How To Become a Brand Ambassador

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Adiba Mustafa Tanisha
August 8, 2023
how to become a brand ambassador

Strong word-of-mouth marketing and positive customer loyalty are good for brands, but making that buzz is hard and takes time, especially in this digital age. Brand ambassadors, who are frequently seen as thought leaders or prominent members of their community, can have a considerable impact on sales numbers due to their popularity and influence; after all, word-of-mouth marketing can create more than twice the sales of sponsored marketing.

In this guide, we'll provide you with some exclusive tips to make you stand out as a Brand Ambassador.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

brand ambassador definition

A brand ambassador is the public face of a company. They can help a company by improving its internet visibility, finding new customers, and increasing revenue. They should, however, have an established network and strong community relationships. 

Professionals who talk about the brand online, through their social media profiles, offline, and at any conference or marketing event are known as brand ambassadors. They use different promotional strategies, both online and in-person, to boost marketing and influence a larger audience to invest confidently and consume more. 

Oftentimes, brand ambassadors are influencers, such as celebrities or social media content makers, while some are regular customers who simply love and trust the brand. Today, they have become an accepted source where a buyer's age is used as a currency.

How It Works

From promotion to marketing campaigns, a brand ambassador is there to increase awareness of a company's brand. Usually, if you want to be a business ambassador, you need a lot of fans or a large social network. People follow these people because they seem real and because the people in their social groups believe what they say.

Their main goal is to get people interested in a topic and have real conversations with them about it. Through word of mouth and videos, they show their fans what a certain product or service can do.

Brand Ambassadors are present at specific events that would require them to perform product demos, give away or sample products, and participate in advertisements, which makes it crucial for them to be knowledgeable about the product or service they promote. 

What Are the Benefits of Being a Brand Ambassador?

Depending on the brand, sector, or individual, different benefits may apply. Just a few of the advantages are listed here.

  • Get a good salary: Brand ambassadors are usually paid for their work, which can come in the form of a salary or an hourly rate. This lets people make money while representing a brand they believe in.
  • Develop networks: Being a brand ambassador offers chances to interact and network with business people, other ambassadors, and possible partners. Developing a strong professional network can lead to new business opportunities and collaborative projects.
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule: As a brand ambassador, you can set your own schedule, work on other projects, or follow other hobbies.

How to Become a Brand Ambassador?

tips to become a brand ambassador

Build Your Personal Brand

The most important thing you can do to become a brand ambassador is to have a clear vision and an overarching strategy for what you want to achieve. A social media profile is the resume of a brand ambassador. That is what brands will look at to decide whether to work with you.

So, have a solid theme for your page. Don’t jump all over the place by posting dog videos one day, yoga the other day, traveling on day three, or something else on day 4. Like any other platform, try sticking to a niche. 

But Posting repetitive things can turn out to be a disaster. Try to be unique and not copy someone else. Be authentic and post valuable content. Pictures, presets, or editing could also be unique. So, create an impressive social media profile. 

You should look at your social profile as a brand and promote it.

Grow Your Following

If you have more followers that interact with the brand, you'll get more money as a brand ambassador. But brands don’t just see the number of followers you have. They also see your engagement, like how many people respond to your photos and videos, how many people comment, or how many people click on your Instagram story.

To maximize your engagement, when you post a new picture or video, ask a question in the caption, prompt them to engage with you, and leave a comment below. You want to keep your audience involved. This is something that brands look at.

Even if you represent a brand in person, you may promote your attendance at particular events, invite friends, and build an online following to support your in-person actions.

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Reach Out to Brands

Start by doing some research on the businesses you find intriguing. Companies look for influencers who fit their ideologies, personalities, and brands well. Next, look at a company's social media posts and learn about their most influential people to find out what they want in a brand champion.

Get in touch with brands that share your interests or are linked to the content you already offer. If you already talk about a company or brand in public, it may be easier for you to become an official ambassador for them. 

Becoming an active friend might also help you stand out when you apply for jobs.


Brands look for people who have a strong network. By networking with people in the same industry, you will improve your resume and increase your chances of landing a job with a brand. 

Be it online or in-person, build a strong network. They might be your competitors, but don’t be afraid to bond with them and work together. You never know who will notice you. Take whatever opportunities come your way.

Apply for Brand Ambassador Programs

Once you know what kinds of brands you want to back, try getting in touch with the companies you want to promote. You could, for example, call one of the company's social media pages and ask if you could represent them. Then, if they're interested, they might send you a private message with more details. 

Master Storytelling

Brand ambassadors tell the brand's story and connect with the audience through effective storytelling, conveying the brand's message and values in engaging ways. So, understand the brand's mission, history, and unique selling points, and find creative ways to engage others through storytelling. 

For example, GoPro, an action camera company, has a team of brand ambassadors who are adventure enthusiasts and content creators. These ambassadors utilize GoPro cameras to capture exciting footage and share their experiences on social media, highlighting the product's capabilities. They embody the brand's dedication to adventure and storytelling.

Attend Brand-Specific Events

To become a brand ambassador, look for events, trade shows, or conferences related to the brand or business you want to work for. Meet industry professionals through networking at these events. Show genuine interest and enthusiasm for the company, displaying your passion and expressing your desire to represent them.

Omni-channel Marketing

Create a strong online presence on a variety of channels, including blogs, websites, and social media. Interact with the brand's social media profiles, engage with their content, and share pertinent posts. By showcasing your engagement and knowledge, you may increase your chances of getting the brand's attention.

Start Podcast

Podcasting has recently become a popular medium for engaging audiences. Start a podcast that focuses on topics related to the brands you want to represent, showcasing your knowledge and competence in their products. 

Why Are Brand Ambassadors So Important?

why are brand ambassadors important

Building Trust

A brand's ambassadors promote it because they genuinely like it and will raise awareness of the company. Many individuals seek the advice of bloggers and other influencers when they have questions about a new product they have never tried.

Long-term Commitment

Brand ambassadors who show long-term commitment are instrumental in building brand loyalty, driving positive brand perception, and fostering lasting relationships with customers. Their advocacy and dedication contribute to the brand's long-term success by creating a strong brand presence and fostering a sense of trust and authenticity in the marketplace.

Brand Advocates

Brand ambassadors frequently encourage customers to try new things and form micro- or macro-images of brands. Word-of-mouth advertising of this kind is very successful. A regular person has a higher chance of being believed by customers than an advertisement.

How Brand Ambassadors Grow Brands

Consumers are more likely to trust a brand ambassador, which influences their decision to make a purchase. A brand isn't necessarily more enticing to potential customers just because it uses professional models in its advertising. Ambassadors, on the other hand, can humanize companies.

This collaboration earned Clooney $40 million from Nespresso, which was money well spent. Additionally, sales increased by 30% in just one year.

According to the DMI, 74% of people believe that social media influences their purchasing decisions.  This is where the brand ambassador's power lives. People are more likely to believe someone selling a brand if they think that person is doing it for free.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador

brand ambassador responsibility

Here are some examples of responsibilities included on actual brand ambassador resumes to give you an idea of what to expect from someone in this position.

  • Use CRM (customer relationship management) to track productivity analysis, set goals, manage tasks, and procure inventory.
  • Help promote the company's activities or products through social media accounts, such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • Develop social media strategy for greater SEO, content relevance, and client interaction.
  • Engage with possible partners, leave intelligent comments, and start conversations.
  • Come up with original ideas, take photos or videos, write captions, and edit the content so that it looks consistent and good.
  • Interact with the audience by reacting to comments, messages, and mentions.

Key Skills and Qualities Needed to Become a Brand Ambassador

If you decide to become a brand ambassador, you'll need the following skills:

  • Believe in the product with all your heart
  • Ability to demonstrate brand knowledge
  • Learn how marketing works from scratch.
  • Have the ability to plan strategically
  • Be well-known online with a large fan base.
  • Professionalism on a grand scale
  • The capability to collect data and provide insight

Challenges for Brand Ambassadors

Maintaining a Human Touch

Brand ambassadors can reach more people through online channels, but the engagement with those people may become cold and impersonal as a result. Finding ways to engage in both online and offline activities might feel like a juggling act at times.

Limits Opportunities

Brand ambassadors may find it difficult to collaborate with other businesses. Sometimes companies want their brand ambassadors to sign exclusive contracts.

Risks your reputation

By endorsing a company's goods and services, brand ambassadors express their satisfaction with them. If the company gets involved in a scandal or is shown to be engaging in unethical acts, this can damage one's reputation.

Employees as Brand Ambassadors

When an employee shares positive information or insight about the company they work for on social media, they are advocating for the brand. It’s human nature to trust the people you know, so if your cousin, college buddy, or neighbor posts online about how much they like where they work and what they do, it’s going to mean more than anything coming directly from your brand.

This doesn’t mean employee advocacy can't be planned and deliberate. When employees share information about the company they work for, their words carry weight. People respond to it, even when it’s the result of a focused effort by brands and marketing departments.

It does take some work and time to do it right. By training employees on how to post, what types of posts work best, how to answer questions, and giving them great content to share, a company can create an engine for website traffic, leads, and new recruits.

Customers as Ambassadors

Intuit founder Scott Cook is right on the money when he says, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Turning customers into ambassadors can be a cost-effective marketing strategy, as it doesn’t require a significant investment in advertising or other marketing campaigns. Instead, it relies on building strong relationships with existing customers and leveraging their enthusiasm and support to generate new business.

By inspiring loyal customers to become advocates for a brand, businesses can increase their visibility, build social proof, and benefit from cost-effective marketing. With the help of brand ambassadors, businesses can generate sustainable growth by tapping into the power of word-of-mouth marketing, fostering loyalty, and building strong relationships with their customers.

Celebrity or Influencer Ambassadors

There is no getting around the fact that "Celebrity Brand Ambassador" is a legitimate position in the marketing world of 2021. The addition of a celebrity to the marketing mix can make all the difference if the objective of your integrated brand campaign is to garner attention and enhance your company's reputation.

Take the 2014 partnership between Calvin Klein and Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber as an illustration; the media response to the campaign's black-and-white photos was tremendous. The ad, which was the talk of the town for weeks, greatly increased the brand's popularity, particularly with younger consumers.

Advertisements use celebrities as eye-catchers and attention magnets.

Brand recognition is crucial and, of course, extremely difficult to achieve. Consumers frequently neglect brands, and the market is extremely saturated.

However, the majority of the time, consumers remember a product longer if they associate it with a celebrity. Thus, the aforementioned brand's recognition value increases significantly.

Non-celebrity Ambassadors

Celebrity endorsers have benefits; they cost less than the celebrity endorsers, and they do not have the risk of any scandals or that they can overshadow the product or the brand. Non-celebrity endorsers are seen to be more relatable to the audience, and they can endorse only one product or the brand.

Examples of Some Great Brand Ambassadors

Charlize Theron

charlize theron

Charlize Theron has been a brand ambassador for Dior for many years. She represents the luxury brand through her elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty. Theron's presence in the campaign contributed to the success and recognition of J'adore as a signature Dior fragrance.

Theron's high-profile appearances in Dior creations have garnered extensive media attention and solidified Dior's reputation as a leading luxury fashion brand.

Mark Ronson

mark ronson

Mark Ronson, a renowned musician, has collaborated with various brands as a brand ambassador. He has partnered with Coca-Cola for various campaigns and initiatives. Ronson's collaboration with Coca-Cola in the "Move to the Beat" campaign for the 2012 London Olympics showcased his musical creativity and aligned with the brand's focus on youth, energy, and unity.

He has collaborated with Adidas on multiple occasions, designing limited-edition sneakers in partnership with Adidas Originals and infusing his unique style and creativity into the shoe designs. Ronson's association with Adidas reflects the brand's commitment to music, street culture, and artistic expression.

Maddie Ziegler

maddie ziegler

Maddie Ziegler, a young dancer and actress, gained recognition through her appearances in Sia's music videos. 

Ziegler has been involved in promoting Fabletics' collections, sharing her fitness journey, and inspiring others to embrace an active lifestyle. Her active lifestyle and dedication to dance align with Fabletics' mission of empowering women to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 

She has also become a brand ambassador for several brands, including Capezio, a dancewear company. Ziegler's talent, youthful energy, and influence among younger demographics make her a fitting ambassador for these brands.

Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, an Academy Award-winning actress, has represented luxury fashion brand Dior since 2012. Known for her down-to-earth personality and relatability, Lawrence embodies Dior's modern, confident, and effortlessly chic image. 

She has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for Dior, including their iconic handbag line, Miss Dior. She has been featured in print advertisements and digital campaigns, showcasing Dior's elegant and sophisticated designs. Lawrence's beauty, charm, and versatility align with Dior's brand image and appeal to a global audience.

Hrithik Roshan

hrithik roshan

Hrithik Roshan, a popular Bollywood actor, has been associated with numerous brands as a brand ambassador, including brands like HRx, and Coca-Cola. Roshan's charismatic presence, fitness journey, and versatile talent resonate with the brands' target audience, and his endorsement helps drive brand recognition and credibility.

Hrithik Roshan has been a long-standing brand ambassador for Rado, a Swiss luxury watch brand. He has appeared in Rado's advertising campaigns, promoting their watches and reflecting the brand's aesthetics.

Differences Between a Brand Ambassador and Influencer

influencer vs. brand ambassador

Sponsored social media content, gifting, and social media takeovers are some of the most common influencer partnerships out there. But while these partnerships are short-term, brand ambassadorship is a long-term commitment.

Since most people trust the choices of their favorite influencers, they will notice a brand when it gets featured on their idol’s social media posts. But if they see an influencer using your products regularly, they’re likely to do more than look up your brand. That’s the power of brand ambassadorship.

Brand ambassadors embody the values and identity of the company they represent. Plus, they should be experts who can talk effectively about your brand’s products and services. Besides sharing reviews and experiences online and offline, you may invite them to write blogs and promote products at events.

Online vs. In-person Brand Ambassador

There are two types of brand ambassadors: Online and In-person. The first increases awareness through social media, and the second promotes the brand through marketing events or conferences.

Online ambassadors are social media users with large follower numbers who build strategic partnerships with businesses. Firms pay these ambassadors (or give them free products) in exchange for promotional activities on their social media accounts. 

An in-person brand ambassador is someone who may attend large events with the sole intention of talking solely about your business. This may be an existing employee manning a booth at an exhibition, or it could be a paid-for advocate who is there to hand out merchandise or other branded marketing materials. 


It is never too late to try something new. Brand ambassador programs have many perks, like high salaries and flexible schedules. Hence, it is worth giving it a try. Becoming a brand ambassador will open the door to many exciting opportunities for you. Once you enter the door, brands will slowly notice you, and you can earn a living online.


How many followers do you need to be a brand ambassador?

Several factors, including the needs and goals of the company, determine the minimum number of followers that an ambassador must have. Some companies value popularity and popularity alone, while others value engagement, a specific audience, or the ambassador's knowledge in a certain subject more highly.

Can a normal person become a brand ambassador?

Yes, anyone can become an ambassador for a brand. Brand ambassadorship opportunities aren't just for famous people or people with a lot of fans. Brands often look for ambassadors who share their beliefs, are like their ideal customers, and can effectively spread their message. A normal person can be a good choice to be a brand ambassador if they have a unique point of view, love the brand, and are involved in the community.

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