How to Get Millions of Views On YouTube

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
January 17, 2023
How to get a million YouTube views

Hello, potential YouTuber! If you wish to gain more views on YouTube as a new creator, look no further as we break down the critical issue, on which there are many pieces of internet lore ranging from the quirky to the outrageously technical, into easily understandable English for you. Keep on reading to find out how to get millions of views on YouTube.

What Counts As A View on YouTube

what is a view on youtube

Getting views on YouTube is pretty simple. When a viewer starts a video on their device on purpose (by clicking on a YouTube website or play button) and watches for at least 30 seconds, that counts as a view.

Yes, If you play your own video, that will count as a view. But there are catches to this, and YouTube's anti-botting and anti-cheating system is highly intelligent.

If someone watches your video more than once, each time counts as a separate view. (However, if you keep refreshing to trick the system, Youtube will catch you.)

Embedded YouTube videos or YouTube videos shared on Facebook will also be counted as views.

YouTube also keeps track of live views. You can view how many views your video has, and from what source these views came from, in the YouTube Studio Analytics page.

Youtube's analytics are updated every day or two, so if you don't see your activity immediately, check back later, as it takes time to update, and changes are not always immediately visible.

What Doesn't Count As A View on YouTube

what doesn't count as a view on youtube

YouTube's algorithm automatically ignores automated views. This includes any views that appear to be made by a computer, such as from automated access or repeated refreshes. YouTube does this in order to keep a fair track of views on your videos.

The kind of views identified by YouTube and ignored by its algorithm will include any views that look like it's been viewed by a bot, or the same person is unfairly trying to increase views. So if the web page is reloaded over and over, those views will be flagged by YouTube, and will not count towards your total view count. If a website automatically plays a video, those views will not count towards your total views either.

10 Easy Ways to Get Millions of Views on YouTube

10 ways to get millions of views on youtube

1. Set your Goals and Success Criteria

This is, first and foremost, the condition for success, including on YouTube. It would be best if you were clear on what you intend to do with your YouTube channel. Do you want to earn money? Do you want just to gain fame and following? Do you want to help people? How many views do you want?

You must plan your approach. It is unrealistic to think that you can open a YouTube channel and gain millions of followers in a month. That will not happen. Instead, it would help if you planned things out. 

A. Find Your Niche

What audience do you want to pursue? It's tempting to post anything on YouTube, from DIY projects to hair tutorials to your most recent cryptocurrency purchase. After all, it's your channel, so what's the harm in mixing things up now and then? 

Viewers will come to appreciate your enthusiasm for football, travel, and journal arts, right? Unfortunately, that is different from how viewers think; they want to watch videos that are relevant to their interests over and over. To accomplish this, you should identify a niche in which you are interested and create videos in that area.

B. Set Realistic Viewership and Subscription Goals

Manage your expectations to a good extent. Depending on your niche and the following it has, as well as the trends at the moment, you might gain as few as 100 views in the first month or as many as 10,000. Research the extent of your niche, and set your goals accordingly.

2. Create a Theme and Campaign Messaging that Supports your Goals

Theme your channel as per your preferred niche. Not all channels might look the same, even if they focus on just one topic. 

You can pick a light, playful tone for your channel - for example, Life Where I’m From is a channel which gives a light, playful and fun view of life in Japan from a foreign settler’s perspective. 

Again, Explained With Dom is a channel that has a slightly darker, earthier undertone- it analyzes a perceived truth about the perception of a topic, for example, life in Hong Kong, and shows a darker side of that topic.

Many different perspectives exist around any niche and topic, and can be used for your video. You may also feel strongly about a particular topic that you want to speak out about or publicize, or that you’re passionate about. You can use these perspectives for your channel’s focus, and theme your channel accordingly.

There are also aesthetic themes to think about. YouTube offers its creators a variety of tools to theme their channel around, including the options to add End Screens, cards, add specific intros or outros, and add thumbnails for your videos. 

You should put these tools to full use in order to theme your channel and make it stand out from the billions of videos and millions of creators on YouTube.

3. Make Creative and Unique Content

This one is an oldie, but goodie. It makes no difference how many hacks or advertisements you use if your videos aren't good. So, how do you create compelling content that will increase your YouTube views? Making 'how to' videos is one of the best ways. 

However, while you must work to attract new eyes, you must also devote time to preach to the converted. Your brand's value-added features on YouTube take the form of content that is meaningful to people who are already fans of your brand.

Message of the totality? Make content that is creative and interesting. That means that your content should have some measure of newness. It should surprise the audience, let them know something they did not know before, and be on a topic and approach that interests them. Good research, knowledge, and videography combine to make the ideal attractive YouTube video.

4. Make Series, Not Individual Videos

Many YouTubers organize their videos into playlists. Why is this the case? The explanation is straightforward: When you click on a video that is embedded in a playlist, the next video in that playlist will begin as soon as the current video finishes. As a result, a viewer can watch multiple related videos without having to lift a finger. This, of course, makes YouTube happy because it means more ad revenue. However, it should also make you happy because it translates into increased engagement and video views.

But there's more. If you make a particular series, you are more likely to attract loyal audiences. People whose interest is piqued by a particular video's topic will keep coming back to your channel if they see that there is a series of videos of the same type. This will boost your clickthrough rate and increase your viewership and monetization value to YouTube.

5. Actively Engage With Followers

YouTube heavily bases its search rankings on comments and clicks. By engaging with your audience, you open the doors for even more viewers to flood in.

The way to engage with your followers is to actively react and reply to comments. An ❤️reaction from a creator stands out in a comment thread and makes the viewer and commenter feel appreciated and noticed. 

This will help boost your engagement with your audience. Replying to your audience will also engage you with them and make people interested in coming back to your channel, liking your video, and commenting if it piques their interest.

6. Do Proper Research About the Content and Implement It 

Build a product that people want but no one has ever produced before if you want to succeed in any new business. Make a better version of it if it already exists, or if not, create it. Now, YouTube fits into this as well. If you're just starting a new channel, either create videos that no one else is creating (and that viewers want to watch), or create videos that are superior to the ones already being played. You must conduct thorough research before posting anything, and be careful not to present false information as it may be reported and cause viewers to stop watching your channel.

7. Use Metadata to Get Recommended After a Popular Video

The easiest way to do this is to use keyword research. You should have good descriptions and titles, and use enough hashtags. If you are posting about a topic that is discussed frequently on YouTube, you should model your video’s metadata (that means all the text that comes with the video) to ensure that your video is a natural choice to view after some of the existing videos. This way, you will show up as a “Watch Next” video for other channels, and will get more organic conversions.

8. Utilize Youtube SEO

If you don't know what people are looking for on YouTube, it's hard to make popular videos. Keyword research and SEO is the best way to get around this problem. This task puts you in the minds of viewers so you can figure out what they want to watch and which target keywords to use. Then YouTube's search engine will find those terms in your video's title and description, and show your video to people who are looking for those topics.

Once you've found the right keywords, incorporate them into your video title, description, and video chapters to boost your YouTube views.

9. Boost Your Video Title CTR

CTR means click-through-rate, which is a measure of how often your video has been clicked on after seeing the thumbnail. It is a big measure on YouTube. Ways to improve CTR include making sure your channel has enough videos, creating attractive thumbnails, making concise videos, and most importantly, making relevant titles.

10. Use Other Social Media Platforms to Share Videos

If you have followers on other social media platforms, notify them whenever you upload a new video to YouTube. A short teaser video is an excellent way to accomplish this. For instance, you could make a minute-long teaser for a new YouTube video and then share it on your Facebook page with a link to the full video on your YouTube channel. Use a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to make things easier. But don't limit yourself to social media. You can also embed YouTube videos in relevant blog posts and website pages.

Additionally, remember to use email marketing. Email marketing is a force for converting sales, with an average open rate of 18 percent and a purchase rate of 66 percent. It doesn't have to be overly difficult, either.

Views vs. Subscribers

People who want to keep up with the latest videos on YouTube choose to follow a channel and its content. A subscriber is basically a fan who watches, shares, and comments on the videos posted on a channel. When it comes to making a strong online community, it is very important to build a strong base of loyal subscribers. When a YouTube channel has a lot of subscribers, it usually gets more targeted traffic, views, and exposure. On the other hand, the number of YouTube views is how many times a video has been played or watched.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I buy views on YouTube?

You absolutely can. Look into our service for buying views on YouTube - absolutely safe and guaranteed. Our service provides up to 1M views per video, at industry-leading prices.

  1. What are some good tools for YouTubers?

PlayPlay, Canva, Notion, and WonderShare Filmora are some of the best tools for YouTubers.


Views on YouTube are crucial in determining your YouTube presence. The more views you have, the more chance you will be noticed, the more revenue you will make - and the more business opportunities you can avail.

You should post good content and make good videos to get more views. Videos that engage with your audience and follow the above guidelines will get you the most views and engagement with your audience.

Go forth, YouTuber- the world awaits!

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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