12 Easy Strategies to Get More Views on Youtube

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
January 9, 2023
get more views on youtube

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet. Anyone can upload any kind and genre of videos, ranging from comedy skits to personal vlogs, theories to infographics and many more. On top of that, you can also find Youtube content of your liking through the search bar. Users spend an average of more than 24 hours each month on this platform.

Youtube has been ever-evolving if we consider the fact that it is more than 15 years old. It is currently the world’s 2nd most visited website or platform with over 1.7 billion unique users, or almost 81% of total internet users every month (source). It is surely a colossal challenge to stand out and get more views on such a convoluted and dense platform as a creator.

Why Youtubers Need Views

Youtube content creators are widely known as Youtubers. They go through a complicated process of planning, scripting, filming, editing, organizing, and uploading their content. Their key performance indicator is the views on their content. 

There are thousands, if not millions, of Youtubers out there, but only those with adequate views on their content are sustainable for continuance. These views help dictate their channel's lifespan as a whole through the platform's algorithms, such as search rankings, notoriety, etc. 

Benefits of Having More Views on Youtube

benefits of more youtube views

Most people become YouTubers simply out of passion, but the majority of them look for ways to find livelihoods through this passion. And it is certainly possible; YouTube monetization is a reality. The process of ad collaboration and branded sponsorships in return for your viewers' or potential customers' attention to those companies sums up the monetization process more or less.

Not to mention the obvious benefits of increasing your fame and influence as the number of viewers and followers of your content grows. Many opt for content creation on this platform just for this sole reason and its latent social impact.

To an aspiring Youtuber, trying to get more views on YouTube could prove to be quite cumbersome in regards to their growth. Following are some easy strategies and tips to get more views on YouTube.

12 Best Strategies to Get Views on Youtube 

strategies for more youtube views

1. Niche down

You should start with a specific genre or category in mind. This will assist in giving recommendations from other videos of the same genre or topic. This also aids in SEO-boosted results for that specific search category. You are better off doing so until a certain follower base is established. Later, you can branch out into various genres and niches.

2. Engaging Description

An appealing description of the video in one or two lines is quite an attention-grabber for your video. The following is an ideal description of a YouTube video:

  • One or two captivating lines
  • Your other related video links
  • A subscription link to your channel
  • A total description of the whole video you put out
  • Your other social profile links

3. Playlisting Videos

Playlisting your videos under categories and subjects will result in viewers not watching just one of your videos but continuing to explore related videos of interest. This is very similar to how a TV series works. A new episode begins just after one ends; playlisting will also give your viewers the same feeling.

4. Embed Videos

One of the dependable strategies for increasing traffic or views on your content is to embed videos. People usually do it in forums, Q&A sites, and blog post sites. In essence, you choose your video to be the answer to any relevant question or subject for it to appear. This results in getting viewers who did not even want to watch your videos but had to for further exploration.

5. Usage of Endscreens and Cards

You can add personalized suggestions at the end of every video of yours. Interested viewers could just click on it rather than search for it. The card system is also similar. A small prompt window appears to notify the viewer of another relevant video of your choice that is suggested during the current video's runtime. You can also configure multiple Cards and Endscreens suggestions for bonus views on those videos.

6. Grabbing Key Moments from Google

Sometimes, people search on Google for short clips or timestamped moments of videos in order to find specific answers. The timestamps and their labelling can help your videos to appear as the solution to the questions on Google. Proper timestamping and labelling procedures must be followed to ensure this method of getting views.

7. Best Time for Your Audience

Understanding your audience's profile and timing is key to getting views. By identifying the right time for your audience, you can use those specific times to get more views and engagement in your videos. You must take into consideration the time zones of your targetted audience as well as the time of your upload for this method.

8. Getting Engaged Views with Search Ads

You can technically buy views with YouTube Ads if you have the resources. This is done through keyword targeting. When people are searching for a specific video or genre of videos, your content might pop up in the recommendations if proper keywords are used. If they enjoy it, they may even watch more of your content, resulting in more views.

9. Interrupting Patterns

This refers to the method of keeping the attention span of your video viewers through various techniques such as B-Rolls, cuts, effects, graphics, edits, etc. As a result, the YouTube algorithm recommends your videos more frequently in user feeds and on the homepage. Ultimately, reaching the goal of more views

10. Shorts

Nowadays, shorts have created a great buzz with their mini format of content consumption. Although a laggard feature behind TikTok, this is a great way to attract more traffic or viewers to the channel with bite-sized teaser-type videos. Make sure the videos are concise and compelling.

11. Building a Community

YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform but also a social networking site. Building a great relationship with your viewers is the key to developing consistent viewer numbers in your videos. If your viewers don't care about you and your content, they won't come back to watch it. Giveaways, interaction through comments, and other simple techniques are used in this method.

12. Viewer Requests

Sometimes the best option to get views is to give the audience what they want. Listening to and acting upon feedback and criticism affects not only your content but your viewer's loyalty to it as well.

How to Make Your Videos Go Viral

make your youtube videos go viral

1. Making Videos People Want

There is always a market gap in the industry of content creation. This means people always want something new and novel. Or maybe they just want answers to questions many have not been able to find. Making videos for such categories is bound to get views because there is a market for them.

2. Compelling Title

The title of a video is pivotal for grabbing the attention of a user. The key to achieving this is making the title short, curiosity-driven, and focused on the benefits. This way, any user is obligated to click on your videos, even for a few seconds, ensuring viral growth in views.

3. Using Relevant Tags

On YouTube, there is a section where you can enter tags for your videos while keeping relevance to the video's concept in mind. The YouTube algorithm then recommends and suggests your videos to users who have similar tags and searches and thus, increases views.

4. Engagement Metrics

Likes, comments, shares, watch time, searches, replays and subscriptions are a few of the major engagement metrics of Youtube. The higher the level of engagement in these, the more the YouTube algorithm suggests and recommends your videos to users, resulting in a flood of additional views.

5. Use of Keywords for SEO

Using apt and relevant keywords with respect to Google and YouTube trends is also a great way to boost views through suggestions and extra clicks. Another method involves using keywords in the video descriptions. Writing a short yet substantial description of the whole video is very helpful for grabbing the attention and interest of the viewers for further watch time and growth.

6. Targeted Promotion

While uploading your videos to YouTube, there is a section where you can target specific demographics of viewers. Hence, depending on the topic of the video, you can choose desired demographics such as age, race, nationality, sex, etc. This helps to remain relevant and attract the right and interested viewers for more watch time and, ultimately, more views.

7. Social Media Promotion

One of the simplest and easiest ways to gain viral views on your videos is by promoting the content on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and many more. Users from outside YouTube are garnered through this method.

8. Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails are one of the most important visual attention grabbers. The thumbnail should sum up the whole story of the video and focus on the curiosity and benefits of the content. The colour schemes on the image should be consistent for every user.

9. Collaboration

One of the effortless ways to gain a viral amount of views is to collaborate with a larger creator or YouTubers in a particular category. This results in viewers from their channel also taking interest in your channel and further exploring and growing it. YouTubers in the same genre are the best way to go about it.

10. Basics up to Date

Make sure you and your channel are up to date with the ever-changing trends, Youtube algorithms, designs, and outlook of a channel in order to sustain it in the long run.

11. Anticipation 

Create hype and anticipation among your viewers through teasers, the premier feature of Youtube, and many more This will result in a buzz for your videos and a boom in views from both established and new viewers.

12. Engagement Service Providers

If you have the financial means, there are many organic and inorganic service providers who offer views and many other engagements on your content in return for money.

Social Plug Can Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel

buy youtube views from socialplug

When it comes to increasing the views on your YouTube channel, SocialPlug is currently one of the best. We are offering their top-class services starting at $0.0001 per view up to one million views. A single click will take you to the purchase page.


Knowing how to get more views on YouTube is important, but what's more important is making great content. If the viewers are not enjoying, learning from, or being entertained by the content, no method or service will be of any aid in getting your videos seen on Youtube. Only then will services and tips garner your desired amount of views and growth for the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How are YouTube views counted?

Any time spent watching a video for more than 30 seconds is counted as one view. One can increase the views of their video as well. Multiple viewings of a video are also counted multiple times.

2. Are YouTube views unique?

YouTube Analytics doesn't view replays or rewatches as unique views. It can be quite tricky to understand sometimes.

3. Do YouTube views count as streams?

Yes, YouTube views do count as streams when watched or listened to for more than 30 seconds. This has seen a significant change in the music industry due to music videos and their streams.

4. How often do YouTube views update?

Allegedly, it takes approximately 24 to 48 hours to update the real-time view count on a video upon refreshing. Because this information is kept confidential by YouTube.

5. Where can I buy genuine YouTube views?

There are many organic service providers for views and growth out there in the market. As mentioned above, Social Plug is one of the industry leaders.

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