6 Best Sites to Get Comments on TikTok Instantly

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
Sites to Get Comments on TikTok Instantly

TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform that allows users to mainly create or watch short 30-160 second videos. Due to its individualized feed of videos paired with striking effects and music, TikTok is known to be one of the most addicting and engaging apps out there.

Although starting as mostly a lip-syncing and dancing video platform, TikTok has now evolved to the point where creators make the content of all and any genres. They range from comedy skits to beauty tutorials, from financial advice to culinary, from fashion to information, to entertainment and many more.

With over 3.5 billion downloads, TikTok is one of the largest platforms with audience reach and branding. But it can be quite hard for someone to stand out as a creator amidst thousands if not millions of other creators. The comments on a video are known to be a pivotal factor in further promotion and suggestion of the creator to viewers according to the TikTok algorithm.

Now, one might ask how to get comments on TikTok. The answer is simply either buying TikTok comments or getting genuine and constructive comments from real-time viewers of the content. Resulting in more feed suggestions, reach and overall growth.

Following are some top and reliable sites for buying TikTok comments for your content to grow your influence to the next level.

6 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Comments Instantly 

1. Social Plug 

Social Plug 

Social Plug is one of the leading TikTok comment service providers in the market. Their key differentiation is no sign-up, 30-second checkout service purchase and crypto billing. They also offer high-quality standards through daily testing and good sourcing. Social Plug also swiftly replies to any queries with 24/7 availability. Social Plug’s Tiktok comment service pricing starts from $0.09 per comment up to 4000 comments with a promise to deliver each comment in 2-3 minutes. 

Get your TikTok comments from SocialPlug now!

2. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media

They are one of the leading and also one of the most experienced TikTok comment service providers in the market. It is their pledge to deliver unrivaled experience, targeted service, privacy, real people sourcing, prominent customer support and a money-back guarantee for mess-ups. Their delivery time period ranges from 1-4 days at max depending on the comment amount. They have services starting from $3 reaching up to $6499.

3. GrowthTok


GrowthTok is an organic TikTok growth service. Their distinctions from the rest of the service providers are AI-powered optimization, 1 on 1 consultation, TikTok TOS compliance and algorithm experts and engineers. They are also notable for their 3-Day Trial Acquisition, 24/7 service and bank-level security. They are prominent among customers for their rapid growth and competitor filtration. Their pricing package ranges from $69 per week to $199 per week.

4. GetAFollower


They are also one of the most experienced TikTok comment service providers, established in 2011. They offer a unique method of working without login credentials and going against the grain. They also ensure committed customer support throughout the entire service process. Currently, they have a review rating of 4.97 out of 5 on their website. Their price point starts from just $2.

5. UseViral


Prioritizing customer satisfaction and struggling TikTok content creators, UseViral provides high-standard service, targeted service, 30-day refill and safe, secure delivery. Their services start from $2 per 5 comments up to $79 per 1000 comments.

6. SidesMedia


SidesMedia also provides organic TikTok growth service. Their disparity is a real-time visual of a growth engine, being able to see you and your content grow live. Their pricing also starts from $2 per 5 comments up to $79 per 1000 comments. 

Things to Consider Before Buying TikTok Comments

Things to Consider Before Buying TikTok Comments

Setting a desired and perfect TikTok feed could take quite the time, effort and hard-heartedness. Even after all that, some might not get the deserved love towards their videos. Getting TikTok comments favours you in regards to the TikTok algorithm by a lot.

Buying TikTok comments is also one way to approach this growth of presence. But you should consider some factors before buying TikTok comments:

  • Making sure the service provider is reliable and fruitful
  • Avoid the usual online scams and hoaxes
  • Assurance of getting desired targeted service
  • Reaching the right target group for our content through filtration and restriction.
  • Certainty of safe and privacy
  • Protection of our information and data shared with the service provider
  • Verification of sources for comments
  • Keep away from the service provider that gives AI or bot-generated comments for your content
  • Organic and custom comments
  • Opt for the custom comment option for more credibility and authenticity of the comments.
  • Swift customer support
  • Being available to contact in case of any mishaps.
  • Delivery rapidity
  • Take into account how fast and time the service is provided to us.
  • Price-Points
  • Choose the best value-for-money option out there.
  • Not a shortcut to success

Understand the fact that buying comments alone does not set you up for long-term success. You'll still need to post interesting content.

Why Are Comments Important on TikTok

Why Are Comments Important on TikTok

Similar to other content platforms, TikTok also relies on engagement for finding out the relevance of content. Despite being dynamic and taking into multiple factors, TikTok does finalize on engagement evaluation to further suggest your content to viewers.

TikTok is one of the most engaging social media platforms out there, and comments are very essential for better engagement. Following are some reasons why comments on TikTok are so important.

1. More Comments Equals more Engagement

Comments require the most effort among all the engagement indicators or factors on TikTok such as views, likes etc. It shows that the viewer cares about your content. Commenting increases interaction among the viewers, you and many others, creating arrays of discussion in between. 

Hence, the TikTok algorithm identifies your content as being trendy and popular and in return starts suggesting to other viewers for further reach and growth.

2. Boosted Algorithm Suggestions

As more engagement is identified due to comments, the TikTok algorithm will favor you and your content for suggesting to other viewers depending on the traffic and traction of your comments and other engagements. Hence, TikTok will assist you in having a much broader reach and audience for your content to represent. 

3. For Social Growth

As more comments will result in more suggestions and reach a larger viewer base, you will start to become even more popular with every view. You will have a greater influence. You will get more in touch with your viewers and at some point not even be able to acknowledge all of them due to their immense popularity. A lot more people than before will recognize you randomly just from your content.

4. Reputation Reinforcement

When new or suggested viewers watch your content and scroll through the comments, notice tens, hundreds if not thousands of comments they instantly take you for a credible and authoritative figure on the internet. Your influence on them will matter regarding your reputation and relevance. More or less, you will start having a fan-following base.

5. For Promotion

Having such a wide range of influence base due to commenting can aid in promoting or marketing any sort of business you like. It can be your very own brand or various big brands might also reach out to you for collaborative campaigns for further exposure to their product or brand. Some brands might even contact for collaborative ventures as well.

Tips on How to Get Comments on TikTok

As known by now, comments play a pivotal role in growing your TikTok game. Following are some tips to get free TikTok comments:

Asking Relevant Questions

Creating content that leaves the viewers with an answer to give after watching the video. This will result in involuntary action of commenting, primarily in the early growth stages. For example: At the end of the video ask to put comments on what the viewer's favorite part of the video was.

Giving Prompts

At the end of the content, give the audience an action call rather than asking a direct question. For example: “Leave a comment with an emoji about how you feel about the content” to the viewers acting as a cue. 

Feedbacks or Suggestions

Asking for feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism of the content that you produce is one of the best ways to get more free TikTok comments. This will also allow you to further work on your content game through the preferences and likings of your own audience. Resulting in easier growth. Example: Asking or giving the viewers choice of topics to make the next content on.

Genuine Replies

When your viewers are leaving comments, they are expecting a reply of some sort of degree. Therefore, when you reply with care and authenticity with these very comments, it urges more viewers to comment and further results in engagement. If not able to reply, a small act of pinning the best comment can also go a long way. Example: MrBeast maintains engagement in his videos with occasional replies and pinned comments every despite being such a big creator.

Creator Collaboration

One of the easiest ways to get more comments or engagement in your content is collaborating with relevant other content creators. This results in new viewers and ultimately new commenters as well. For example, Sidemen members other than KSI all collaborated with KSI at many points in the content creation career to gain more eyes and commenters due to KSI’s established influence.

Commenting on Other Videos

As a creator, you should not confine yourself to comments or make replies only in your videos. You should comment on other relevant content creator videos. It could be something witty, funny, constructive, or anything meaningful. Resulting in the viewers of their content checking out yours, ultimately garnering more comments in the process.

Content Creation from Comment

You could also try the TikTok feature of creating content from selected content from previous videos. This gives the commenters a bigger spotlight for themselves to shine. Hence, encouraging and welcoming more commenters to your videos. Example: Many culinary content creators create their content recipes from such requests of comments.

Content Creation on the Controversy

It is in human nature, people love controversy. Nothing gets them talking more than it. Comments on controversial topics are no exception. But must be handled with caution and a respectful demeanor. Example: Political opinionated contents get a ton of comments. 

Build Your Brand Authenticity with Our Custom TikTok Comments

Build Your Brand Authenticity with Our Custom TikTok Comments

SocialPlug is currently one of the tops when it comes to buying custom TikTok comments. They are excelling in providing most of the benefits along with things to note while choosing the best TikTok comment service provider. A single click will take you to the purchase page.


To conclude, TikTok is arguably one of the best content-sharing platforms in the world today. Thriving here as a content creator amongst everyone else could prove to be quite rough. But having some idea about the particulars and factors of engagement such as knowing how to get free TikTok comments or buying the TikTok comments can aid in making your journey to grow as a content creator a bit smoother.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do comments get you more views on TikTok?

Simply put, Yes. The TikTok algorithm counts comments as one of the major factors for popularity and more engagement on TikTok results in more suggestions to people on TikTok. 

2. How do I control comments on TikTok?

To control the comments on TikTok, you just use the filtration feature in the “Privacy” section of your account. This lets you select who can and cannot comment on your content.

3. Can the creator delete comments on TikTok?

Definitely. This option is there for you to use to simply get rid of offensive and hateful remarks toward your content. 

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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