10 Easy Ways to Get Likes on Instagram Fast

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Rifat Ara Bonnhy
February 6, 2023
how to get more likes on instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social sites, with millions of individuals signing in and liking posts every day. Every day, customers use Instagram to find entertainment, inspiration, community, and for brands, new products, and services.

With more individuals engaged on social media platforms, Instagram may be a great tool for digital marketing and content sharing by reaching a large number of people. It's not unexpected, given that 2 billion people use Instagram monthly to find unique and entertaining material.

Instagram is quite simple to use, although it is common to get lost in the community. Once you've gone viral on Instagram, you must keep your fans interested in your work. And to reach more people and go viral on Instagram, you must ensure that your posts receive a sufficient number of likes.

You must create an account, fill it with good content, and promote your work. Only if it were so simple! In truth, attracting an audience can be tough.

Anyone new to Instagram might not know what Instagram "likes" are or how to get Instagram "likes." There are a lot of natural ways to boost engagement on your Instagram page, get more likes, and ultimately grow your audience and influence.

We've put together a complete guide to getting Instagram likes in this article to help you start growing your Instagram account. We'll also give you some tried-and-true ways to get more likes on Instagram.

What Exactly Are Instagram "Likes"?

"Likes," "double taps," "hearts," "favorites," or whatever you want to call them are the main currency on Instagram and have been, for a long time, the reason why people post good content. They're like "points" that a post or profile on Instagram gets when someone likes what's there.

Why Do Instagram Likes Matter, and Why Should You Get Them?

Having more likes on Instagram has always been vital if you want your profile to be effective, popular, and seen. Who doesn't want more likes on Instagram?

  • If you use Instagram a lot, getting more likes and followers is a great boost of confidence.
  • If you have a small business or an online store, getting Instagram likes could help you get more customers and make more money.
  • If you run a marketing agency, one of your KPIs might be encouraging more people to interact with your client's Instagram page.

No matter what, getting a lot of likes on Instagram has a lot of good points. It's not just about getting validation; it's an actual thing you need to get to become Instagram famous.

However, Instagram users can now hide their likes. So, do "likes" still count?

Yes, without a doubt. Instagram "likes" are still important. They are a big part of Instagram's algorithm and still impact what content is suggested and which posts get the most attention.

Instagram allows people to hide public likes to keep their mental health in good shape. So, while suppressing like numbers may improve the platform's browsing experience, the underlying likes remain—you simply can't see them.

This means that, whether they're visible or not, the Instagram algorithm will continue to function as usual. Instagram post likes are still around, and they're just as crucial for your Instagram engagement and publicity as they were before. The number of likes your Instagram photos receive shows their popularity. 

Instagram User and Usage Statistics You Need To Know To Get More Likes

  1. More than 2 billion people use Instagram monthly

When Instagram had one billion active users in June 2018, Meta stopped tracking how many people used it. In late 2021, CNBC reported that the social network had reached the two billion monthly active user benchmark.

  1. In Q4 2021, Instagram was the most downloaded app

Instagram jumped four spots to be the most downloaded app in the fourth quarter of 2021. It recently defeated TikTok. Since 2014, the social network has had its finest quarter.

  1. 59% of Instagram users sign in daily

The Pew Research report also shows how frequently people with accounts use Instagram.

Almost six out of ten US adults who use Instagram do so at least once a day, and 38% do so several times a day. Having users who are in this activity is great news for brands.

  1. 50% of people who see a website in Instagram Stories go to it

It takes time to decide where to put your Instagram ads. "50% of Instagrammers have gone to a website to buy a product or service they saw in Stories," the company found. 

Benefits of Getting More Likes on Instagram

benefits of getting more likes on instagram

Improve Your Online Presence

If you purchase Instagram likes and followers, other users will notice you. The more people who know about you, the higher your chances are of reaching them and gaining their support.

Draws Attention To You

People are more likely to see and monitor what is going on in order to avoid missing out on anything that could benefit them. It's the same as trying to get as much attention for yourself as possible without using advertising services.


Buying Instagram likes and followers is much cheaper than other strategies, like buying ads from Instagram's advertising platform. It also has just as many, if not more, benefits than traditional advertising like TV ads. Even if you want to buy Instagram Likes because you already have enough followers, you can do that too.

Get Popular Quickly

Your goal with social media is to get as many views, likes, and followers as possible. Here, human nature works to your advantage, and you can use curiosity to spread your ideas.

Get More Credibility

Building a reputation with potential consumers can take time and effort for any business owner. People are more likely to use a brand with a large number of followers than a brand that is new and rarely seen.

Less Time And Effort 

The time it takes to make an Instagram connection work can take resources away from other parts of your business. With the options available to your account as soon as you make a purchase, you can avoid posting the same thing repeatedly and spend half as much on ads.

But before you can fully realize Instagram's potential for brands, you'll need a good strategy. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the phases of building an Instagram marketing plan, whether your brand is new to Instagram or needs a refresh and reset. 

Here are 10 ways to get people to hit that "like" button.

10 Super Simple Ways to Get Likes on Instagram

10 best tips to get more instagram likes

Content Rules All

Even though it may seem obvious, the most important thing for getting likes on Instagram is to post high-quality content. A brand or influencer with amazing content gets more Instagram likes.

What makes a material "excellent" is an abstract topic without a single answer. But, we have some guidelines that you can follow: 

  • Keep a consistent theme
  • Style counts
  • Have a camera of good quality.

Use The Right Hashtags

You can reach more people in your target audience and get more likes on Instagram if you use hashtags.

Not too long ago, you could put dozens of generic #picoftheday hashtags in your captions and get a lot of likes. But this strategy only works sometimes.

Instead, you should research the best hashtags to get likes when making your Instagram marketing plan.

Here are some tips for finding the right hashtags:

  • Use related hashtags
  • Do your research on your audience and competitor 
  • Use third-party tools 
  • Beware of Shadowbanning

Use Location and Photo Tags

Tags don't work like hashtags, but they increase reach. Tag your content with accounts that are related to it, like those of products or brands mentioned in the article, industry influencers, or people you think might like the post.

This will affect Instagram's relevance algorithm. When you tag a post, it has a better chance of showing up on the Explore page for the followers of the account you tagged. This increases your reach, impressions, and interactions.

As with hashtags, tagging the same accounts without reason can become spammy. Tag the user and mention them in a comment to avoid this. This will justify tagging them and show you're engaged.

Instagram posts with a location tag get 79% more likes than those without. Location tags help your target audience find and engage with your content. Use a location sticker on a story to increase your reach.

This is especially important if you run a small local business.

Post At The Most Active Hours

Because the Instagram algorithm has changed, it can be a good idea to post when your audience is most active. When your post generates engagement rapidly, it informs the algorithm that it's good material and may be shown in more users' feeds or on the Explore page.

At particular times of day, Instagram users are more inclined to like and comment on posts. You will likely receive higher engagement if you publish content during peak engagement hours.

Instead of uploading your finest Instagram content when fewer people will see it, try posting during these peak engagement times:

  • Mondays, noon at 12 PM
  • Tuesdays: 8-10 AM, peak involvement around 9 AM.
  • Wednesdays at 11 AM are most popular.
  • Thursdays, 11 AM-2 PM, 12 PM peak.
  • Fridays: 7 AM-2 PM engagement.
  • Saturdays: at 9 AM.
  • Sundays: Engagement is constant from 12-8 PM, with a peak at 7 PM.

Use Instagram Stories (or Instastories)

People that manage Instagram accounts (for themselves or clients) often focus on the main feed. Few understand Instagram Stories' potential.

Instagram Stories, also known as "Instastories," can be used to share new content or promote a new Instagram post. New Instagram Stories appear at the top of a user's Instagram app, keeping your account in their minds.

Engage with other Instagram profiles by mentioning them. People who like your post may reshare it on their Instagram Story, boosting your reach. If their followers enjoy what they see, they may like a post or two on your page.

Repeat, and your Instagram likes will rise over time.

Get On The Explore Page

Behind that little magnifying glass icon is the Explore page, which is full of beautiful and fun content that Instagram has picked out just for you. Brands that show up there get a lot of eyeballs.

But how do brands get featured on the Instagram Explore tab in the first place? 

In short, you need a great engagement rate and an active community, and It doesn't hurt to try out whatever new feature Instagram is putting more emphasis on at the moment.

Be Trendy, But Smart

Follow social trends. If a popular holiday is coming up, making custom content for your audience and business makes sense. This does not imply going all out. Relevant influencers and brands get the most likes, so staying relevant is key.

Try not to be a "bandwagon jumper." If a trend doesn't fit your platform or interests, ignore it.

Run A Like-Based Contest

There is no better approach to increasing your Instagram likes than rewarding your followers.

You can increase your Instagram followers and the number of likes you receive by holding a contest or giving away freebies.

Contests and giveaways give your followers a reason to like, comment on, and share your content, since the chance to win a prize is seen as a fair value exchange.

If you plan your contest or giveaway well, apart from getting Instagram likes, you can get your followers to share your content to get the word out, which will also help you reach more people.

First, you should choose the gift or giveaway based on what your account is about and what your followers are interested in.

The prizes are endless, but choosing something your followers (and their friends) will want is essential. Try to follow these steps:

  • Set the tone and purpose
  • Get creative with a reward
  • Make a means of access
  • Pick a Reward that fits the theme
  • Spread the word like wildfire

Share Content On Other Platforms

Why confine your content to one platform?

Sharing your content helps you gain new fans and improve your brand. When you share something, include a link to your Instagram account so people can find and follow you.

Each of your social media platforms should promote the others.

For example, you should use Facebook and Twitter as ways to get people to follow you on Instagram. Your Instagram and Twitter should be ways for people to find you on Facebook.

One great way to do this is to link to your other social media accounts on your bio or "About" page.

Insert CTA

Call to action (CTA) is usually used in ads, but it works surprisingly well on social media posts as well. CTAs usually work best at the end of your captions and in your posts. 

You can even add a short call-to-action message for some posts on top of your Instagram photo.

A call to action (CTA) can help get your followers to interact with your post. This sends a good signal to Instagram's algorithms, which could mean that the post is good enough to be shown to more people. When that happens, it is more likely that more people will like and comment on that Instagram post.

CTAs help develop a community around your Instagram feed. You can start a two-way chat channel and engage your followers. Many brands and influencers do this well; you should too.

Here are some examples of CTAs you can use in an Instagram post:

  • Comment your thoughts in the section below.
  • Share your thoughts about this post.
  • Tag a friend and click "Like."
  • DM us immediately for the discount code.
  • Pass this along to a friend.
  • Tag a friend who may enjoy/relate to this post.

And here are some persuasive power phrases to use with your CTA: Get, Buy, Shop, Try, Learn, Build, Sign up, Register, Click, Discover.

Try experimenting with various CTAs to determine what works best for your brand. Instead of coming across as too formal, be more easygoing and friendly.

Why Do You Need More Likes on Instagram

Brand Growth 

Do you want to expand your business? 

You need followers. To succeed, you need many true followers. This attracts purchasers. This increases brand awareness and organic traffic.

If no one follows or likes your postings, your efforts may be in vain. People like brands with these features. Maybe they want to know what's wrong or want to take advantage of it. More likes will attract more consumers, increasing revenue. Site traffic helps build brand trust.

Better Website Clicks And Product Sales

More likes on your Instagram posts may help you attract a large audience, whether you sell products or are a blogger who makes money from ads, increased purchases, website clicks, and site visits.

Buying Instagram likes and followers boosts brand value. Personal or professional profile exposure.

Achieve Faster Growth

Buying Instagram followers and likes helps you attain your goals quicker. Influencers who buy Instagram followers gain more growth than those who don't.

Increase Engagement Rate

If you buy Instagram followers and likes from top sites like a social king, your posts will generate more buzz in the app's browsing area, automatically increasing user engagement.

People are more likely to keep following your account if you have a lot of followers, which means they are interested in what you do on Instagram. Remember that if you want to keep your followers, you need to give them good content that makes them want to stick with your account.

Increase Organic Reach

If you use the above tips to optimize your account, your organic reach will grow over time on any network, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A larger number of followers not only leads to higher visibility but also benefits from increased engagement from other users, who are aware that their tweets or posts have the potential to reach more people if they are retweeted or shared. 

Boosts Revenue

The last and most important benefit of having a lot of likes is that more money comes in. This is the result of the exhausting effort. Today, everyone is attempting to increase their income through social media, but your efficiency sets you apart.

Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

  • Buy followers and likes from a trusted source. Many websites claim to be social media leaders, yet their content might be restricted or erased.
  • Find a provider with favorable reviews. Good reviews indicate quality service and speedy delivery, so read as many as possible before deciding.
  • Compare prices at different sites.
  • Buying Instagram followers and likes isn't a get-rich-quick plan. You need to be consistent as well.

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Final Thoughts

On Instagram, likes are very important because they are like votes. The more likes you get, the more popular your content is, and the more likely it is that other Instagram users will see it. It's an effective method of monitoring how popular or successful you are in general.

You'll gain enough social proof to boost your credibility if you build a large following. 

If you need more time to create a lot of content and interact with your audience, purchasing real Instagram Likes can significantly increase your social media engagement and help your business grow. Follow the Instagram tricks to get likes in this guide to get the most out of your investment.

Buying Instagram Likes makes you more popular, builds up the credibility of your account, and gets people interested in your content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Instagram likes public?

Instagram likes are public if the user chooses to show them and doesn't alter any settings. It will show “Liked by username and others.” 

All Instagram users can now choose to show or hide the number of likes on a post. It means the user can hide the names of those who have liked the posts. It will only show the number of likes on the post. 

  1. Does Instagram likes matter? 

Yes, they do. Instagram's algorithms consider likes when deciding how much exposure an account receives. 

Increasing the number of likes will grab users' attention and enhance your engagement. Therefore, if you are looking for recognition or want more people to view your Instagram content, gaining more likes is a great way to do so.

  1. Why did Instagram likes disappear?

Instagram decided to add a feature that lets users hide their likes so that they won't negatively affect their mental health. This means that you would only be able to view a post's number of likes if it was your own.

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