Making Money on Reddit: Subreddits to Help You Earn More

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Rifat Ara Bonnhy
February 21, 2023
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Reddit, also known as the "Internet's Front Page," is a source of information and knowledge for its user base. Reddit has recently grown dramatically, as has the number of subreddits for making money. With 430 million monthly visitors, Reddit is the sixth most frequented website worldwide.

Those who understand how to use the platform can earn a significant amount of money using subreddits. Let us look at how you can make money in this unconventional but useful way!

What Are Subreddits for Making Money?

what are subreddits for money making

Subreddits are Reddit's niche communities, each with its rules, subscribers, and posts, denoted by r/subreddit (based on the URL structure:

These are subforums or categories on the Reddit website. They enable users to concentrate on a specific interest or topic when posting content, which is voted up or down based on relevance and user preference.

There are numerous subreddits where users discuss and share money-making ideas. Communities such as r/WorkOnline and r/Freelance cast a wide net and offer opportunities to discuss and learn about various ways to make money online. These are great places to get some ideas, learn from others in your situation, jump on some opportunities, and make some extra money each month.

Subreddits for Earning Money

Reddit is a massive website with thousands of posts and comments spread across numerous subreddits. As a result, if you want to find your desired subreddit quickly, you have to put in a bit of work.

If you want to learn how to search for a specific subreddit, go to the Subreddits page. This is used to manage the subreddits you follow, but it also includes a search box for finding new communities. You can look for subreddits by using modifiers and operators as well.

In addition to the general forums, we'll highlight a few specific subreddits that take a more focused approach. Some of these communities may be ideal for locating opportunities that interest you. 


r/BeerMoney is one of the site's most popular subreddits. With over 360,000 subscribers, this subreddit is growing in popularity due to its incredible earning and business growth opportunities. It's an excellent resource for finding online surveys, sign-up bonuses, paid reviews, passive income apps, and other simple ways to make money.

These and other income-generating opportunities can be found in various subreddits, but BeerMoney is one of the best forums for trustworthy advice and tips. You can participate in discussions about the multiple websites and money-making opportunities that users are currently profiting from on this forum. 

There are countless people who earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month by performing various tasks on this subreddit.


As the name implies, is a website where you can find various online jobs. There are over 180,000 users on the subreddit, where you can share and discuss a variety of online money-making opportunities, such as sites that pay you, online employers, job postings, and more.

This is a good starting point for those looking for full-time remote work. There are numerous opportunities available, including portals for freelancers, affiliate promotion, freelance writing positions, online tutoring positions, and many more!


For anyone looking for how to make money on Reddit, this community of over 130,000 users is a great place to pick up some extra cash in order to support their main income source.

The subreddit has a wide variety of low-paying jobs that are simple to complete. It provides those without specialized skills or expertise with quick earning opportunities. Data entry, graphic design, writing, and other tasks are all possible. 

Despite the fact that the emphasis is on simple, low-paying tasks, SlaveLabour can be surprisingly useful in the right situation. It functions similarly to other micro-tasking websites, but in the form of a Reddit community. Although you won't earn as much on this subreddit as you would on many others on our list, it's still a great way to supplement your income.


This Reddit community is a great resource for anyone who wants to promote their skills. In this forum, anyone can post about the job openings they have as well as include wage and geographic location. It also allows you to advertise yourself so that other members can see your skills and increase your chances of being hired.

This platform is a great way for anyone who has upskilled in any field to find well-paying jobs and make extra money. r/Hire has a plethora of opportunities available, such as copywriting jobs, website design, social media marketers, graphic designers, and much more.

The vast majority of opportunities on the subreddit are related to computers and online business, and if you're a technically capable candidate or skilled in any of the areas mentioned above, you'll find plenty of opportunities here.


Different from the other subreddits mentioned in this article, r/SideHustle is a platform that offers knowledge, advice, and business ideas for people who are thinking/already own a side business. This subreddit is open to questions relevant to your business as well as frequent discussion sessions.

In addition to, promoting your side hustle, you can also add affiliate links that are appropriate for your business


This is arguably the most helpful subreddit for both experienced and inexperienced freelancers looking to improve their skills. It's a haven for freelancers because it's jam-packed with experienced freelancers sharing their knowledge and insights, as well as newcomers looking for advice.

Although you can directly earn money from here, this subreddit is still an excellent resource for learning the ropes, networking, and gaining insight into the industry. In theory, following all the freelancing advice on this sub could actually lead you to earn the next big buck.


Signups for Pay provides methods to earn money from home by receiving payment to sign up in many places. This assignment requires only your time; no knowledge or expertise is required. The forum is fantastic for those looking for quick fixes to get by. All you have to do is explore the dashboard and choose from the numerous posts of websites where you can sign up for free and begin earning points and incentives.

How Can Subreddits Help You Make Money?

how subreddits help you make money

Subreddits help you get paid to complete tasks, or make money by driving traffic to your business and offering visitors a relevant product or service. In other words, while the platform will not pay you, you can use it to draw attention to any money-making asset you want as long as you can generate valuable content on the site.

You can give people answers, advice, or information that will lead them to your product or service. This is the same strategy that many people employ on other social media platforms, and it works just as well on Reddit.

To have a maximised output, you must become acquainted with the subreddits that provide the best opportunities to do so, based on your knowledge, skills, or expertise. There are also strict policies that you must follow, and you must devote enough time to be active on the platform if you want to make money using Reddit.

Success Stories

sub-reddit money making success
  • u/Goldeneye0242 is a Reddit user who earned over $3,000 from multiple BeerMoney programs in a single year. The user shares his experiences and earnings reports from the various programs from which he received payment in this section.
  • u/TheModestMan earns more than $10,000 per month by directing traffic from the r/Entrepreneur community to his blog, The Modest Man, where he sells affiliate products like wristwatches and men's socks.

Tips for Success

sub-reddit money making success tips
  • Engage with the Reddit community and build a reputation. It's difficult to get anything meaningful out of Reddit if you only use it occasionally. Be active and contribute to the community every day if you want to get the most out of it, and keep in mind that many subreddits are only accessible to users with a certain amount of karma.
  • Follow the subreddit rules and guidelines: If you do not follow the rules, you will most likely be banned on Reddit. Always read and follow the rules of any subreddit you use. If you have any questions about a rule, please contact one of the subreddit's moderators.
  • Always be transparent about any paid promotions or sponsored content. Don’t try to sell any sketchy scheme that would likely get you banned from the subreddit.
  • Try to offer value to the subreddit by sharing helpful resources or insights. The communities we've discussed here provide a variety of opportunities. Some are small-paying gigs, while others are legitimate opportunities for freelancers to find client work. Know what you want to achieve and how much money you want to make. The right opportunities will be determined by how well they align with your objectives.


While it is currently not possible to make money directly from Reddit, there are numerous ways to generate income through the platform and its communities. Subreddits exist specifically to assist users in locating various types of income opportunities, and we've covered some of the best and most active communities here.

To achieve the best results, you must be active on a regular basis and become a contributing member of the community. It can be a difficult platform if other users believe you're only there for your own benefit, so make an effort to contribute to the community and give as much as you take.

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