10 Hilarious Instagram Creator Categories to Boost Your Followers

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Rifat Ara Bonnhy
June 6, 2023
funny categories for instagram creators

Being a content creator is a tricky business. Not only is it challenging to produce quality content, saturated markets & shifting algorithms make it increasingly difficult every day.

This is why one of the most repeated pieces of advice provided to content creators is to explore funny categories for instagram creators to boost followers. Creator categories provide a reference for content creation and make it easier to tap into previously untapped audiences.

This article elaborates on the Funny Instagram Categories to Boost Followers for your Instagram.

10 Funny Categories for Instagram Creators to Boost Your Followers

"Fails and Bloopers" Category

The "Fails and Bloopers" Category is a great way to get your followers to laugh and appreciate life on a different level. Posting content about failed attempts, unexpected bloopers, embarrassing situations, near-misses, and misadventures can get viewers to relate to your content in their ways and make them appreciate their own life even more.

This category is so successful that channels have gained millions of subscribers, making videos exclusively on this topic. The reason? They're incredibly bingable. Bingeable content relates to high average watch times, and watch times are a significant green flag for any social algorithm.

FailArmy, on Youtube, has over 16 Million Followers from Fail Compilations.

"Behind the Scenes" Category

The "Behind the Scenes" Category is excellent for giving access to viewers into parts of their favorite content creator's life that they might not have seen before. This Behind Scenes content allows users to connect more personally with creators and even participate in their filming process.

For example, imagine a food channel running a cooking show. They can take viewers behind the scenes in their kitchen and showcase the process, condiments, and utensils they use to create a dish. Not only does it add authenticity, but viewers also feel part of the creative process.

Another example of this category can be a travel channel running a travelling vlog. They can take viewers behind the scenes in their plan-packing process, share the tricks they use to fit all the travel essentials in one bag, and even document the things they carried with them on their travels.

Such an approach not only helps viewers relate but also trusts the content creator and provides them with value and entertainment at the same time.

"Comedy Skits" Category

comedy skits category

The "Comedy Skits" Category is excellent for social media platforms as it provides viewers with a light-hearted approach to comedy and makes them feel included.

Skits don't have to be boring. If done correctly, they can be hilarious. Visual skits like lip-syncs, impressions and improvisations can be highly entertaining for both the creator and the viewer.

This category is a great way to add a bit of life to your social media presence. The element of surprise and the unidentified story allows viewers to be instantly engaged and laugh simultaneously. Remember: Humor almost always wins!

"Parody" Category

The "Parody" Category is one of the most popular comedic techniques used in films, television, and social media. Parody pokes fun at commonly known pop culture characters, current events, and even other celebrities & influencers.

Parodies are great because they're a way to retell stories that everyone is familiar with in a new and exciting way. Not only does it provide viewers with a different perspective and make them laugh, but it also creates a positive image in the minds of the consumers.

Trevor Noah’s Daily Show is especially memorable during the Donald Trump Era because of his hilarious and on-point impressions of the man in orange.

"Challenges" Category


The "Challenges" Category is a great way to engage with viewers and encourage interaction. Posing challenges to your viewers on social media can not only get your followers to do something crazy, but it can also get followers to come up with some of the most creative ideas.

This category is perfect for influencers and content creators who have a good enough following to host competitions and challenges. Influencers can challenge their viewers or other influencers to create content, answer questions or even come up with challenges.

Ultimately, it's a great way to get people to interact with each other while also helping the influencer build their brand.

"Pranks" Category

The "Pranks" Category is a great way to get everyone in the mood for a laugh. Pranks don't have to be complicated or severe; sometimes, the simplest can be the most effective.

Content creators have a unique opportunity to prank their viewers on social media and have tons of fun simultaneously. Pranks can be elaborate or simple as switching up a comment within a post. Playing around with viewers is a great way to drive engagement and garner attention.

Regardless of how you feel about it, you've seen your fair share of pranks - for a reason. The Pranks Category is fun, and it is simply effective. Check out this Old Man Working Out in Public Prank!

"Silly Outfits" Category

silly outfits category

The "Silly Outfits" Category is the perfect way to get viewers' attention without having to do too much. Wearing a silly outfit (or even a costume) can attract attention from both new and old viewers and is a great way to liven up any content.

Silly Outfits don't have to be super extravagant; even something as simple as a funny hat or a superhero costume can be enough to put a smile on any viewer's face. Ultimately, the "Silly Outfits" Category is a fun and creative way to engage with viewers and potentially drive up viewership.

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"Animations and Comics" Category

animations and comics category

The "Animations and Comics" Category is a great way to bring joy to your viewers. Animations and Comics take viewers on a creative journey while providing a unique form of entirely new and unexpected content.

Animations and Comics can come in any shape or size as long as they are entertaining and engaging. Not only can they be used to create entirely new stories and characters, but they can also be used to reimagine current favourites and put a fresh spin on them.

Your content can be entirely based on comical skits. Still, they can also be integrated into your content to add fresh new pacing.

"Satire" Category

The "Satire" Category is a great way to comment on and criticize current events while providing a humorous take. Satire is a comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously and is often used to highlight relevant societal topics.

It can be used to comment on social issues, political events, and other celebrities or influencers. Satire can be presented in many forms, including videos, skits, animations, etc.

Satire is an incredibly effective way to raise awareness for specific issues. It can also give creators some of their most engaging and shareable content.

Check out this Honest iPhone 14 commercial by Rob; great inspiration!

"Silly Voiceovers" Category

The "Silly Voiceovers" Category is a great way to add a comedic spin to any content. Using a silly voiceover can instantly lighten up the mood, whether it's an animation, a sketch, or even a reaction video.

Silly Voiceovers can be incorporated in various ways, from exaggerating viewers' reactions to voice acting for characters in sketches. It can also provide commentary for videos or explain certain concepts more entertainingly.

This category is a great way to engage with viewers and take the content to a new level. It's also a great way to add an element of surprise to any content.

Benefits of Categorizing Instagram Creators 

benefits of categorizing instagram creators

Increase in Followers 

Creating content factoring in funny Instagram categories can be a great way to increase followers. By utilizing comedic techniques within the categories, people will find the content more enjoyable and appealing to share. This, in turn, leads to increased engagement and more followers.

More Niche-Specific Content 

By categorizing comedians, it makes it easier to create more niche-specific content. This can include parody, challenges, pranks, silly outfits, animations, comics, satire, and silly voiceovers. All of these content categories are both entertaining and engaging, which in turn promotes more views, shares, and likes.

Easier Navigation 

Categorizing makes it easier for users to find the content they seek. Users can easily click on a category without searching through all the content. This also makes it easier for new viewers to find the content quickly and learn more about the comedian's style.

More Variety in Content 

By utilizing specific categories, creators can showcase different types of content to their followers. This allows them to explore more creative avenues and be seen in a different light. Not only is this exciting for viewers, but it also serves as an excellent opportunity for the creator to explore more sides of themselves.

How to Implement These Categories in Your Content

Tips for Filming and Editing Comedic Content

There are a few tips to remember when filming and editing comedic content.

  • Make sure to keep the energy up and the dialogue lively.
  • Practice your facial expressions and reactions to get the most laughs from your videos.
  • Feel free to try out bolder colors and effects in your video.
  • When editing, try to keep the video transitions at an upbeat pace.
  • It's essential to be mindful of the length of the video. Too long or too short can make the video less engaging.
  • Feel free to make the video's silly looks, moments and gestures the focus.
  • Make sure to include captions or subtitles so that

Ideas for Creating Engaging Captions and Hashtags

Creating captions and hashtags for your content can help boost engagement. By using keywords related to comedic categories, you can capture viewers' attention and ensure your content appears in relevant feeds.

  • Include a question or call-to-action to boost engagement.
  • Add context and deeper meaning to your video through meaningful captions.
  • Always double-check your spelling and punctuation.
  • Include relevant hashtags for the comedic category you use or the content itself.
  • Use hashtags specific to your content, such as "#funnyvideo" or "#sillyoutfits".
  • Engage with other users by responding to comments and thanking them for their support.

Best Practices for Promoting Your Content

  • Post consistently and at least once weekly to remain visible in viewers' feeds.
  • Share your content on other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Reach out to viewers who comment and engage with them by answering their questions.
  • Participate in challenges and ask followers to do the same.
  • Join relevant Facebook and Reddit groups to gain more exposure to your content.
  • Keep your list of contacts up-to-date as new followers come in.
  • Collaborate with other content creators to gain a wider audience and promote each other’s content.


Creating content that utilizes comedic categories is a great way to capture viewers' attention and stand out. Content creators can create engaging and sharable content by using techniques such as satire, silly voiceovers, and humorous facial expressions.

Not only that but categorizing comedians also helps users find the content that best fits their interests. This can also lead to increased followers, more niche-specific content, more straightforward navigation, and more variety in content.

To promote content, it's important to post consistently and use keywords, hashtags, and captions to boost engagement. Additionally, reaching out to viewers and collaborating with other content creators is essential to gain more exposure.

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