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What Counts as a ‘View’ on Instagram Reels?

Instagram counts reels views the very moment someone starts the video. Unlike longer videos on Facebook or Youtube, Instagram reels do not have a minimum watch time to count as views. That’s why Instagram reels are a great way to grow your Instagram account. Some paid views on your Instagram reels, when you are just starting out, can do a world of good.

Buy Instagram Reels Views

Buy Instagram Views for Reels With SocialPlug

Having hundreds of thousands of Instagram reels views builds social proof for your business, brand or personal profile. Our views come from high quality countries, such as Australia, the UK and the US. We have incredibly low drop rates and a satisfaction guarantee.

If you're serious about getting views for your Instagram reels, there's no better service. Shop with confidence today – SocialPlug is here to help.

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Buy Additional Services For Instagram Now

We offer customers the ability to also buy Instagram reel likes at highly competitive rates. SocialPlug is a full service social media company – whether it's Twitter, Reddit, Discord or Instagram that you need engagement with, we can do it all.

The process is simple and we have a satisfaction guarantee.

Don't bother wasting time with service providers who don't have a reliable track record – our social media products are the best on the market.

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Why buying Instagram Reels views is important?

There are plenty of great reasons to buy Instagram reels views from SocialPlug – and no reasons not to. If you're looking to take your social media presence to the next level, reels views are an important piece of the puzzle.

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Helps to attract new audiences

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Grow your sales instantly

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Ability to go viral on Instagram

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Build your account's social proof

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Increase Your Content Visibility Across Instagram

This is the main reason behind almost all reels views: you want your content to go viral and to attract fresh, organic engagement from people who have stumbled across your media. You really improve your reels' visibility with views because it's treated favorably by Instagram – more views is a signal that your content is engaging and successful, which then results in preferential ranking.

Buy your Instagram reels views with SocialPlug today.

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Gain Instant Social Proof For Your Instagram Account & Your Content

If you're not familiar with social proof, it's the premise that people are far more likely to engage positively with a piece of content if they feel that others also believe that it's good. This is a well understood psychological phenomenon and plays an important role in the success of your Instagram account.

The simple fact is that the more views, likes and comments your material gets, the more trustworthy it is. This leads to more followers, more sales and more organic growth.

How SocialPlug NFT followers look like when buying Twitter nft automatic engagement

Improved Engagement Rates for Your Instagram Reels Content

It's well known by social media experts that initial engagement with content is the hardest to get. As a result, it's important to get the ball rolling early so organic growth can occur.

When your reels already have views and likes, it vastly increases the probability that you'll receive further likes and views, as well as followers for your account. Think about it: how often do you engage with content that has a low number of views compared to a high number of views?

How SocialPlug NFT followers look like when buying Twitter nft automatic engagement

Attract New Followers and a Target Audience Through Reels

With all of these benefits combined, you get what you ultimately want: more followers and a target audience to profit from. Whether you're selling directly via Instagram, promoting a third-party product or doing something else entirely, more followers is always a good thing.

SocialPlug wants to help you attract fresh followers, open new business opportunities and craft an audience that's perfectly suited to your content. Are you ready to get started?

Buy Instagram likes SocialPlug

What Are Instagram Reels Views?

Reels for Instagram were released in 2020 and are supposed to be less produced, higher quantity videos that you wouldn't put on your main Instagram feed. They take the form of clips – which can be 15 seconds long – and can be chained together.

As a form of information and direct feedback, Instagram shows the number of reels views that your content has. This number is useful for ranking higher and building social proof. The higher the number, the more successful your reel will be.

Buy Instagram reel views instantly

Is Buying Instagram Reel Views Risky?

We have yet to find any situation where a person who purchases reels views from us has been negatively impacted. The reason is actually quite simple for why this is the case: Instagram cannot apply realistically restrict an account that has simulated reels views, simply because competitors could game the system and get one another banned.

You should be completely confident when shopping with SocialPlug. We're here to ensure your complete satisfaction when buying Instagram reels views.

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Low Cost & High Impact Instagram Reels Views

Prices for our Instagram reels views start at just $1 for 250 views – remember that these views come from quality accounts that have incredibly low drop rates, meaning your views will be there months and years after you buy them.

´You'll receive a heavy discount if you buy in bulk: we can offer up to 1,000,000 reels views for just $990. If you have special requirements for your order, please get in touch with us and we'll do whatever we can to assist. Our support team is here 24/7 to help!

Buy Instagram reel views from Socialplug

Why SocialPlug

If you are looking to buy Instagram reels views, SocialPlug is your best choice. SocialPlug’s Instagram reels views are sustainable, and won’t get your Instagram account penalized in any way. We provide views from high-quality accounts from realistic profiles. On top of that, SocialPlug offers the best prices in the market. 

Frequently asked questions

Are these real reel views?

These are real reel views, however, the goal is to build social proof, not an actual Instagram audience.

Why choose SocialPlug?

SocialPlug has a 24/7 customer support and is always here to answer to your burning questions. In addition, SocialPlug provides the best quality when it comes to Instagram reel views.

Is It Legal to Buy Instagram Reel views?

Yes it is safe. The views come from real profiles and are the same as organic engagement.

What are Instagram Reel views?

Views are a social media metric that is used to measure the quality of the Instagram content.

How Can People Get More views on Instagram Reels?

People can get more views with the following strategies:
1. Posting engaging content and therefore growing organically (the slowest method).
2. By buying Instagram Reel views which are instant and are guaranteed to stay.

How Fast is the Delivery?

We process all order within 5 minutes. Your views will start to appear within that timeframe.

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