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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
July 20, 2022
Buy NFT Twitter likes guide - SocialPlug

Twitter has been the best marketing platform for NFT projects on all blockchains, whether It's Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon or Cardano. With the market being over-saturated with new projects launching every day, It's getting harder to be in the spotlight. With buying NFT Twitter likes, you have the chance of getting to the explore page for NFT enthusiasts who are constantly looking for new NFT projects to invest in.

How buying NFT Twitter likes on your post will help you reach new audiences

Buying NFT Twitter likes will help you trick the Twitter algorithms and it will help you get to the top of best-performing NFT hashtags like #NFT, #NFTgiveaway, #NFTs and many more. Most of the people who are interested in NFT-s follow these hashtags to find the next gem.

Industry secret for successful NFT projects

90% of the now successful projects with 100k+ followers used the tactic of buying NFT Twitter Followers, NFT Twitter Likes, Retweets and custom comments on their tweets to build up brand authenticity. 

This tactic is so-called "Industry Secret". The fact that you can trick Twitter algorithms, helps new growing NFT projects to reach their target audiences by using the relevant NFT hashtags and by hiring the TOP copy-writers to make their Tweets as engaging as possible.

Once you have a follower base of 100k+ and you are getting 2k+ engagements on your Tweets, It's more likely that the people that see your Tweet on Twitter home page, are more likely to join your community.

How to buy NFT Twitter likes in the best way?

It's wise to buy NFT Twitter likes right after you have made the Tweet, because the Tweet will only go trending if the engagement is being sent on right away after making the Tweet.

As there are only a few sources to buy NFT Twitter likes, you should buy from a source that has automated delivery. SocialPlug delivers all of It's orders within 30 seconds after making the order.

If you decide to buy from another source, the flow of ordering will most likely be through communicating with the sellers on Telegram or Discord and you can only post if the sellers are online.

SocialPlug order flow is easy - you pick the amount of engagement you want, insert the target link and pay with credit card or in cryptocurrency.

What is the quality of SocialPlug NFT Twitter likes?

If you have done market research, then most of the sellers have profiles that don't have NFT profile pictures, NFT Retweet history or NFT related bio-s.

Here is the quality of SocialPlug NFT Twitter likes:

SocialPlug NFT Twitter likes quality

Quality of other NFT Likes sellers:

Competitor Twitter likes quality

Is this the only way to get people to join your project organically?

Of Course not, there are many more NFT marketing strategies to grow your NFT project organically. Read this guide to find top 10 best performing NFT marketing services.

Once you have gathered more than 10k+ followers on Twitter and Discord, It's time to start with collaborations with other established NFT projects.

NFT Collaborations have proven to work the best out of all NFT marketing strategies.

Another way to organically promote your NFT project is to work with Twitter NFT influencers. The influencers usually charge a large amount of money so think twice before making a deal with them.

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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