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What Are LinkedIn Connections?

Put simply, connections are people that you have directly worked with, or know professionally in some capacity, that you have become 'friends' with on LinkedIn. The connections feature is there to link you with others in various fields and industries to further your reach.

LinkedIn connections are important for you to establish social proof and show that you're serious about your career. The more connections you have, the better your profile looks.

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Who Should Buy LinkedIn Connections?

We've yet to find any particular type of user – or company – that shouldn't buy LinkedIn connections. The simple fact of the matter is that if you're looking to do business and want your profile to be popular, it makes sense to be connected.

When you buy LinkedIn connections, you gain immediate authority and trust from potential employees (or employers). Your career matters, and that's why SocialPlug's LinkedIn connections service is so popular – no matter who you are.

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Buy Other LinkedIn Services With Ease

SocialPlug provides a full service for those who want to build their account up on LinkedIn. Alongside the connections available here, you can also buy likes, comments and reactions – as well as many other useful engagements!

To give your LinkedIn profile the most organic look possible, we highly recommend that you utilize a combination of all these features together. This ensures that your investment with us is properly realized – a more natural look is the way to go.

Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Connections

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The Main Reasons Why You Should Buy LinkedIn Connections

If you take your career seriously and you want to take your LinkedIn account to the next level, this is the best place to do exactly that! Before you utilize SocialPlug's complete suite of engagement features, it's important to understand what the outcomes are going to be.

We have put together a list of the main reasons why people buy LinkedIn connections from us – take a read and better understand what we offer and why it's so useful for everyone!

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Increase Your Visibility Across LinkedIn

First and foremost, the major benefit to your account that we're offering – thanks to our LinkedIn Connections service – is increased visibility. LinkedIn gives a priority to displaying accounts with a high number of connections, so if you have a profile that's well connected, you're going to find more offers and opportunities come your way.

If you post content on LinkedIn, you'll find that this visibility also assists with promoting what you've shared. LinkedIn isn't the most popular social network for sharing content, but it's a great way to build connections and find new opportunities.

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Gain Instant Credibility for Your Profile

When it comes to the professional world, credibility is everything. Potential employers – and employees – will take you a lot more seriously if you're well connected. With SocialPlug, you gain that credibility in an instant – no matter what you're looking to do with your profile on the platform.

Whether it's a brand new account for a budding professional or an established individual that just wants a bit of a boost, getting instant credibility on LinkedIn has never been this easy. You'll quickly realize just how important having connections on the platform are when you see offers and opportunities come!

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Improve the Validity of Your Original Content

Do you share content on LinkedIn? If you do, it's really important to realize that with more connections, you vastly improve the validity – and trustworthiness – of what you're sharing. If you take two identical pieces of content and put them on similar LinkedIns, but one has 20 connections and the other has 2,000 – which one do you think will perform better?

It's a simple fact that people take the number of connections you have seriously, and it acts as a form of social proof for your media if you happen to have a lot of LinkedIn connections.

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Save Yourself Time and Effort With Our Service

While it's completely possible for users on LinkedIn to go ahead and build up their connections organically – it's difficult and incredibly time consuming. What we do here at SocialPlug is expedite the process so that you can focus your effort and energy on more important things.

Work life can be stressful – take one complicated factor out of the equation and let us help you with your LinkedIn profile. Remember that we also offer comments, reactions and likes on LinkedIn – a combination of all these engagement tools is highly recommended!

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Pick Us When You Buy LinkedIn Connections

SocialPlug understands the needs and wants of our clients. We offer high quality connections on LinkedIn that have super low drop rates and legitimate histories. If you want the best service around, there's only one choice.

We have a satisfaction guarantee and for good reason – we know what we're doing when buy LinkedIn connections from us. It's simple, convenient and easy to utilize our service – get started today and see why everyone trusts SocialPlug!

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Quick & Convenient Service at SocialPlug

We don't need a billing address, we don't need your phone number – just provide us with an email address for contact purposes and that's it. We're here to ensure our fast and anonymous service is as simple to use as possible.

SocialPlug accepts all major cards and also accepts cryptocurrency. Additionally, we deliver all of the connections you request within minutes of payment confirmation. No nonsense – just the service you ordered delivered instantly!

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24/7 Live Customer Support Available

If you've got further questions about our service, don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support team. We want you to be fully confident when you buy LinkedIn connections from us – our customers mean everything to us!

Based on internal data, we deliver 97% of our connections within 10 minutes of payment confirmation. If you notice a delay – please reach out to us as soon as possible and we'll be more than happy to look at your order.

Frequently asked questions

Are the connections that I buy real and active?

The LinkedIn connections you will receive come from accounts that are managed and operated by SocialPlug.

We do our best to make these accounts as real and active as possible, randomly engaging with content in various ways so that they look organic and natural. It's important for us to make it clear that we do the best job that we can when it comes to providing you with realistic looking connections on LinkedIn.

How long does it take to get the connections after I buy them?

Your connections will be delivered almost instantly. SocialPlug is committed to providing you with the highest quality connections and internal data shows that almost all orders are delivered within just a few minutes.

In the unlikely event of a delay, please reach out to our support staff via live chat (available 24/7) and we'll do whatever we can to assist you. We understand the importance of instant delivery – that's why we give you the LinkedIn connections you need as quickly as we can.

How do you ensure the quality of the connections you provide?

SocialPlug has worked tirelessly to ensure that the accounts you connect with are as natural and organic looking as possible. We regularly engage with random content that we find across LinkedIn's platform – this is done manually by team members and in such a way that makes it look as natural as it can. We also rely on tracking our accounts – and various methods we use to keep them active – to find out which ones have the lowest drop rates. Compared to the competition, SocialPlug has the best quality LinkedIn connections available.

Can buying LinkedIn connections hurt my reputation on the platform?

We have yet to encounter any situation where an individual who purchases LinkedIn connections from us has had their account adversely impacted. The reason for this is quite simple: it would be easy to game the system and target people that you want to perform poorly on the platform if this was possible. What's more, we take steps to ensure that our LinkedIn services are as professional as possible. Our highly competitive service brings quality LinkedIn connections that won't hurt your reputation with the network. Just ensure that you follow our best practices when purchasing social media engagement services from SocialPlug.

Can I buy connections for a specific country or industry?

Currently, it's not possible for users to purchase a specific country or industry for their connections. We understand that there is some demand for this type of service, and SocialPlug is working hard to do whatever we can to bring you industry-specific and country-specific connections. Stay tuned for more details on this premium service – the first available from any social media engagement company.

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