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For those who take marketing on Twitter seriously, nothing sets you up for success quite like having a highly valuable and unique username that people remember every time they visit the platform. SocialPlug is here to help you find the ultimate name with our brand new Twitter username checker tool.

It has never been easier for you to quickly find Twitter usernames with the press of a single button. Save time and effort today – use our Twitter username availability checker and find the account of your dreams!

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What Makes a Good Twitter Username?

Something that people are going to remember is almost always going to be the answer. When you combine great content with a username that's impossible to forget, you'll find that people manually visit your profile over and over again – a surefire way to build a loyal audience and to take your exposure on Twitter to the next level.

Short names are highly sought-after, as generally speaking, the less someone has to remember, the better. Rhyming usernames and those that utilize clever or funny puns also have value – whatever you can do to stay in someone's head, do it!

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Can I Manually Check for Usernames?

You can, but some Twitter account names are in a 'limbo' state where they might have been permanently banned, taken offline temporarily or otherwise reserved. When you try to search for these usernames on Twitter, they may not come up: you might think that you'll have a great username, only to find out that it's not currently available.

SocialPlug interfaces directly with Twitter's API to check every entry here against what's actually available. You'll find out from us whether or not the username you want can be created. Try it and see just how convenient our tool is!

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Does Twitter Ever Release Usernames?

From time to time, Twitter will release usernames that have been dormant for a long period of time so that members of the public can claim them. The exact specifics of when, and how, Twitter does this is currently unknown, but what we do know is that if there's a username you really want, you should keep checking back to see if it's available.

Our team has found that persistent users who wait months, if not years for a username can get it. Some are willing to settle, others are willing to wait. Either way, our Twitter name checker tool is here to assist!

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What Other Twitter Services Do You Offer?

SocialPlug is here as a full service social media engagement provider: regardless of what you need to utilize our platform for when it comes to Twitter, we can assist. We provide our valued clients with Tweet impressions, Twitter followers, retweets and more. You can even buy Twitter poll votes if you want to influence the outcome of a particular poll!

Our Twitter name checker is just a small, complimentary tool that we make available so that you can scope out the best possible usernames on the platform with ease. Use it today for free!

Ready to find available Twitter usernames?

Check Twitter username availability with Socialplug's free tool. Limited to 20 searches per 24 hours.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does my Twitter username matter?

The more likely someone is to remember your username, the greater the likelihood that they'll come back to your profile and engage with your content. There's also the fact that third-parties are far more likely to take collaborating with you seriously if you have a valuable account with a short, memorable name. Put simply: finding the right Twitter username for your brand or personal account can go a long way toward bringing you success.

Is this Twitter username checker free?

Yes: our Twitter name checker tool is 100% free for you to use. We provide it as a courtesy to our clients so that they can be best prepared for finding the greatest accounts – which they can then utilize SocialPlug's services to promote. Did you know that SocialPlug offers a variety of Twitter engagement tools? You can buy Twitter followers, retweets, comments and more with ease – all with our simple, anonymous service. Try it today!

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