20 Best Ways for Getting More Views on TikTok

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
Ways for Getting More Views on TikTok

So you have reached TikTok - the social media platform that has taken the world by storm.

You are looking for success as a newly minted TikTok creator. You're making wholesome Blinding Lights videos - and would love people to see your sick moves.

We aim to please - by giving you all the necessary information you should know!

TikTok is a short-video hosting service and social media platform. Basically, it is YouTube, but for short videos. Or not quite. TikTok is primarily a social network for sharing videos. Users of TikTok can make a wide range of videos, including challenges, dance videos, magic tricks, and comedic videos. The main distinction between TikTok and Musical.ly is that the latter offers a much more comprehensive range of video creation options.

20 Best Ways to Get More Views on TikTok

The top strategies on the web are listed here - so that you don’t have to go to ten different places to learn how to increase your TikTok views. Here we go!

1. Know your audience.

Before doing anything else, it's important to remember that while many different kinds of people use TikTok, Gen Z is the most common age group on the app.

43.7% of the people who use TikTok are between 18 and 24 years old (Source). They are primarily people who don't want to read too much advertising.

Instead, they want to see content on the app that is fun, new, and inspiring. Keep this in mind while creating your content.

2. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are a big part of how TikTok works. TikTok scans these hashtags to determine who might be interested in your content and what category it fits. So, your keywords are the tools you use to build a path to the people you want to reach.

To reach people interested in a particular niche, you can use hashtags related to that niche to get more people to see your posts.

3. Good captions

Using keywords in your caption can help TikTok figure out who to show your video to. This is like using hashtags. The caption helps the app understand what's happening in your video better.

4. Keep your videos short…and sweet

Viewers are very interested in your video if they watch it all the way through. If 100% of your video is watched, it will be marked as more interesting. This means that your video will show up in more feeds, and you will get more views.

How to do this? The surefire way is to keep your video short. If your video is 10 seconds long, it is much more likely to be viewed in full than a 50-second video. So keep your video short and your content interesting. That is an interesting (pun intended) job!

5. Sound it out

There are waves of popularity for TikTok sounds. Different sounds go in and out of vogue at different times, and using those sounds in your video might help you get more views and keep your engagement rates high. Keep your ears (the "eyes" of the auditory system, if you will) open for sound clips that come up again and again that you might be able to add to.

You can also find popular sounds by tapping the Create (+) button in the app and then tapping Add Sound. Here are the most-played audio clips right now.

6. Duet a duet

The Duets feature on TikTok is a fantastic way to use an already well-liked video to increase your own views. You can share a split-screen with another video using this feature; the other video can be one you created or one created by another user.

On the opposite side of the screen, you can sing along, give a review, or even act out a comedy dialogue, depending on the video you're using. The great thing about this concept is that it allows you to use the content you already know is popular, making it simple to increase views.

7. Promote your TikToks on other platforms

Share your TikTok with other people. You can talk about it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, among other places. And if you don't want to go on there and say, "Hey, follow me on TikTok!" then resharing your TikTok videos on those apps is a more subtle way to get people to follow you.

This is a win-win situation since you're adding new content to those platforms. Plus, the hard part of telling people how to follow you on TikTok is already taken care of by the little username icon that floats around the screen.

8. Team up with guests/influencers

Adding outside voices to your TikTok videos is an easy way to reach a new audience, whether you've hired an influencer or celebrity guest star or teamed up with another brand for a cross-over.

Your special guest will bring attention to the content you made and get their fans to watch your video.

9. Keep your audience watching.

Videos with high completion rates are given priority by the TikTok algorithm. It wants to provide recommendations on the For You Page for high-quality content.

So, how do you keep your audience engaged all the way to the end? Play on their interest while providing value. Use captions that create suspense for a big reveal or grab their attention in the first few seconds with a promise of what's to come if they stick around.

10. Switch to TikTok Creator/Business Account

The pro accounts on TikTok won't help you climb the FYP, but both the Creator and Business accounts grant you access to metrics and insights that can aid in your audience research and analysis.

These data can help you create a content calendar and determine the best time to post by revealing information about your existing audience, their online habits, and the types of content they enjoy.

11. Post at the right time

You won't get the desired number of views if you post when nobody else is using the app. To release your most recent video at the perfect moment for maximum exposure, check your account analytics to learn when your followers are active. Analytics that you get from being a TikTok Creator/Business Account will help you figure out the best times for posting your videos.

12. Post multiple times a day

Within the TikTokaverse, events happen quickly. Do your best to consistently produce high-quality content, and don't worry about oversaturating your audience. In actuality, TikTok advises posting 1-4 times daily.

The more videos you have, the more likely someone will find your page on their For You page and look for more. But also…

13. Post high-quality content

This doesn't just imply quality content; high-quality video production is also crucial.

People are likelier to watch your videos if they look good (have decent lighting and sound quality and have some upbeat edits).

You'll want to give TikTok the best content because it favors high-quality videos on the For You page. Utilize effects, sound, and a vertical shooting format. For extra credit, use a trending effect from TikTok.

14. Make a playlist

The TikTok playlists feature, also known as creator playlists, allows creators to group their videos into playlists. As a result, it is simple for viewers to watch videos similar to the content they already enjoy.

Playlists are displayed above your regularly published or pinned videos at the top of your profile (as shown in the photo below).

Not everyone can use the TikTok playlist feature. They can only be added to the profiles of a few creators.

If you have the option to create playlists in the Video tab of your profile, you are likely a member.

15. Research your competitors

No matter what platform you are using, marketing is a game of vying for the attention of your audience.

To find your unique selling proposition and opportunities to set your brand apart from those of your rivals, research your competition and comprehend their brand message.

16. Leverage trends

One of the main objectives for brands using TikTok marketing is to reach the For You Page. Users see the For You page first thing when they open their TikTok apps.

Although it is a selection of videos based on your preferences and previous interactions, current trends may also appear on everyone's For You Page.

Because trends on TikTok are subject to weekly change, research the most popular trends and join challenges to keep your brand current.

17. Channel your messages

Consistency is essential for your TikTok page to gain value. For you to maintain the long-term loyalty of your followers, you need to have a consistent message/idea to run with.

Offer your content based on a common value point or idea point. For example, @MamaDoctorJones makes content focused on the lifestyle of an OB-GYN professional. Having a common message makes your content - and yourself - memorable to your followers.

18. Do a LIVE

Coming on TikTok LIVE is a good idea to attract attention and views from your followers and fans. Doing scheduled LIVEs occasionally will give your audience something to look forward to - and attract attention to your profile from a potential new audience base.

19. Use Green Screen.

TikTok has a lot of filters and effects, but the green screen effect stands out in particular.

Like a traditional green screen, this effect lets you stay on-screen while different images appear in the background. By adding visuals, it takes the storytelling to a whole new level.

This filter is great for explaining things, making suggestions, or telling a story where pictures would be helpful.

Make sure, though, that your background doesn't take people's attention away from what you're saying. Instead, the graphics should go with what you're saying.

20. Consider pay-for-view.

When you’re starting off, getting new views and getting noticed might be a challenge. You can try buying views - for example, from SocialPlug - to begin your rise to popularity.

Why TikTok is One of the Best Social Media Platforms

Why TikTok is One of the Best Social Media Platforms

TikTok, since its inception, has over 1 billion users worldwide. The great thing about TikTok is that it's not just a social media platform where you can share content with your followers but lets users make their own content with the app. TikTok will give you access to Gen Z and people who quickly scroll through the internet, which other platforms don't have as an audience. If you put time into building your audience and following now, you can be sure that it will pay off in the long run if you keep working hard and make good content. It might take time for you to create content that is considered good on the app, but you will get there with a great idea and an open mind.

 TikTok is also different from other social media apps because it gives its users a unique experience. This includes making short videos within the app by shooting, adjusting clips, customising audio, adding effects, and improving filters. Every chance to be creative is taken advantage of in this one app, and it's not even close to being done getting better. The app is also known for responding well to what its users say. When active users like certain features or trends, TikTok will add new editing tools or effects to make it easier for other users to make content that fits the same style. On the other hand, if users only complain about a new update or feature, the platform is quick to change it to the users' preference.

You should use TikTok for Business!

We are currently on the cusp of another paradigm shift in the social media industry due to TikTok's enormous popularity. Numerous social media experts, including Gary Vee and Rachel Pederson, supported the notion that TikTok will dominate the market for social media platforms. Cut to the present, where TikTok has taken off like wildfire. The following statistics demonstrate why a company cannot afford to ignore TikTok.

  • TikTok users watch more than 167 million hours/minute of video (Statista).
  • Sensortower says that the app has been installed more than 3 billion times on user devices.
  • appTrace.com says that TikTok is available in more than 141 countries and is one of the top 50 apps in 140 of them, mostly in Asian countries.
  • 35% of TikTok users globally are below 30, the largest age bracket of users.
  • A Forbes report says that the most popular TikTok account has 136.6 million fans and has made USD 17.5 million. This makes them the highest-paid TikTok star.

TikTok is a relatively new platform that is heavily focused on user growth rather than aggressive platform monetization. Therefore, by focusing only on content creation and gaining the greatest reach possible in a short amount of time, marketers can easily make the most of this platform.

Best Ways to use TikTok for Business

Best Ways to use TikTok for Business

Here’s how to use TikTok to enhance your business:

  • Advertise! 

TikTok provides businesses with a variety of advertising options despite not focusing on selling ads. These commercials fit in with the TikTok platform. In-feed ads, brand takeover ads, and TopView ads are the most widely used ad formats.

  • Create relevant content. 

Self-explanatory. Make content that connects the viewer to your business and products.

  • Keep it light.

Remember the nature of the platform while creating your content. Content should be fun and silly, but it shouldn't go against a company's brand or values. Videos shouldn't be too business-y or scripted, either. Instead, they should be funny and true to themselves.

  • Share User-Generated Content.

This is a good way to get filler content, and help your users feel more connected to your company and its values.

  • Post your location.

Location is a big driver for local businesses to create brand awareness. In videos, talk about the physical location of the company, and mention it in the captions and hashtags. It aids people in finding a company. To make the company seem more relatable to customers, make videos that are specific to a location. The algorithm of TikTok is heavily influenced by location as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can you give yourself views on TikTok?

To sum it up, no, you cannot

TikTok normally counts a view from the second the video plays. But viewed from your own account, the views are not counted. So you cannot give yourself views on TikTok.

The Bottom Lines

Views on TikTok determine almost everything in your TikTok presence. The more views you have, the more chance you will be noticed, the more revenue you will make - and the more business opportunities you can avail.

You should post good content and make good videos to get more views. Videos that engage with your audience and get you noticed on the For You page will get you the most views and engagement with your audience.

Go forth, TikToker- the world awaits!

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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