10 Awesome Tips for NFT Discord Promotion

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
November 16, 2022
NFT Discord Promotion

Discord is one of the fastest and easiest social media platforms to connect and build communities for hanging out with friends or getting to know new people. With Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs on the rise, discord is a strong tool for digital content creators who want to build a community to promote their digital assets to potential buyers and sellers.

As NFTs are somewhat of a new technology, businesses and platforms are gradually becoming used to the idea of digital transactions and ownerships. The NFT marketplace is exponentially growing with more and more people understanding the valuation of this technology, and so, to stand out from such an immense competition, proper and efficient promotion of NFTs are necessary.

Currently, about 4.70 billion people use social media, which is more than half of the global population. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary for brands, businesses, startups etc. to use social media marketing properly for effective dissemination of information about their respective brands and products.

With the exponential growth of NFTs over the last couple of years, marketers, artists, and supporters have found Discord to be a great venue for keeping up with the most recent NFT airdrops and activities, marketing their NFT artworks, and creating communities of NFT enthusiasts. Discord is a great platform for propagating the news of new or existing NFTs to a vast number of people though the various servers and communities.

The valuation of an NFT depends on many factors including its presence, speculation and hype. So the more digital traction an NFT gets, the more value can be charged against it. Discord servers are a perfect platform to create hype of this sort. In this article we are going to discuss how to do just that.

What Is a Discord Server

A discord server is a user-friendly and hassle-free online community made for people with similar interests, or for a group of friends to just chat and hang out on discord. It can be a public server with hundreds of thousands of users or a small server with a dozen. 

A server contains text channels for chatting, announcements etc. and voice channels for talking with others and hanging out. These channels are mainly used to communicate with the people in a server to get more reach and hype over something.

What Makes Discord Awesome

What makes Discord awesome?

Most of the servers are invitation-only and small in scale with specific purposes or niches. There are also huge public community servers for connecting people with same interests and passions. Anyone, anywhere can open a discord server free of cost and invite their friends and family or just random people over the internet and so, it is a great promotion platform. 

Discord differentiates itself from other social media platforms by giving everyone the scope to find any community or niche that serves his or her interests. People can engage and interact with their friends, make new friends and just chill and hang out, away from all the chaos in the internet. 

How Discord Benefits NFT Promotion

Discord is one of the most vital platforms for marketing and promoting digital artforms. It helps to promote content to the specific target audiences in the forms of public and private servers focusing on particular niches. 

The objective in your instance is to market your NFTs and convince NFT aficionados to buy them. As a result, you need a certain demographic of customers who are inclined to buy NFTs. This particular demographic is very easily accessible through discord.

With so many crypto and NFT enthusiasts residing in Discord, it is now simpler than ever before to trade cryptocurrency and advertise your unique NFTs. Additionally, the bots on the server may assist you with basic customer queries from both existing and future customers, saving you a ton of time. With just about any version of the software, you will have all of the tools required to start a promotional campaign for your NFTs.

How Can NFT be promoted on Discord?

How can NFT on Discord be promoted?

If you run an NFT Discord server, you may use the interface to interact with people and gain access to a variety of tools for managing your community. It's difficult to run an NFT Discord server or produce NFTs in general. It's even more challenging to manage and market them, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the field. 

Following are awesome NFT discord promotion tips that will help you market and promote your NFTs with ease

10 Awesome Tips for NFT Discord Promotion

10 Awesome tips for NFT Discord promotion

1. Join Relevant Discord Servers

From NFT discord servers made for general purposes like communicating and connecting with people sharing an interest in NFTs to NFT project communities for project development and growth, there are a lot of servers serving each and every niche. To promote your NFT through discord, you must find the server more appropriate to your content. Some of the most popular NFT discord servers are:

  • r/NFT: This is the official server for the subreddit r/NFT. It has over 153,000 members and channels for discussing or getting advice about crypto, NFT, project management etc. It is one of the largest and best servers for getting insights about NFT investment or development. It is good for both beginners and experts in the industry.
  • Rarible: Featuring some of the best and most important NFT projects, Rarible is an NFT marketplace with over 122,000 members. From CrypToadz to BAYC, Rarible had featured a lot of the prominent NFT projects. It is one of the best servers because it has a vast number of experts, investors and creators who give knowledgable and helpful educational advice regarding anything NFT. 
  • OpenSea: OpenSea is one of the largest discord servers with over 236,000 members and so it is the biggest marketplace for NFTs. Due to the sheer number of members, throughout the day, the OpenSea discord server is filled with conversations regarding developing projects, investment and other topics related to NFTs.
  • A few of the other popular servers include Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Magic Eden, Rarity Sniper, NFTs World, Decentraland, enter.art, VeeFriends, CryptoPunks, Doodles and many more.

2. Post Engaging Content

The more traction and speculation an NFT gets, the more it is valued at, and so engaging content is a must to gain that valuable hype. In the discord servers, there are text channels that can be used to actively promote your NFT by making people converse about it. By posting more and more engaging content related to your NFT, the NFT can get higher demand through word of mouth and apparent demand.

Posting content appealing to a particular audience is also necessary. You should check if the posted content is relevant to NFT drops or NFTs in general. Everyone’s target group and audience is different and has different tastes and preferences. You should post content in accordance with the taste of your particular audience.

3. Share Your NFT Project in the Relevant Channels

There are a lot of text and voice channels in the NFT public discord servers. These help to declutter the space and also allow for better accessibility of content. By sharing your NFT project in the pertinent channels of the discord servers, you can gain the attention of more potential buyers or investors. 

The content you share must give the people active in the crypto market proper insights about your NFTs. Making the content shareable is a plus since your audience will promote the NFTs for you by bringing in more people.

4. Be Sure to Use Relevant Hashtags

Using appropriate hashtags is necessary for a better reach. Relevant hashtags with a consistent flow of content makes for great promotion in the digital world.

5. Be Active in the Community and Engage in Conversations

Letting your followers and audience know your progress and craft works wonders. NFT enthusiasts love engaging in NFT related conversations. The more you can stir the conversation, the more you can gather their attention. This will enable you to get more followers for your server.

Being active in your discord or in the public servers is a must to get name and fame. The more traction you receive as an artist, the more valuable your NFTs are going to be. So make sure to reply to those DMs and look through those mentions!

6. Offer Help and Advice to Others

With over 2.7million active and unique wallets in the NFT trading scene, new users are hoping onto the bandwagon every day. This huge pool of people is part of your market and when you help them, the probability of them following your work is great. By offering help and advicing others, not only can you gain good reputation but also can get new leads.

Out of the hundreds or thousands of members, one good talk or brave text can get your point across to potential investors and influencers.

7. Use Discord Analytics to Track the Growth of Your NFT Project

Discord analytics is a great tool to understand your community and audience activity. Proper utilization of this powerful tool can help identify the key interests in your community and help you drive them towards you to create value.

On pc, click on the server insights from your server dropdown menu and there you’ll find the key stats required for maximazing discord marketing potential. Marketing is nothing but understanding the mindset of your target group and playing to your strengths. This is possible by the use of discord analytics. 

8. Utilize Social Media

Once you create your server or join a public server you must garner public attention towards your work. In this day and age, social media is the most powerful platform for catching leads. Other than discord, other social medias can also be utilized for maximizing the reach. 

Share links of your work, discord server, specific channels etc. to other social media platforms of your choice. From Twitter, Reddit to Facebook and Instagram, a lot of new potential investors can be found by sharing your work in social media. 

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9. Use Attractive Visuals

It is said that the human brain process visuals almost 60,000 times faster than written text. It helps to communicate complex information while also retaining the attention of the general populace. It is clear that the importance of attractive visuals for marketing your NFT is immense.

Visuals for your NFT can be made to promote your work and also to engage the audience in conversations. They help cover difficult and heavy topics in a more enjoyable way.

10. Collaboration

Finding people to push your projects to is a difficult task as a beginner in the NFT scene. For this reason, finding people and brands to collab with is very important. The correct influencers and brands can help in promoting and pushing your project to places previously unimaginable to you. Therefore, try to reach out!

Get Started With the NFT Discord Promotion

Following the above tips anyone can get started with their NFT discord promotion campaign. The NFT discord communities are massive and there is a potentially large pool of people who are interested in your work. So without further ado, start promoting your work! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Do I need discord for NFT?

It is not mandatory to use Discord for NFT promotion, but it can be very helpful in getting the word out about your work. For starters, it is one of the best platforms for promoting your NFT projects. Additionally, it allows you to share your projects easily with your friends and followers.

Should I build a community on Discord?

Building a community on Discord is the primary stepping stone in promoting your NFT project. By building a community, you can gather a large number of people who are interested in your work. They might be potential buyers or potential contributors to your project. Therefore, using the discord analytics and other marketing tools, a great community can be built for your NFT project.

Where to NFT art?

NFT artforms can be promoted through various groups and communities in all of the social media platforms. But amongst these, Discord has a massive audience and a large number of NFT enthusiasts. So, using a mix of all of the social media platforms, NFT art can be promoted. 

How To Promote Discord Servers For Free?

Promote your server by inviting other like-minded and passionate people in other discord communities. This can be done through discord bots and engaging in conversations in other discord servers. For creators in need of fast growth, they might want to look at where to buy NFT Discord Members.

Final Thoughts

The most integral part of promoting your NFTs is garnering enough interest about your work and building communities around it to create the buzz necessary for it to succeed. The Discord community is an excellent way to do this.

Discord is one of the best platforms for promoting NFTs as it is user friendly and has a large number of NFT communities helping each other out, 24/7. It is a hub for NFT related support and a marketplace for potential investors. Therefore, it is heavily recommended to start your NFT promotion journey with Discord.

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