Get More Live Viewers on Instagram: The Ultimate Hack

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Rifat Ara Bonnhy
April 12, 2023
How to get more live viewer on Instagram

Instagram is one of the oldest and most prominent social media sites that exist currently. Based on the number of active users currently, Instagram is only preceded by Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Youtube. 

Celebrities, influencers, bloggers, social media marketers, brands, and companies all prefer branding by Instagram more since it is one of the more sophisticated ways of self-promotion or even regular enjoyment. 

When it comes to creating a safer space and blocking out the influx of hatred, bots, and unnecessary messages, Instagram is preferred by many because of its concise nature and user interface. Moreover, it is the most common and safest place for celebrities to interact with their audience. 

With Facebook and Twitter, many restrictions and risks of banning exist due to unclear community guidelines. It is also easy for haters to send negative messages and spread negativity about you. While Instagram doesn’t fully mitigate that, the negative messages have to be sought out instead of actively shown.

Moreover, on Facebook, there is a chance of your account being taken down if many people report your profile, whether or not it is justified. However, Instagram is very strict about its policies and will only take down your profile based on if they think your account violates any community guidelines. It can be based on a single complaint, too.

What is Instagram Live?

what is instagram live

Instagram Live is an amazing feature that makes the job of brand promotion a thousand folds easier. 

Once someone follows your account, when you go live, your profile will show up at the top of their News Feed with a pink circle and a banner saying “Live”. This makes it impossible not to notice. Stories can be neglected or lost in the sea of many followers. The same can be said with posts. But if you are Live, it maximizes your potential for visibility. 

Benefits of Having More Instagram Live Viewers

Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of having more Instagram Live viewers on your business and self promotion:

  • Tricks the Instagram Algorithm into thinking it is a potential contender for virality and puts your profile and posts on other people’s Explore pages. This is a very significant thing because people spend most of their time on Instagram on their Explore page and this increases your probability of visibility. For any marketer, visibility and awareness is the most important thing.
  • Builds social proof. People will be attracted to your content and click on them to understand why people are watching you. Then it is your responsibility to keep that retention
  • Increase your demographic and ushers the audience to engage with your content.
  • Marketing your product by proper clarification without the constraint of a time limit. You can show your products and tell them exactly what you are offering.  The audience can ask you questions and clarify their confusion regarding your product during the live.

You can also demonstrate it by using it on yourself and others on Instagram live.

Legitimate Ways to Increase Instagram Live Views

Promote Your Live Video on Other Social Media Platforms

On Facebook, Twitter, Telegram channels, Discord, and Youtube, Link your Instagram Live Video

Pre-live promotion strategies are the most helpful. It helps to boost your Instagram live as much as possible and get the maximum audience to get the most promotion out of it.

Some reminders before the live starts like “Catch me live doing this or that”, this or that can be anything engaging or interesting that will capture the initial attention of the audience and make them want to click the link.

Use Instagram Live Feature to Notify Your Followers

The live feature is currently only available in mobile apps. You need to swipe right on your home screen.

Collaborate with other users for cross-promotion

Collaboration is one of the best ways to maximize your promotion and bring awareness about your content to a larger demographic. Your audience number can increase significantly if you can make the most of your potential Instagram Live collaboration. And the best part is that you can both benefit equally from it.

Try to answer more questions, and do interactive stuff for your audience. 

Make the most out of the Live Room feature that Instagram has to offer. In March 2022, the room was upgraded to have up to 3 users. Therefore, you can simultaneously converse and collaborate with influencers and friends, to create more engaging and interesting content. Collaboration is a great way to introduce yourself to a wider demographic of people that might have the same niche of liking but are not aware of you yet. 

Collaboration brings awareness and kick starts your view count. This is because when you use the live room feature, both you and your collaborators' followers will see you live at the top of their feed. Then they can click on that and engage with your content to see their preferred user. Then on the basis of your charm and quality, they can decide if they like you or not and follow you accordingly.

This is one of the best methods of cross-promotion. Dueting live videos significantly increases your view count. It essentially functions as a fun, casual live interview. 

There is also a feature that lets viewers duet your Instagram live, this of course requires permission and you can kick them out anytime to prevent unwarranted remarks or hate comments. 

Use Hashtags and Location Tags to Reach a Wider Audience

Hashtags are a good way to filter out what kind of content the audience might want. Using the right hashtags is a great way to make sure that your content is reaching the right audience. 

For example those who want reviews of a particular product will search for that keyword in the search bar. Then from the hashtags that are most used and most engaged with, they will find the Instagram lives that they want. Here, having a high view count already can help you get an advantage through social proof so that they may click it.

Engage with Your Audience During the Live Video to Encourage Them to Stay and Watch

You have to engage with your audience during your lives. Answer their queries and clarify whatever confusion they might have. Moreover, you can also arrange for giveaways in the middle and end of your Instagram live, ask questions and opinions of the audience and call them by their name so that their interest is always peaked and retention is maintained.

The Dangers of Using Hacks for Instagram Live Views

the dangers of using instagram live viewer hacks

Risks of Using Illegal Hacking Methods

Your account might get banned and your email will be prohibited from making any new Instagram accounts. This means that all your social media followers, the branding, and the influence you have created, all the progress will be lost. 

Instagram uses a very smart algorithm to track down the bots when it comes to using hacks for Instagram live views. Therefore, it is hard to get past it. However, buying Instagram live viewers from a reliable source shouldn’t be too risky. You just have to find the right website to buy these views from. 

For example, is a marketing agency that is one of the best platforms to buy Instagram live viewers. Socialplug uses the latest bot-detection systems to trick Instagram’s algorithm and prevent your Instagram accounts from getting banned.

Possible Consequences of Getting Caught

Banning of account and red-lighting your email so that you cannot make any more Instagram accounts under that email might happen. This will ruin your progress in terms of brand promotion and marketing. This problem can be easily solved by buying viewers from a reliable source.

Alternatives to Using Hacks 

There are many alternatives to using hacks too. Such as investing in social media advertising, brand deals, and promotion with other influencers. You can always organically build your following and build your brand and company from the ground up. 

However, this might take a long time since the market is so saturated now. Using hacks can give you a headstart in this long race of who emerges successful and in the end the results count the most. Therefore, you should choose to buy your Instagram live viewers if you are willing to take that risk. to Increase Your Live View Count on Instagram Live

socialplug for more instagram live viewers is a social media marketing agency whose service ranges across multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, and Telegram. You can choose the social media platform of your choice and then specify how many likes or followers you need. We have a customer service department open 24/7 to answer any questions you might have concerning the product.

To avail of our service, simply enter the URL of your Instagram Live video. Then specify the number of views you want. The views are delivered instantly, and they will stay for 60 minutes. The viewers are legitimate however, they will not engage with your media unless specifically asked.

Now, the live view count is shown on top of the Instagram Live. Therefore, having a high view count will automatically persuade more people to click on it and see why there are so many people watching it. After that, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have quality content to keep your audience retention.

The best way to describe is that “We grow the audience, you build the retention."  No signup or login information is required, so your privacy and safety are guaranteed.

We charge 0.008 dollars per view for each of your Instagram live views. The views are delivered instantly upon ordering. will provide you with the highest quality views that have zero chances of dropping after delivery. A maximum of 10k listeners can be availed per Instagram live.

This will help build your brand's authenticity and social proof, therefore bringing you one step closer to monetizing your business.


To conclude, you can use organic ways to build your follower count and subsequently your Instagram live viewers by following some proven strategies. Such as collaborating with various influencers, engaging with the audience, using relevant hashtags, and pre-live promotion on other social media platforms. 

Many legitimate ways exist to increase live views on your Instagram live but as mentioned previously, this can take a long time and you can utilize this time to improve your quality and product or service for the brand rather than spending all this time on marketing. Buying Instagram live viewers is a great way to kickstart the marketing for your business and maximize promotion. This builds social proof. 

The risks and consequences of using hacks like banning accounts and creating new accounts will exist. Therefore it is important to buy viewers from a reliable source. Finally, boosting live views ethically and effectively is the best way to get more viewers if you are willing to put in the effort and patience it requires.

Rifat Ara Bonnhy
About the author

Rifat Ara Bonnhy

Rifat works as a marketing associate for a management advisory agency. Being from business studies background, she combines her knowledge and experience in social media to provide exposure to her clients. Rifat has helped her clients grow their presence on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Discord, OnlyFans, and Reddit. She is more than happy to share the tips and techniques she follows to help her clients across these platforms.

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