10 Advanced Ways to Grow Your Telegram Channel

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
January 22, 2023
advanced ways to grow your telegram channel

Telegram channels are a great way to broadcast messages exclusively to a certain number of loyal subscribers. It is a cloud-based messaging app but instead of user-specific messages, in Telegram channels, only admins can post messages, and it will show up as the channel name.

Telegram channels are a good way to develop a loyal following and use them to promote your business and brand. Telegram doesn’t exclusively pay you money for having a high subscriber count. But you can utilize the loyalty of your followers to promote and introduce paid courses and advertise and market your brand.

How to Start a Telegram Channel

how to start a telegram channel

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that lets you access your messages and content from multiple devices at the same time, such as your phone, TV, or tablet. 

Telegram can be used on the Web, downloaded on your PC, or used as an app on both Android and iOS devices. 

You need to have a Telegram account before you can open a Telegram channel. 

To open a Telegram account, you need to have a cell phone number in working condition. 

Download the Telegram app on your phone or computer. You can install the Telegram application for your PC by downloading it from their website. 

Next, launch the app and click on "Start Messaging." The application will now require you to enter your phone number. It’s important to use a working phone number for your account because Telegram sends a one-time code to ensure that it is you before proceeding further. Once you’ve entered the code, you can add the rest of your details and a picture if you want. Finally, your Telegram account will be completed.

Telegram channels can be an amazing way to broadcast your public messages and connect with your audience. Each channel can have up to 200,000 members.

To open a channel, click on "New Message" (if you are on Android, click on the circular pencil icon in the chat list) and then "New Channel."

Your channel will begin as private, but you can change the privacy settings to "public" at any time. 

10 Advanced Ways to Grow Your Telegram Channel

10 tips to grow your telegram channel

Telegram channels are a great way to promote your business by utilizing your channel growth. So, here are 10 pro tips and tricks for growing your Telegram channel and getting a head start in your business:

Buying Telegram Views

You can buy authentic Telegram views from websites like SocialPlug. We do not interact with your content in any way unless you explicitly say so. This helps to build social proof and intrigue other people to follow you to see what kind of content would harbor such attention.

You can get a head start and focus on your actual content rather than focusing on subscriber count since subscribers increase exponentially after reaching a certain point. Buying Telegram view counts will put you ahead of a lot of people in the game and help accelerate your business

Pick a Specific Theme and Follow It

Discover your niche and stick to it. In this way, you can build a community of like-minded people. Moreover, it is easier for people to seek out content that serves their purpose when you cater to a specific target group.

Once you’ve discovered your niche and decided what you want your channel to be about, you shouldn’t deviate from that and post irrelevant content. If you think from a subscriber’s point of view you will realize that it might be annoying to some extent. So, once you’ve built a brand of what your channel should be like, you should stick to that particular theme and upload exclusive and engaging content in that genre.

Time Your Content Uploads

By analyzing your statistics, pick the right time to post to gain maximum engagement. It is necessary to post several times a day at regular intervals to keep your subscribers hooked. 

You can schedule your post using that specific Telegram feature after deciding based on your channel’s advanced statistics and make sure that engaging and interesting content reaches your audience swiftly at that time.  

Quiz-style Polls

You need to install Quiz Bot to make quiz-style polls. In Telegram, it matters more to have a lot of engagement with your content than to have a lot of subscribers. 

Engagement matters more than a high follower count. So having 1000 genuine subscribers that engage with your content regularly is much more beneficial to you and your business, than having 10,000 subscribers, of which only a small portion interact with you.

To increase these interactions, quiz-style polls could be a fun way. You can put multiple general knowledge polls on your channel every day, and when the subscribers get one correct, the poll will turn green. You can boost your content by organizing giveaways for one lucky winner among those who answered correctly. 

Use Multiple Admins 

It is not possible for one person to continuously moderate and schedule posts so that maximum engagement is achieved. The number of admins and moderators should increase proportionately with the growth of your channel. Each admin can cover a portion of the day to regulate the channel, schedule, and post interactive content.

You can post recruitment notices and select willing participants through applications to become the administrator of your page.

Utilize Features Like Spoiler

Another way to boost engagement in your content is to use the spoiler feature that Telegram offers. 

Your subscribers will be intrigued to find out what the spoiler contains and click on it, which will increase engagement in your content. However, make sure to include exciting news or content to put under spoilers. If you use it for regular posts, then it might do more harm than good and annoy your subscribers.

Analyzing the Advanced Statistics of Your Channel

Advanced statistics are provided to channels with more than 500 subscribers. This helps you assess how your subscribers respond to your content and which content is well-received by your audience. 

Engagement is, as previously mentioned, vital when it comes to Telegram channels. If you have a lot of subscribers but they do not interact with your content, it will be of no use. 

So you should analyze the statistics of your channel regularly to see how your subscribers are responding to your content and what you can do to improve it. 

Integration of Other Social Media Platforms with Your Telegram Channels

Ask your subscribers to follow you on other social media platforms. You can utilize these social media sites to disperse your audience across multiple platforms in order to establish your brand more effectively. 

For example, direct your Telegram channel members to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other sites by telling them to follow you on those platforms for more exclusive content. 

Running Ads on Telegram

Currently, sponsored messages are in test mode. Telegram will begin paying channel owners a portion of ad revenue once the services are fully operational and enable Telegram to meet its operating expenses.

Once the sponsored messages are approved, you can run ads on your channel page and earn revenue from them. Therefore, your Telegram channel will be monetized exponentially with respect to how many people have seen it. 

Share with Online Communities

You can submit your Telegram channel to other online communities so they can reach out and find you. You can promote your Telegram channels for free on many websites. For example, Telegram Channels is a website where people can discover Telegram channels that are best suited to their needs.

You need to pick a channel name that exactly says what type of content you will be providing. The name has to be fun and also obvious enough for the members to know what they are signing up for. In that way, people will easily find your channel by searching for relevant keywords and becoming a member.

Social Plug Can Help You in Growing Your Telegram Channel

socialplug helps to grow your telegram channel

Socialplug.io is a social media marketing agency whose service ranges across multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, and Telegram. You can choose the social media platform of your choice and then specify how many likes or followers you need. We have a customer service department open from 9 to 5 to answer any questions you might have concerning the product.

To avail of our service, simply enter the URL of your Telegram message. Then specify the number of views you want. No signup or login information is required, so your privacy and safety are guaranteed.

We charge 0.0007 dollars per view for your Telegram channels. The views are delivered within 2–3 minutes of ordering. Socialplug.io will provide you with the highest quality views that have zero chances of dropping after delivery. This will help build your brand's authenticity and social proof, therefore bringing you one step closer to monetizing your business.

Payment Method and Delivery

You may pay on Socialplug.io with credit cards and cryptocurrency. You can purchase particular bundles that are appropriate for your needs. Additionally, you can alter these bundles to suit your needs by chatting live with their agents.

The service is affordable, dependable, and provides 12-hour delivery.


Channels are a good way to broadcast subscriber-specific messages and content to your audience. Telegram generates over 500 billion views on public one-to-many channels. So, Telegram channels are one of the best ways to promote content and expand your business to a wider audience. 

There are some easy and advanced ways you can follow them, like timing your content posts, posting engaging content regularly, picking a specific theme to find your target audience, sharing with online communities, and many more. 

You can also build social proof, meaning people unconsciously lean towards channels with a higher subscriber count when looking for things to follow. This is a psychological inclination, and you can take full advantage of it by buying subscribers for your Telegram channels using authentic websites like SocialPlug for an affordable price and fast delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do telegram channels work?

The Telegram channel works similarly to newsletters. People can subscribe to your channel and gain access to your daily posts as well as other content, which they can interact with. However, only admins can post on the channel.

Will Telegram pay for channels?

No, Telegram doesn’t directly pay for channels. But you can earn a lot of money if you have a significant amount of subscribers by providing services like paid courses, cross promotions, promoting blogs, and more

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