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Instagram Slave Accounts Examples

What are child accounts?

Child accounts are a set of 1000+ Instagram accounts created to promote your Onlyfans Instagram page (mother account).

We have accounts for 25+ niches to promote your niche Instagram page.

How does it work?

Child accounts promote your Instagram account by doing the following:

- Following & unfollowing 100 accounts per day (1000 accounts follow 100k people per day)
- Posting stories on their Instagram and directing people to your Instagram page.
- Mass DM-ing

How Instagram mother child method works
Buy 1000 Instagram followers

Can my Mother Account Get Banned?

No, the mother account (main account) is not at risk of getting banned, because all of the growth marketing is done through the child accounts.

What kind of businesses use this method?

Instagram Mother Child method is used by all sorts of businesses, some of them are:
- Onlyfans Models
- Niche Theme Pages
- Crypto/NFT Projects

Mother Child Service Instagram
Buy 1000 Instagram followers

Results of Mother-Child Method?

Here are the examples of our clients results. Open a ticket on our website to get more screenshots of results.

Service Guarantees

The guarantee depends on the package you will choose.

For example our smallest package guarantees 750 to 2000 Followers.

Our medium package guarantees 1500 to 5000+ followers.

Mother Slave Method Instagram
Buy 1000 Instagram followers

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Who will the child accounts follow-unfollow?

We need a list of 20+ accounts with 500k+ Instagram followers from you to scrape the followers from.

What kind of stories do the child accounts post?

Child accounts use different tactics for different niches. For example in Onlyfans niche we use prebuilt Onlyfans Child accounts to say something like "Go follow my bestie" in their stories.

What are the requirements for the Mother account?

To start with this method, you should have atleast 15 pictures and atleast 2-3 stories highlighted.

How Does this Benefit My Instagram?

Mother Child method will prevent your main account from getting shadow-banned from Instagram and keeps your main account in a healthy state and therefore growing your account engagement rate.

Could my account be banned for using Mother Child method?

No, your account is safe and is not at any risk of getting banned. The only accounts that are at risk are the child accounts.

Will you replace the banned child accounts?

Yes, all the banned child accounts will be replaced by us at no additional cost, so you can focus on building your main Instagram account.

Are the child accounts managed by real people?

Yes, all of the child accounts are managed by real people, preventing getting our child accounts from getting banned.

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