How to Boost Twitter Followers - Get Trending Tips & Tricks

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
November 24, 2022
how to boost twitter followers

The thing about Twitter is that you will like it if you can vibe it.

The story does not end there, however. Twitter can contribute to any marketing strategy in addition to being vibeable. This is the perfect medium to connect with your audience.

Can you connect, though? There are 152 million active Twitter users every day, after all. Every day, millions of tweets are sent out. Growing your audience can be challenging when there is so much going on.

Why Do You Need to Increase Twitter Followers?

why more twitter followers are needed

The benefits of growing your Twitter audience go far beyond looking more popular. The more trustworthy your company is, the easier it is for potential customers to do business with you. And This trust comes from your Twitter followers, making you look ten times more credible.

Having genuinely engaged followers on Twitter is the key to maximising Twitter's potential. Your place within your industry is established by it. This shows your prospects, customers, and competitors that you mean business. The following we're talking about isn't generated by bots or fake accounts.

You can read our Twitter Follower Guide to learn more about increasing your Twitter following and getting real accounts following you in no time.

12 Tips to Boost Your Twitter Followers

twitter follower boost tips

Are you looking for ways to increase your Twitter followers? It would be best if you had an audience of real people who connect with you on Twitter who are strong, active, and engaged.

  1. Follow Twitter Influencers

You are more likely to be followed back if you follow someone on Twitter. Upload your email contacts to Twitter so you can find people you already know using the "Who to Follow" feature. Make sure you follow influencers in your industry—for example, if you work in marketing, find and follow influential marketers.

You might get more follow-backs if they see that you're following them. Eventually, their feeds may include your tweets. Imagine your tweet gets noticed by an influencer, and they engage with your tweet. You will get your much-needed exposure through this.

Do you wanna know how your favourite Twitter influencer became your favourite?

Read How People Get Viral on Twitter!

  1. Use Twitter Bio Hack

Twitter generates website traffic for you, right? If not, you should reconsider your Twitter bio. It would help if you had an attractive and appealing bio for your profile for a strong Twitter presence.

Whenever someone lands on your site, the first thing they look at is your bio section, and sometimes it can even appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). So you get it; it literally depicts you or your company's brand image.

If you want your 164-character bio to work in your brand's favor, you only need to put in some extra effort by following these tips.

  • Make your call-to-action compelling
  • Engage your audience
  • Don't forget to include your other brand handles
  • Brand your hashtag and promote it
  • Make sure you use keywords that are important and relevant
  • Make sure social proof is included
  • There's nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion

If you follow these 7 tricks, your bio will grab attention; not gonna lie.

3.  Engage with replies, Retweets, and tags

Why should you Engage? Because engaging is connecting, and it makes you look more humane. However, the level of engagement on Twitter can often be more important than the number of tweets. It's a metric that too many brands overlook or (more likely) fail to value, as it tells you whether your content is relevant to your target audience.

When building relationships with individual members of your target audience, Twitter engagement is enormously valuable. Retweets and replies can initiate conversations and meaningful interactions in particular.

Additionally, your tweets' engagement can be powerful social proof. A high number of likes, replies, or retweets can sometimes be enough for others to trust what you are saying.

4.  Use Tools

Using specific Twitter tools can lead to more followers, interactions, sales, and exposure. Twitter Tools can increase follower growth and engagement by looking at how they work. Tools can significantly impact an account's growth if it needs help to receive interactions such as followers, retweets, clicks, and likes.

Having quality interaction and followers is crucial when growing audiences. The number of people you gain that don't produce results doesn't translate into sales and other metrics you can measure. By accumulating quality followers, a campaign and company can enjoy quality engagement for the campaign's life.

In addition to helping you grow accounts exponentially, tools like Owlead, Crowdfire, and Hootsuite can also be used to track your accounts' progress. Progress can be measured by measuring new goals and determining how current plans can be achieved. When these tools report to you like your personal assistant, it'll become easier for you to boost your followers in no time!

5.  Add Your Twitter Username in a Guest Post

Guests posting may seem skeptical to some people, but we can assure you it is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. The link will remain live for months, or even years, along with your guest post, not just on the day it goes live.

You'll see steady traffic to your website if your guest post is successful - allowing your potential new audience to explore your other content. You need to pitch the right blogs to get the most out of guest posting. If you want to pitch for guest posts, know your target audience and how to reach them before you start contacting everyone.

6.  Create an Inviting Profile

It's imperative to establish your brand and business presence on Twitter if you want users following you. In order to achieve this, you need to have a profile people are drawn towards. And plan on returning. You only get one chance to make an impression, and your profile is your chance to make it a positive one. 

To persuade a potential customer to follow your brand, each element of your profile should accurately reflect its purpose and values. Create a profile that tells your story. From your profile picture to your sweet tweets, everything should portray you.

7.  Use Your Own Blog

Like photography? Post all the scenic beauty you've captured. Like poetry? Do share with your followers and let them get lost in it. Love talking about corporates? Let your business buddies know your thoughts. Whatever you post, make it your own because, in the end, it's you and your stories that will attract faithful followers.

You'll have to go beyond tweeting the basics on Twitter to generate substantial traffic and visibility. We will be telling you 7 simple steps through which you can become a pro blogger on Twitter:

  1. Retweet the link more than once
  2. Include a "Click to Tweet" button within your article
  3. Create an image or video from your blog content
  4. Include the names of the people you mention in your blog post
  5. Whenever someone mentions your blog, retweet or thank them
  6. Tweet clickbait that drives traffic
  7. Make your Twitter timeline look great by pinning your latest blog post

8.  Tag People & Start Conversations

The Twitter community is a dedicated space for people to connect, share, participate and contribute to discussions they care about. Tag your fellow Twitter users and start talking about your dreams and wishes because, let's face it, who doesn't love being reminded?

Engage members in informative, relevant, and fun conversations by starting and managing communities. You'll find way more like-minded people than you thought you would! People who share the same ideas as you want them to become a reality. You might even gain a follower or two while conversing with someone they follow.

9.  Use Relevant Keywords Within Tweets

Using keywords at first may seem a bit tricky, but don't worry, we got you! Tweets can be categorized using the hashtag symbol (#) before relevant keywords or phrases to make them easier to find in Twitter searches. If your followers click or tap on a hashtagged word in any message, they'll see Tweets that include that hashtag used by you. 

The Twitter community uses a variety of hashtags and Twitter Spaces to create conversations. Many hashtags are being used on Twitter to organize discussions and build your community, including #NFTs, #footballLove, #FoodforLife, #myclick, #skinCare, and #Marketbiz, among others. Make sure you use the ones relevant to your field so that you find like-minded people.

10.  Become An Influencer

Becoming an influencer on Twitter might seem as hard as winning the lottery. But trust me when I say this, you can be an influencer in 9 simple steps. Just keep reading!

  • Choose the topics you want to be known for
  • Connect and Engage with influencers
  • Post regularly and maintain consistency
  • Don't just tweet words – be visual
  • Don't just share your content
  • Tag influencers & employees
  • Use hashtags
  • Put your Twitter handle in all your bios
  • Go Live!

11.  Track Your Competitors

Developing a social media marketing strategy requires conducting a Twitter competitor analysis. In the end, you and your top competitors have similar target audiences. 

You must keep your followers engaged with your threads and activities. Make sure your community members enjoy your tweets more than your competitors.

12.  Buy Twitter Followers From Authentic Services

Build social trust with high-quality Twitter followers from social plug-ins and build a hyped Twitter page. In a way, Twitter Followers are your social proof of the credibility of your Twitter account.

Buying followers from Authentic services will ensure your followers look like real Twitter users with realistic profiles & names.

The Twitter followers will be delivered to your account once you follow the 3 steps.

  • Decide how many followers you want
  • Enter your Twitter username
  • Place your order

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Some Final Words Before We Bid You Adieu

Increasing your Twitter following may seem tricky at first. You need to understand that it requires you to look beyond your tweets. Put up posts on your website, in online groups, you belong to, etc. Wherever you can help get the name of your project out there. 

We are hopeful that with the steps listed above, you're sure to increase your Twitter followers significantly. And if you do face problems, know your way back to us, and you got you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get 1000 followers on Twitter instantly?

You can engage and attract followers organically, which will take a bit of time. You can reach your target follower count. However, you can also get authentic Twitter users following you using tolls and other services.

  1. Is It Wise to Invest on Twitter Followers?

In our opening, yes, it's a win-win situation if you know how to utilize your followers. And investment always returns to you in some way or another, so why not?

  1. Is it legal to increase Twitter followers with SocialPlug?

Yes, it's completely legal to increase Twitter followers with SocialPlug.

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