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Why should I Buy Reddit Comments?

Businesses are looking for convenient ways to increase sales and build up their credibility. Reddit consists of potential customers who are trying to find answers to their burning questions. Buying Reddit comments helps you reach those people.

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Buy Reddit upvotes and comments at the same time to make the post look more organic.

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adding a small amount of upvotes + comments will rank your post higher in the subreddit.

Buy Reddit Upvotes and Comments

How it works?

This is the process of ordering Reddit Comments from SocialPlug.


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Select the desired amount of comments and customise them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying Reddit comments safe?

Yes, buying Reddit comments is safe and will not affect your Reddit account in any negative way.

Will I receive a refund if the post gets deleted?

For Reddit Comments we do not offer refunds if the post was removed by a 3rd party (subreddit mods or Reddit itself).

How many comments should I buy?

Number of comments depends on how competitive the subreddit is where you are posting. In more competitive subreddits It's wise to buy at least 20 comments.

Will these accounts have high karma?

We have a mixture of commenting accounts, most of them are not high-karma accounts.

Who is SocialPlug?

SocialPlug is the one-stop place for buying Reddit services. We work together with 1100+ Reddit marketers in Onlyfans & crypto niche.

Why SocialPlug?

SocialPlug has the industries best customer support which is ready to answer to clients questions 24/7. In addition to that SocialPlug offers guarantees that no other social media shop offers.

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