Understanding Reddit Coins and Upvotes

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Rifat Ara Bonnhy
July 23, 2023
reddit coins and upvotes

Reddit coins and upvotes are a hot topic among Redditors, and for good reason - they can make or break a post's popularity, and even earn you some sweet rewards. Whether you're an experienced Redditor or a newcomer, familiarizing yourself with these two features is always beneficial. By understanding how the system works, users can make the most of their experience on the platform and engage more effectively with their community.

Reddit coins and upvotes provide an incentive for content creators to create more quality content, which can help the Reddit community become more vibrant and engaged. Upvoting is a great way to show support and appreciation for content on Reddit.  

These can significantly impact the visibility and popularity of a post or comment, and receiving awards can increase a user's status and credibility within the community, support communities, and give you access to premium features.

By understanding how Reddit coins and upvotes work, users can make sure their posts get seen by the right people and get rewarded for their efforts. This helps encourage more engagement on the platform, as well as bring attention to quality content. Ultimately, this leads to a much better user experience on Reddit.

Understanding Reddit Coins

what are reddit coins

Coins, previously known as Creddits, are a virtual currency on Reddit used to reward other users and purchase exclusive extras. You can use Coins to support your preferred communities by making donations or buying membership perks. And if you want access to premium features such as ad-free browsing or extra storage space, then Coins will certainly come in handy!

Does Reddit cost money? More advanced features from Reddit Gold, Reddit Premium, and Reddit awards can cost real money. Or you can earn Coins participating in activities like daily logins, completing challenges, and receiving awards from other users. 

The coins cost 0.0068 US cents each, and are the currency of the site. You can get them by buying them directly from reddit with a credit card, or by purchasing an "Award" which gives you about 400 coins for every $4 that you spend on it. 

Check out a more versatile guide on how to get all kinds of Reddit currency & awards here.

Understanding Reddit Upvotes

understanding reddit upvotes

Upvotes act as a virtual thumbs-up or a pat on the shoulder on Reddit and they can  impact your visibility and reach on this wacky platform. 

When something catches your eye, upvote it to show appreciation; or downvote it if you don't enjoy it. The more Upvotes you get, the better chance you have of being noticed by other Redditors! Pretty cool, right?

Be yourself; people appreciate authenticity. Create eye-catching titles and visuals to draw people in. Interact with the community and be sure you post in the right subreddits to cater to the interests of users there. Maximize your chances of being seen by posting during peak hours too!

And if you’d like to skip all these steps, gain upvotes fast and easy, you can opt to buy upvotes.

The Relationship Between Reddit Coins and Upvotes

The powerful pair of Reddit - Coins and Upvotes - work together to make the Reddit experience even more amazing.  Interestingly, you can use Reddit coins for upvoting & vice versa.

Coins give posts or comments an extra boost and add to the post’s karma in Upvotes- while, on the flip side, a high number of Upvotes increases the chance of being awarded with Coins. 

So, the more Upvotes you get, the more likely it is that you'll receive Coins from other users.

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Now, here are some fun tips for maximizing the benefits of both Coins and Upvotes:

  • Use Coins to award quality content and comments. 
  • Focus on creating great content that people will want to Upvote. The more Upvotes you receive, the more likely it is that you'll receive Coins from other users.
  • Participate in the community and engage with other users. 
  • Be strategic with your Coins and Upvotes. Use them to support the communities and users that you love, and save them for special occasions or events.

Reddit Coins and Moderation

Moderating such a wacky platform like Reddit can be a piece or work but coins make it easier. As a moderator, you can use your balance of Reddit Coins to award special Mod-Only Awards as prizes for mod-run contests. Giving users awards for positive contributions helps to build a vibrant and engaged community.

So if you’re a mod or even just a sub member, remember to reward & earn  maximum coins to take part in the community.

Reddit Coins and Badges

reddit coins and badges

Reddit Badges show other users your involvement in the community. There are also certain perks & benefits that come with having enough coins such as badges (Verified Email badge/ 1 Year Club badge) & Reddit Premium (which gives access to exclusive features).

Once you have enough Coins, simply visit the badges section in your user profile and select the ones you want to purchase.

Reddit Coins and Third-party Services

reddit coins and third party services

Using third-party services to buy and sell Reddit Coins can be beneficial, but you’ll want to be sure you’re doing it safely and securely. Do your research and make sure the service is reputable with a good rating, and also check out their SSL certification and other security measures that protect your personal information. Be sure to look into any fees associated too.

SocialPlug is a great place to buy upvotes for as low as $0.15/upvote!

Users can also exchange and gift upvotes and coins to each other through RedditGift and RedditExchange.

Make sure you're using a reputable service with a high rating & a track record of satisfied users. Some of these third parties have a dedicated subreddit for themselves like r/PlayerAuctions so it seems easier to take a glance of its users. 

If you’re a seller, be careful of any transactions that seem too good to be true; there may be risks like chargebacks or fraud involved. Do your due diligence to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Coins while supporting your favorite Redditors.

If you’re interested and would like to proceed to buy upvotes, here’s a helpful guide.


Upvotes and coins are all about appreciating the content you love. For instance, if you think a meme is funny, a story is heartfelt, or an advice is helpful, giving someone an upvote or some coins shows them "I like what you do, keep it up!" Upvotes and coins have the power to make posts popular and increase a user's reputation within the community. What's more, it also offers access to great premium features.

And if you're a content creator, or a business, you should always have a lookout to gain maximum engagement from your followers. The main idea is to push your content up to the ‘Hot’ or ‘Top’ tabs. 

Although it’s tempting to go viral all the time, it’s also important not to get too carried away and maintain the Reddiquette & community guidelines.

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