and marketers may be drawn in as a result.

Also, purchasing Discord users helps hasten the expansion of your community. As your community expands, recruiting new members gets simpler because people are attracted to vibrant, active communities.

How to order?

Follow the 3 step process & get your Discord members delivered to your Discord channel in 24 hours.


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Frequently asked questions

What are Discord members?

The term "Discord members" refers to individuals who have signed up for a Discord server, a chat and communication tool made for communities of different sizes. Members of Discord may communicate with other users of the server via text, voice, and video chat channels.

A person who joins a Discord server becomes a part of the community and is able to take part in conversations, contribute material, and engage with other users. Discord servers may be formed for a wide range of uses, such as gaming, education, hobbies, and more. They can also have a small or large membership base, from a few users to tens of thousands.

The Risks of Buying Discord Members

Anyone attempting to expand their Discord group should be aware of the serious risks associated with buying fake members. These risks can include receiving low-quality members, as well as falling victim to scams by fraudulent providers.

One of the biggest risks of buying fake Discord members is the quality of the members that you receive. Some providers supply low quality members with a huge drop rate. This could damage your community's reputation and make it more difficult to bring in sincere members in the future.

The possibility of being a target of fraud is a serious risk associated with purchasing fake Discord users. There are many fraudulent providers that offer fake members but do not deliver on their promises. These providers may take your money without delivering the promised members or provide low-quality members that do not meet your expectations.

To avoid these risks, it is essential to buy from reputable provider like Socialplug who offers genuine members. It's crucial to conduct preliminary research and read evaluations from customers who have acquired members from the same supplier.

It is also important to be cautious of providers who offer unrealistically low prices or promise to deliver an excessive number of members in a short amount of time. These are often danger signs for dishonest suppliers who wish to take advantage of uninformed customers.

In summary, the risks of buying fake Discord members can include receiving low-quality members, falling victim to scams, and damaging the credibility of your community. But, by conducting research and making purchases from reliable companies that have real members, these risks can be minimized. You can make sure that your community expands in a sustainable and reliable way by following these steps.

What are some other ways to increase engagement on Discord besides buying members?

Another brilliant idea to increase engagement on Discord is to buy Discord reactions. With the reactions you can build social proof for your Discord channel.

Can buying Discord members get my account banned?

Short answer, no. We are provoking the latest bot detection systems in place which makes discord think that our accounts are real accounts controlled by real people.

What is the average cost of buying Discord members?

The cost of Discord members varies. For example you can get 100 Discord members with just $4.50, or 1000 members for $40. If you're looking to buy a big amount of members, let's say 50 000, It will cost $1850 with price per member being $0.037.

Can I buy Discord members for a private server?

Yes! You can buy discord members for both private & public servers. Just make sure that your Discord verification is set to low (see guide).

Also before ordering make sure that you have disabled all anti raid & verification bots.

What are the benefits of having a large Discord community?

1. In a large discord community you have the possibility to network (find likeminded people).

2. People from different origins and experiences come together in a big community. This results in finding people with different viewpoints & ideas.

3. Sell your products and services while maintaining social proof and trust amongst your members.

Can I buy Discord members from different regions or countries?

Yes, Socialplug offers Discord members from different regions and countries. For custom orders please contact us through our client portal.

Can I buy a specific number of Discord members or do I have to buy in packages?

We have fixed packages for Discord members: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000. If you are looking to buy a specific number of Discord members then please contact our customer support.

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