6 Best Sites to Buy Telegram Views in 2023

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
January 22, 2023
best sites to buy telegram views

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps due to its enhanced and encrypted privacy features. It supports cross-platform messaging and huge group chats. There are quite a few advantages of using Telegram. 

If someone is looking for a messaging service that is highly secure and has solid privacy policies, Telegram is the way to go. Telegram supports end-to-end encryption. By using its secret chat mode, users can communicate with utmost security. With this encryption format, the communication is evidently bulletproof. 

The social media app also has the feature of self-destructing messages that delete themselves after a specified period of time. Although this feature is similar to the unsend feature available in Snapchat or Meta, it is still very useful. There are many pros to using Telegram. 

Telegram allows sending files of a maximum of 2 GB in size. This is the biggest benefit of using Telegram. Where other social media apps like Messenger have a limit of 25 MB, Telegram can easily send 2 GB attachments. Telegram beats all the other texting apps in this regard. 

Telegram has a user base of about 55 million active users every day. It is amongst the top 10 most popular messaging apps on the web. With this huge and active user base completely untouched, you might want a piece of the pie by trying out the various ways of increasing Telegram views.

In this article, we have listed a few of the best websites to buy Telegram views from. Although there are a lot of websites that provide this service, not all of them are of the same quality and price.

Why You Need Views on Telegram

Views are one of the most important metrics to show the value you provide to your community and the impact of your content. It gives you leverage during the negotiation of your goals. When you showcase your huge audience base and high engagement levels, you have more credibility and advantages in securing a deal. 

The easiest and most effective way of increasing traffic is by buying Telegram views. Below are some of the best websites to buy Telegram views from.

6 Trusted Websites to Buy Telegram Views

Social Plug 


Social Plug is one of the best and most efficient websites to buy Telegram views from. We have features like instant delivery and non-drop high-quality views. No sign-up or login is required to make the purchase. We also offer card and crypto payments.

The views are usually delivered within two to three minutes after the purchase. They are guaranteed to have a 0% drop rate, i.e., the views will stay. Prices start from $0.0007 per view.



Instamber is a simple but strong service for buying Telegram views. It gives you the option to buy views for up to twenty posts. You can buy as low as 100 to as many as 500,000 views for your Telegram post from Instamber.

One of the great things about this website is that you can add more views in the same order instead of making new orders. But the delivery time of Instamber is a bit long, around 24 hours. It may result in account blockage.

Dr. Telegram


Dr. Telegram is one of the newest websites providing this service. It can distribute the bought views among 100 new posts. A thousand views from Dr. Telegram costs about $16 per month. The views will not be specific to a post but are random.

They offer packages of 1000 to 100K views. It is very easy to order from Dr. Telegram as their website has almost all of the information needed for a beginner to order Telegram post views.



Telegrambooster is a marketing agency that provides a mixture of techniques to promote your Telegram channels with crypto influencers and advertising throughout key digital channels. It also provides ways to buy Telegram views. 

Telegrambooster is mostly known as a place to buy Telegram members from. It also offers a small-scale view booster option that can be used to buy Telegram views for your Telegram posts.



Adby offers a special service for promoting Telegram channels for more views and engagement. They are different from the rest due to the automation of the view orders. Using Adby, you can purchase views automatically for daily views of your content. 

The Auto Views option for Telegram posts starts at $15 for regular and daily post views. They also provide instant views for $1 for 1000 views.



To go viral on Telegram, sharesupplier is a one-stop shop. It helps with increasing engagement and post reach. Buying Telegram views from Sharesupplier can be a reliable and easy way for beginners.

The sharesupplier website contains bold icons and information to guide you through the Telegram views buying process. They try to provide good value for money.

Advanced Tips and Tricks to Get Views on Telegram

advanced tips to grow telegram views

Telegram views are a measure of the amount of engagement in a post. The more views there are in a post, the better is the post performing. An increase in the number of views is always a thing to look forward to and there are several ways to do this:

Increasing the Number of Members in the Channel

By attracting new and active members towards your channel, you can naturally increase your post views. These views are organic and you should keep an eye on the number of such real viewers. 

You can increase the number of members by advertising or marketing your channel on other channels. By making a name for your channel, the number of members in it will eventually grow. But this can be difficult and time-consuming.

Forwarding the Channel Posts to Various Groups

You can also try forwarding posts from your channel to other channels and groups for attracting the traffic there. By doing this, you may direct some of the viewers from that channel toward yours, which will increase the number of post views.

It is better to make the post that you will forward comprehensive so that the new users can easily understand and know your work. You may need to research the channel you’re forwarding your post to and the authenticity of the users there. 

SocialPlug Can Help you Grow Your Telegram

socialplug can help you grow your telegram

SocialPlug is currently one of the market leaders for buying Telegram views. From cheap rates to fast deliveries, SocialPlug has everything covered regarding buying Telegram views for more engagement in your content. 

SocialPlug has 24/7 customer service to answer all of your questions regarding Telegram views. Furthermore, SocialPlug offers a 3-month guarantee for any view count drops from their services.

We provide quality service along with all of the features mentioned above for the best Telegram views purchase experience. So what are you waiting for? Purchase our Telegram View Service now!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Telegram used for?

Telegram is a messaging service with cross-platform support and end-to-end encryption features. It is a secure and reliable messaging app. It is also used for its ability to send files with sizes up to 2 GB easily. 

As Telegram provides unlimited storage, it is sometimes used for storing files. It is a great instant messaging app with the benefit of creating big groups and channels.

Can Telegram be trusted?

Telegram is one of the safest mainstream messaging apps out there. It has end-to-end encryption. This makes it almost bulletproof for communication. It also has other features like the self-destruct mode for more security. 

In essence, Telegram has high security when compared to other messaging apps in the market. It can be considered to be a safer alternative to most instant communication messaging apps out there.

Is it safe to buy Telegram post views?

It is 100% safe and legal to buy Telegram instant views for your posts. But always try to buy the post views from websites like Social Plug for a more secure and reliable deal. 

Final Verdict

Increased Telegram views will allow you to monetize the Telegram channels you own. It will build your brand authenticity. By using this authenticity, you can get many benefits ranging from more leverage in your negotiation to more credibility of your content.

The number of views also dictates the amount of engagement in your post, which can be a substantial metric to determine how much people view your content. The easiest and most effective way of increasing this view count is by buying Telegram views.

Some websites where one can buy Telegram views have been discussed in this article. The best and the most reliable website for this would be SocialPlug due to its many aforementioned benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to buy Telegram views from SocialPlug!

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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