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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
July 23, 2022
Where to buy NFT Discord Members Guide - socialplug

Buying NFT Discord members has become the most popular way of kickstarting NFT projects synthetically. It just takes too much time & effort to grow discord to tens of thousands of members organically. So SocialPlug will guide you through the process of buying nft discord members.

Why buy NFT Discord members to your server?

Due to new NFT projects launching every hour, It's getting harder to stand out from the competitors. Projects which buy NFT Discord members, buy NFT Twitter followers & engagement have a 10x higher chance of getting people engaged with their project.

NFT mass psychology marketing specialists at Coinboosts has a tactic called "Mob psychology". The strategy goes as this: A single person's behavior changes by the influence of mass behavior.

The "Mob Psychology" goes well with NFT projects that have high following and engagement on Twitter and 100k+ members on Discord. This gives NFT enthusiasts a feeling that this project has a high probability of selling out.

Where to buy NFT Discord members?

There are 3-4 sources to buy NFT Discord members from. 3 out of 4 are selling NFT Discord members on Telegram. The first problem with these sellers is that all of the orders must be done manually. Secondly they are not always online which means you have to manage your time whenever they are online. Thirdly, It's just too much of a hassle.

SocialPlug offers a different kind of service - rather than taking orders manually, all the SocialPlug NFT Discord members are delivered automatically. The buyers can buy NFT discord members around the clock, 7 days a week.

What is the quality of SocialPlug NFT Discord Members?

All SocialPlug Discord Members are with NFT profile pictures and you can choose whether you want online or offline members.

Here is an example of SocialPlug NFT Discord Members:

Buy NFT Discord Members, all of the NFT Discord members have NFT profile pictures and an active status.

Are the NFT Discord members interacting with the server?

It's possible to buy NFT discord reactions & engagement separately from NFT Discord members. By the rule of thumb, the bought NFT Discord members do not interact with the server unless the engagement is bought.

How much is the drop rate for NFT Discord Members?

If you buy NFT Discord Members, the SocialPlug drop rate is very small compared to Telegram sellers. SocialPlug has recorded a maximum drop rate of 5%. Telegram sellers drop rate can be fallen to %20.

The next step after You buy NFT Discord Members

After you have bought the NFT Discord members and NFT Twitter followers, It's time to start organic marketing. Read NFT Influencer, Collaboration, Reddit, Twitter spaces and Discord marketing guide from here.

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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