How to Build an NFT Discord Community

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
November 15, 2022
How to build an NFT Discord Community

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, are a one-of-a-kind type of cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata identifying and separating each one as unique.


Yes, we were confused by that definition too. So let’s break it down.

An NFT is a unique kind of token. A 100-dollar bill is not unique. Two $100 bills look the same. However, only one of an NFT exists. AN NFT exists on a blockchain - meaning a kind of digital registry system. NFTs also include tags and data embedded inside them that identify it as unique.

What Is A Discord Community, And Why Do I Need One For NFTs?

Good question!

Discord is a chat and communications app. 

Why Discord, then?

Discord lets you make separate threads, known as channels, and chats tailored for specific topics or communities, which are known as servers. Users can participate in voice and video chats, privately message their friends, and even start their own servers and invite others to join them.

What Does Discord Have To Do With NFTs?

What does Discord have to do with NFT-s?

NFTs are pretty new to the investment marketplace, and there are many of them. For an NFT and especially an NFT artist to survive and prosper, they need a dedicated community to use them and spread the word, and for interested people to learn about them. 

After all, a currency is only valuable if someone is willing to accept it in exchange for something you want. If you want a currency to take off, you have to have a lot of people willing to use it and accept it as exchange, right? 

So a currency needs to have trust backing it. And for that trust, that there will be people to whom you can give that currency and get something solid in return, that needs to be built up by a community. A dedicated community, who you can buy it from, who can tell you what it’s about, and answer your questions.

Furthermore, an NFT server is a great way for artists and content creators to advertise their NFTs and attract potential buyers for their NFTs. Put simply, if you are an artist, it is your way to stay connected to your customers and fanbase.

And what better place for that community of your fav rad people to congregate from around the world, but via Discord?

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Very Good. How Do I Start?

Well, you can start by mapping out exactly what you want to do with that server. Your server is your gateway to your community, and your way to spread the word about your magnificent creations and tokens to the rest of the wide open universe. To that end, you should do the following things:

1. Know What You’re About!

know what you're about

Good knowledge about your platform and NFT is essential if you are to attract people to your server, and interest them in hanging about a while. You should identify your niche (particular segment of your market) and set yourself apart from people who are already there. 

What does that mean? It simply means that you need to be unique, and you need to make sure your audience and customers understand how you’re unique. A successful NFT is not just the art or the meme; it is about evoking a certain emotion, a certain sense of ownership and pride.

2. Know Your Discord

Discord can be a bewildering place. It is full of features and ways to interact with others. And whatever is not already there, can be easily brought in by a bot. You need to understand Discord’s features quite well if you are to use it to its full potential. You should know the makeup of your community, who the mods and discussion leaders are, who your buyers are interacting with etc 

3. Build Your Discord Server Properly

Build your Discord server properly

Make sure you create enough channels as needed. Appoint moderators, and make rules that everyone should abide by. And take care of the technical essentials! Make sure access is controlled on the announcements page, for example. 

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4. Have A Few Good Bots

People can’t always be just talking, can they? They need entertainment! So to keep people in, you need to have features – and these features, bots can handily provide. MEE6, Dyno, and Collab.Land are common bots for an NFT server.

5. Have Some Fun With People!

Have some fun with people

If you want your server to survive when so many others are vying for your members’ attention… Give people reasons to stick around! Bring some excitement to the community, make some noise! Make new members feel welcome by answering their questions. Interact with the community – don’t be distant! For example, you can host feedback sessions for community members to share opinions on a project that you’re doing.

6. Create Winning Events

Host some events to make people feel connected and welcome. For example, host an AMA (Ask Me Anything!) once in a while. Have your moderators coordinate gaming events or karaoke rounds, and occasionally join in yourself, even if you don’t know how to hold a joystick properly.

7. And While We’re On Events.. Giveaway POAP NFTs!

POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols) are unique cryptographic badges that show that someone has attended an event online. These are also NFTs! Consider giving them away to people who attend a big event on the server, for example auctions or to the top 3 questioners in the AMA! Unique and limited edition tokens like this will sell well later, and make your members feel good about being in your server.

8. Yes… Hold Auctions For Your NFTs!

Self-explanatory. Do make sure you are up-to-date on the Discord Terms of Service, and laws in your country for this one, though.

9. Keep Your Members’ Trust

Keep your members trust

These members are your fans and customers. And for your NFT to have the necessary trust, these people need to be able to trust the person behind them – you. 

For example, don’t postpone the release of a project by weeks – this will lower trust in you. If you must postpone, be honest and humble, and explain clearly what went wrong. Be open to feedback, and communicate – even when things seem bad.

How do I grow the server?

Congratulations. You have set up a server and have a few members who are really excited about your NFTs. Now you want to go supernova. We have a few tips for you!

The biggest way to grow your community is to spread the word through Twitter and Reddit. With a combined 1.5 billion monthly visitors, Twitter and Reddit are two of the most popular websites on the planet. You can post about your community, and encourage others to do the same on both websites. By posting on NFT-related subreddits and through Twitter, you can reach millions from your target audience.

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You can also collaborate with other NFT projects and communities. Through collaboration, you can increase awareness about your community, which is a must to earn that trust you need.

Also, as well as Discord, you can host your NFT giveaways on Twitter! Tweet with the appropriate hashtags, and ask your followers to retweet you as well. Remember, be consistent and persistent. Through publicizing and hosting giveaways on Twitter, you can attract multiple new NFT buyers.

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How to Promote your NFT Discord?

How to promote your NFT Discord

You can promote by yourself, or have your community help you.

Organically, within your community, people will promote you on their social media profiles if you make the server interesting and attractive enough. 

You can promote your server and community on your own social media profiles as well. Twitter is the easiest platform to promote. However, the largest target audience for NFTs can be found on Reddit. Reddit is a tough crowd to please, though, so know your differentiation and take feedback from the audience.

You can also share your NFTs, especially the images and videos, on Instagram. Since people can see the quality of artwork very well on Instagram, it can be a good way to attract interested members to your community. Make sure you post the Invite Link to your Discord server on the Instagram description as well.

How Can I Keep My Community Active?

Well, keeping a Discord server active, especially one that operates in a niche community like NFT, takes deliberate and persistent effort. Basically that means you have to put in work to keep it active for anytime longer than a week.

The main thing you have to do to keep your community active is in the name – be active. You yourself have to be active in the server itself. You should interact with the members of the server, see what they like and don’t like, hear their thoughts and concerns, and implement those things that pique your fancy.

You can host events on the server to keep things interesting. For example, you can host art contests, giveaways, and games competitions. You can even make special NFTs commemorating a big event.

You can also create threads based on members’ interests to keep things dynamic and people interested in your server. 

Through following these steps, you can keep your Discord server active and going strong, and your NFT community flourishing.

Some Best Practices For Your Community

Some best practises for your community

1. Keep In Regular Touch With Your Moderators

Your moderators or “mods'' are the nerve centers of your server. They will provide you with down-to-earth feedback from your community about what’s going on, what the community’s mood is like, and will handle minor rule-breaking by members. Therefore, it is important to the health of your server that you regularly talk to your mods. Take their feedback whenever you can.

2. Keep Your Rules Up To Date.

You don’t necessarily have to have the same rules forever for the server. There can be a few core rules that are essential to be followed, but otherwise, update the rules as you need as time goes by.

3. Encourage People To Contribute.

If someone has a helpful suggestion for an event, or a problem with one of the server features, make sure it is addressed by either your mods or yourself. The satisfaction and interest of your members is your best asset. You should do whatever you need to in order to keep that interest.

4. And Certainly Not The Least… Have Fun!

Yes. Don’t make this boring for yourself or your audience. You’re a digital artiste, an influencer, an early adopter of a revolutionary new technology, a bestower of bragging rights… live up to what you do, and have fun doing it!

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To sum up, building a Discord community server for your NFTs is a great idea. It will most certainly help reach out to the target markets for the NFTs, and help spread the word about the NFTs.

The best ways to build your NFT Discord server is to identify your market corner, find people who are interested in the kind of NFTs you offer, and inviting them to join your server. Keeping active in the server and hosting regular events are also great ideas. By following these very simple and effective steps, you can build a successful Discord NFT server.

Frequently asked Questions


1. What channels should I have in NFT Discord server?

Consider having these channels: General, Announcements, Ongoing Projects, Drops, Auction, Spam, and a few voice chat channels.

2. How to join NFT Discord?

Simply have new members click on the invite link. Make sure your invite link is set to not expire.

3. Where to get more members for NFT Discord?

You can post your work and links on Twitter and Discord. We can give you members too!

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