Top 6 Places to Buy Verified Twitter Accounts

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July 28, 2022
Top 6 places to buy Verified Twitter Accounts Guide

If you've ever used Twitter for more than a few seconds, you're bound to have noticed that some accounts have a blue checkmark next to them. This is the verification badge, showing that your account is the official account and not some parody or copy of another notable account. In this article, we are discussing what is a Twitter verified account, how to get verified, and how to buy a verified account on Twitter.

What is a Twitter Verified Account?

First, let’s get clear on what is a Twitter Verified account. Twitter Verified accounts can be told apart from not verified accounts by the notorious blue checkmark badge that is shown next to the account’s name on the Twitter home feed and on the verified account’s profile page.

Twitter says that the mission of the verification badge is to let people know whether an account of public interests is the official authentic account. This can include accounts that represent brands or celebrities but also any other account that is either associated with someone/something with a large following or just a Twitter account with a lot of followers.

What Will the Badge Give You

In practice, the verification badge gives a huge boost to how well your account will be perceived by people that come across it on the platform. An account with the blue checkmark will instantly be seen as more trustworthy and as an authority in whatever field the account is associated with.

In simple terms: getting verified increases your account’s social reputation. This reputation and authority can be leveraged in many ways, no matter what industry you are in. The blue checkmark makes people subconsciously want to follow you and see what you are posting and what’s more, it can help you make your marketing efforts on Twitter more successful.

How to Get Your Twitter Account Verified?

The official process of getting your Twitter account verified is quite the hassle and a long process. Twitter says that to get the blue badge of verification, your account must be “authentic, notable, and active.”

To prove your account’s authenticity, you must prove your identity. For doing so, Twitter has three options you can choose from:

  • Provide a link to an official website that directly references you or your organization and your Twitter account.
  • Provide an official email address that has a domain which is related to the category of notability that applies to you.
  • Provide a photo of an officially issued identification document, like an ID-card, a passport, or your driver’s license. (Only for individuals looking to verify their account)

To be considered notable enough for a verification badge, your account needs to represent or be associated with a prominent individual or brand. To prove your notability, Twitter may ask you to provide various info about yourself or your brand:

  • Provide news articles that are about you or reference you in a way that clearly shows your notability. The articles must be published by official and verified news organizations, not a blog or self-published.
  • Provide proof of your popularity via Google Trends.
  • Provide a link to a Wikipedia article about you.
  • Provide other references that are specific to you industry.
  • If your account is in the 0.05% of your region in follower or mention count, you have a chance of getting verified.

Twitter also requires your account to be actively used on the platform and be in line with Twitter’s rules:

  • Your account must be complete, meaning that it needs to have a profile name and a profile picture.
  • Your account must be public and you need to have logged into it in the last six months.
  • Your account needs to have a confirmed email address or phone number.
  • Your account can not have had a 7-hour or 12-hour suspension for going against Twitter Rules in the last 12 months.

There are also additional documents or references that Twitter will require for your verification application dependent on the category of account you fall under.

As stated, the process is quite long and difficult. In addition to it taking a long time to get verified, Twitter can take away the blue checkmark for a number of different reasons:

  • If you change your username.
  • If your account becomes inactive.
  • You leave the position you were originally verified for.
  • If you implement changes to your account that substantially alter the position that is presented on your account.

So not only is the process of getting verified long and tedious, but the time you put into chasing that blue checkmark can easily go to waste, as Twitter’s criteria for getting verified are very strict. There is a big chance your application to be verified will be turned down and if you do get verified, there are a lot of instances where you can easily lose the badge.

Buy a Twitter Verified Account From Trusted Sellers

As we discussed earlier, the blue badge comes with great benefits and is worth striving for, but there are faster and better ways of getting verified than going through the grueling process of getting your account verified by Twitter officially. With the uncertainty that comes along with the large amount of work the verification application requires, many opt for an easier way to get verified on Twitter - buy a verified Twitter account.

However, it is critical that you buy a Twitter verified account from a trusted seller, not just any random sole seller online, to avoid unnecessary risk of wasting money. Trusted sellers are bigger platforms or agencies that work on providing Twitter verification on a daily basis. The best ones may even have a full money-back guarantee, should any problems arise. In order to make your search to buy a twitter verified badge easier, we’re listing 6 of the best places to do so.


Viralaccounts offers a service of getting your account verified on Twitter. Meaning that you are not exactly buying a verified Twitter account, but rather hiring Viralaccounts to help you go through the process of getting your account verified. This will save you a lot of time and headache, and guarantee that your application is accepted.

For some time, Twitter’s publicly open form to be verified was put on hold and there’s no telling when they might put it on hold again. That’s when Viralaccounts’ service really took off, as they have the necessary skills and connections to get their way around verifying an account.

They estimate the delivery of the blue badge to be around 1-3 weeks, but they do bring out that they have gotten accounts verified in 24 hours. The main thing that affects the timeline of getting it done is the amount of PR your account already has. If you need, they also offer the service of providing the necessary PR for your account at an additional cost.

The standard cost for their service starts form $4000 per verification, so it is definitely a premium service. The price is determined by the type of account you want to get verified, so for an exact price, you’ll need to ask for a quote from them directly.

Viralaccounts homepage


Accfarm is a well-known platform for purchasing any kind of account on whatever platform interests you. Unlike Viralaccounts, you will be actually purchasing a separate Twitter account. In addition to selling accounts, Accfarm has a wide array of digital services starting from Spotify services and ending with app templates.

They have Twitter accounts ranging from old to new, from $0.99 to $50. Whatever your specific needs may be,  there’s a good chance you will find the right type of account for you.

Screenshot of Accfarm homepage


Swapd is another open marketplace for selling and buying online services and products or items. They act as a trustworthy middleman for the trades. Among the services and goods being offered, verified Twitter accounts are also offered.

Swapd is one of the most secure platforms for buying verified accounts. They offer complete buyer/seller protection, as they keep eyes on every transaction that goes through their checkout process. This means that you won’t have to worry about being scammed, as the strict screening process for new users makes the site almost completely scam-free. Swapd also has a 24/7 support system.

The security does come at a small cost. That being that Swapd charges a fee of 1-9% for every transaction completed on the site. The fee is covered by sellers, but it can drive up the price for some accounts. But considering the peace of mind and security the platform offers, it’ll be worth it in most cases.

Screenshot of Swapd homepage


PlayerUp is a widely used person to person marketplace. As the name suggests, the focus is more on gaming-related trading, but they also have separate marketplaces for Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube accounts.

In addition to separate Twitter accounts, there are many different bundles of Twitter accounts listed, with bundles being up to 1000 accounts. Prices also vary a lot for these differently sized bundles, with some of the most expensive listings being over $2500.

Don’t worry though, separate verified accounts are also listed. After a bit of scrolling, you should find what you’re looking for.

PlayerUp homepage


Another originally gaming-oriented marketplace, EpicNPC’s Trade Guardian marketplace also has its own section to buy a Twitter account (verified and unverified). They also have a section for verified TikTok accounts, which has a lot of listings active at the time of writing.

There are listings for verified accounts from all kind of categories, from accounts related to the NBA to other various niches. There are also people offering their services to get your own account verified.

It’s important to note, however, that EpicNPC is a forum type of marketplace, so it’s definitely suggested that you do everything on-site and double-check who you are working with. This increased risk comes with it’s own benefit, as EpicNPC doesn’t charge any fee for transactions on the site.

EpicNPC homepage


Mid-Man’s name is quite telling. Like others on this list, it’s a middle man for buying established accounts on all major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter.

The accounts that are sold are separated by niche, making it easy to find the perfect account for you. Mid-Man’s interface is one of the most polished on this list, making the platform easy to use. The platform has its own built-in chat system, making it easy to get in contact with sellers.

Buying a verified Twitter account via Mid-Man is secure and fast, as you will get the account within 24 hours of buying it and the money will be transferred to the seller only after you receive it. Additionally, all transactions and orders are controlled by Mid-Man’s guarantors, making fraud almost impossible.

Mid-Man homepage


There are a lot of benefits in having a verified account on Twitter. However, the official process for getting verified can be very long, tedious, and might still end with you not getting that blue checkmark. That’s why if you're looking for what is the easiest way to get a verified twitter account, buying an account for your specific niche or a verification service is a faster and easier way to go about it.

There are a lot of different marketplaces out there for buying a Twitter verified badge, ranging from fully controlled marketplaces to open forums. Whichever one you choose, you should easily be able to find a seller that can help you fill your needs.

When you do buy a verified account and want to boost it’s follower count and engagements or want to do so for your own account, SocialPlug offers a high-quality service to buy Twitter followers and engagement, especially in the NFT and Crypto niche. Find out more about the service on our homepage.