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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
December 31, 2022
Sites to Buy Reddit Upvotes

To earn your spot in any social media, you need to have maximum outreach for your posts.

Reddit is one of the world’s most well-known social media platforms. Reddit is unique because of its communities known as subreddits, each of which focus on a specific platform or subject. These subreddits are good places for promotion of content, products, artwork, and services.

Rather than Likes in Facebook or Twitter, Redditors upvote content they like, and downvote content they dislike. Many upvotes mean that a post might go viral, and many people will see said post. The more upvotes a post has, the more chance the post might appear in the feeds of users, and the more attention the post will get. 

Therefore, buying upvotes for your posts on Reddit is a great idea to attract more attention, and more customers if you’re selling a product or service.

However, the quality of content matters as well. If your content is not engaging and good quality, upvotes will only provide a temporary boost to your post.

Why You Should Buy Reddit Upvotes - Beat the Algorithm

Why You Should Buy Reddit Upvotes

For niche communities and markets, Reddit is THE go-to place. Reddit has about 50 million active daily users, and each user spends about 10 minutes on the site per visit. Your post must attract the user’s attention within that 10 minutes - meaning your post must take a good spot in everyone’s feeds.

Upvotes are a surefire way for your post to get that attention. More upvotes mean that potential customers and target markets will view your post or product as attractive and trusted. Many people with questions and demands go to Reddit for answers to their problems, and the more upvotes you have, the more customers will see your post. Buying upvotes will help you reach those people fast.

To get your post and product to those people, you must have increased upvotes. Buying upvotes will help your post get pushed to more people’s feeds. But getting upvotes just as you are starting out can be difficult and confusing. Knowing a few good websites to buy upvotes might be a very good start.

Best Websites to buy Reddit Upvotes - Instantly!

The best websites for this purpose can be the ones listed here:

1. SocialPlug


SocialPlug is the best platform out there for buying upvotes - and almost any other kind of social media promotion you might need. According to their website, they deliver upvotes at up to 3000+ per hour - thereby ensuring your post will rapidly reach viral status among your target market.

The upvotes all come from old/aged Reddit accounts with high Karma count. This lowers the purchase risk as the high quality of accounts means your post will have greater value.

You can buy up to 700 upvotes per post or comment. You can also buy downvotes, which helps your posts be more authentic - because no post will become viral without a few people disliking it.

See also: Buy Reddit Downvotes

2. AppSally


AppSally is just a complete solution website, not just for Reddit, but also for nearly every other social media site, including Discord, Twitter, TikTok, and so forth. AppSally’s complete solution means that you can not only buy upvotes, but also combine them with other social media offerings to get a complete customer engagement across the web.

This service is a little fiddly to use, however- it is better for professionals, rather than beginner users. Their service is vetted, and do not use bots - and they offer 15 day warranty. Sounds good!

3. Upvote King

Upvote King

Upvote King is an “instant upvote service”, meaning that they offer very fast upvoting for your Reddit content. Their upvote speed is very fast, at 20 upvotes/minute according to their website. They offer multiple tiers of upvotes, with cryptocurrency tied in as well.

Their payment system is also one of the most versatile in the market, with crypto, Payoneer, PayPal and secure debit-and-credit card payments accepted. 

4. Twidium


Twidium is an influencer network, and one of the biggest of its kind. They claim to have helped over 19 million influencers as to date, and offer outreach over multiple social media platforms. That is a significant feature, as boosting your content over multiple social media platforms will ensure you can reach the maximum number of customers.

One of the advantages of Twidium is that they claim not to use automation or bots, which is very useful to avoid a collapse of your post because of inorganic voting. Also, they offer action within 5-15 days of payment, which is a pretty good turnaround time in the Reddit upvote buying market.

5. Boost


Boost is one of the simplest places to buy Reddit upvotes from. They boast a total of 25,000+ orders to date.

Their process is very simple to follow. All you have to do is to post on Reddit, and give them the URL and the number of upvotes you want, and the rest will be handled by them. They claim to use only real users from around the world to do your upvoting, meaning that you will have global engagement from your post. 

Moreover, Boost offers easy and complimentary support on all orders, making sure that any problems or confusions with the order process is swiftly resolved. Their prices start at around $0.20 per upvote.

6. Boosbe


You can buy Reddit upvotes from Boosbe, a terrific resource for all your Reddit requirements, starting at just $1.26 for 20 upvotes.

For someone just starting out in the Reddit environment, this might be an excellent starting point for a basic Reddit upvote service. Also for those with a tight budget, Boosbe might be a good option.

They have pretty good payment security as well, so you don’t need to worry about personal information leaks.

7. EasyOutReach


EasyOutReach is one of the largest social media marketplaces out there. Their selling point is that they offer a very wide variety of social media promotion content.

EasyOutReach does not use bots to upvote your posts - which means the upvotes have a lesser chance of getting taken down. 

Their Reddit upvote service comes with a 15-day replacement warranty, meaning that if the upvotes are lost within 15 days for some reason, they will post the votes again - for free. They offer upvotes through rigorously selected providers, ensuring good quality.

If there is a downpoint to this service, it is the price - at $0.50 per upvote/downvote, it is higher than most other offerings on the market.

8. SocioBlend


SocioBlend is a vendor of likes and upvotes for different social media sites. For Reddit, SocioBlend sells subscribers, upvotes, and custom comments.

SocioBlend’s website does not offer much in the way of details for their service. Their lowest-tier is at a pretty good price point, with 20 upvotes for $8. 

However, strangely, their price-per-vote increases as the number of upvote purchase increases, until the number stands at $200 for 200 upvotes. Except for this bizzareness, the website is trustworthy and good for a basic experiment if you are just starting off.

9. UseViral


UseViral is great if you just want to get your engagement and be done with it, and you don’t want to deal with any additional hassle.

They are undoubtedly one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use websites to aid in your overall Reddit growth. 

10. QQTube

QQTube is one of the well-known sellers of social media and marketing services for platforms like YouTube and Instagram. 

Their Reddit offering offers a free trial- certainly an excellent offering for a new customer to the Reddit upvoting instant business. Their offer is also the most expensive on this article, with a whopping $300 for 200 upvotes - in a whole day. Sheesh!

Things to Consider Before Buying Reddit Upvotes

Things to Consider Before Buying Reddit Upvotes

You should consider a fair few things before buying upvotes from a Reddit upvote service.

  • Verify the provider. 

Test their orders and check their reviews on other websites to judge whether they are really as good as they say. The websites mentioned here are quite good at providing service, but you should always check. If possible, start with a test order of their smallest offer before buying the bigger ones.

  • Check Prices. 

There is much variation in the prices among different services. Around $0.15 might be a good price for each upvote.

  • Check overall marketing. 

Only buying upvotes might not be enough to grow your social media presence. You should check the provider’s range of services and if necessary, consult to see what might be the best option for your particular needs.

  • Check for Superior Customer Service. 

Do they offer warranties? Do they have someone on chat to reply to your concerns? How fast do they get back to you, and are their answers reasonable and cooperative? How fast is the response time? These are all questions that should be answered before purchase of a service.

Tips and Tricks to Get Reddit Upvotes

Tips and Tricks to Get Reddit Upvotes

There are a few tricks you can follow to gain Reddit upvotes organically as well! Organic upvotes will be from real people who genuinely find your content interesting- the best kind of interest. Hence, you should always aim to get upvotes and attention organically. You can do the following things to get more Reddit upvotes- without spending a single cent:

  • Be active. 

Your posts should be thought-provoking and engaging. There should be good substance in your content, and you should reply to comments from users on your posts. This will help you enhance your karma in time and keep users interested.

  • Inspire Discussions. 

You should post content on discussion threads that are well-thought out, and have research to back up your statements. Picking trendy topics and communities to promote yourself and your content in will help you present yourself as a valuable resource within the community.

  • Use Karma Bombs to your advantage. 

A Karma Bomb happens when you reply fast to a possible top comment. If that comment is upvoted a lot, your post will receive upvotes because of being near. This takes careful judgment and engagement with the audience’s mood.

  • Use Creative Titles for Links. 

Reddit creates links according to what you write in the title. If you can provide some good context in the title itself, it has a good chance of attracting attention through both Reddit and search engines. It is a good idea to use humor- the most upvotes are received by surprising and witty posts.

  • Posts Photos and Videos. 

Visual content is a lot more engaging than a long paragraph. As is wisely said, a picture is worth a thousand words. You should explore the vast world of videos and photos, including infographics, memes, and engaging images. However, pick images that are relevant to your title; don’t confuse your audience.

Get Reddit Upvotes From High Karma & Aged Accounts

If you’re looking for the best place in the market to buy Reddit Upvotes, look no further. SocialPlug is here to meet all your social media needs- and yes, that includes the highest-quality Reddit Upvotes.

SocialPlug offers upvotes from high karma and aged accounts. That means your Reddit upvotes will always be from accounts that are as close to genuine as can be- which ensures that the upvotes will not get taken down. The high Karma on the accounts means that your upvoted post will reach the most users in Reddit with the least effort.

And the pricing is the most reasonable in the market- as low as $0.15 per upvote! None of our competitors come even close to our low pricing.

With all that, SocialPlug offers you the easiest and lowest-cost method of boosting your Reddit presence. It’s as easy as clicking a button.

View all that we have to offer- try SocialPlug Reddit Upvotes!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why do upvotes on Reddit fluctuate?

Upvotes keep fluctuating because of a technique Reddit uses called Vote Fuzzing. Vote fuzzing is an automatic feature on Reddit that slightly changes the upvote count on posts and comments each time you reload. This is intended to reduce bots’ effectiveness, because people using the bots won’t be sure if they’re working.

That’s why you should always take upvotes from real accounts and real people. 

  1. How many upvotes on Reddit are good?

This varies depending on the number of customers you are trying to engage. Generally, 100 upvotes is considered a good number for a beginner/amateur page. More upvotes means more people took the time to fully read/view your content, and found it interesting and engaging. So you should aim to keep your upvote number up, by posting good content and being engaging to your viewers.

  1. Are upvotes on Reddit anonymous?

Yes, upvotes are anonymous on Reddit. A user cannot see who upvoted a particular post, although of course, that data is available to Reddit itself. If you upvote a post, you can see that you upvoted it, but no one else using Reddit can see that upvote attributed to you.


Upvotes on Reddit are one of the main things to do to get your content on Reddit noticed by many people. The more upvotes you have, the more chance you have of appearing on someone’s feed. Buying upvotes from a trustworthy platform will surely help your social media content take off.

However, you should combine buying upvotes with posting good content, engaging with your commenters, and being present within your community. Only by following the organic approach as well as purchasing instant upvotes can you prosper in your Redditor career.

So go forth, Redditor - the world awaits!

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