How to Earn Money From Youtube Views | 12 Effective Ways Explained!

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January 16, 2023
earn money from youtube views

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing websites on the Internet. It is a global platform where you can share your ideas and present them to people anywhere in the world. Even if you are doing it as a hobby, it can be good to earn extra cash. And if you are doing it to turn it into an actual income source, you need to know how to get the best benefits for your effort. 

YouTube is one of the best sources of passive income. Once you have created and posted a video, you can keep generating revenue if people watch it. You don’t need to invest more time and resources once the video is uploaded.

However, to ensure that people continue to watch your videos, you must ensure they are worth watching. Since about 2500 new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, quality is more important than quantity. This accounts for almost 183 hours with an average video length of 4.4 minutes (Source).

Turn your YouTube passion into a side hustle or an actual job with a steady income by learning the monetization policies of YouTube. You can make a significant amount of money off YouTube with minimum effort if you know and utilize these tips and tricks. 

12 Effective Ways to Earn Money From Youtube Videos

effective ways to earn money from youtube

To start, you need to open a YouTube account.  Your YouTube account is your Google account. You can either use the same one or create a new channel. Using an easy-to-remember username is important so people can easily associate your videos with your channel.

Add the keywords that best describe your content in the Advanced section of your channel settings. In this way, your channel will show up when people search for that specific keyword-related content on YouTube. 

Here are 12 Effective Ways to Earn Money From Youtube Videos by implementing their very helpful monetization policies.

Use Sponsored Videos

You can find sponsors to fund your videos. Getting sponsors for your videos will be easier if your videos have a specific niche. Then if you have a considerable following, brands will personally reach out to you to market their products. 

Some sponsors demand full-fledged reviews of their products or services, or tutorials. In other cases, you can have a section in your video to review their products that you can segue to. Afterward, you can continue to your normal video.

You can also reach out to brands and companies to sponsor your videos. You can do so by presenting a pitch through email on why it is a good idea to use your channel for marketing their products.

Use Google Adsense

Monetization is the ability to generate revenue from the videos that you post. To be eligible for YouTube’s monetization program, you have to make sure that you are following its policies properly. That includes no swearing or violations of community guidelines in your video. No racism or spreading of false propaganda. 

In terms of views and other technicalities, there are some specific requirements. For example: 

  • You need to have at least 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months
  • You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers
  • You need to link your Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel
  • You must be located in a region where the YouTube Partnership Policies are available.

You can also enable the option to earn money from your old videos. To do that, click on the dollar sign next to your videos to enable the monetization option in your old videos. Then, to get the money, you have to open a free Google Adsense account. 

If you are younger than 18 years old, you can affiliate your parents' PayPal account with your Google Adsense account to get the money. 

Sell Products or Services

Another way to earn money on YouTube is to sell other people’s products or services as an affiliate marketer. Amazon and eBay provide a lot of money to affiliate marketers to sell their products to an audience through YouTube videos.

The videos can be like reviews of a certain service or product or make tutorials. This might seem odd if the product doesn’t match the content of your YouTube channel. 

You need to leave links to their products in the description. Whenever your viewers use that link to buy that product, you will get a percentage of their commission. 

Create and Sell Merchandise

Once you’ve grown a steady audience, you can create merchandise and sell it to your audience. It is a lot of work, but it can help grow your audience. 

The merchandise can be anything from T-shirts to goodie bags or mugs that contain your brand somehow. You can make them and sell them on your website. 

Become a Youtube Partner

To become a YouTube partner, you must fulfill a few more requirements. You need your videos to have at least 15,000 watch hours over the past 90 days. Then you can apply to YouTube’s Partnership Program to become a YouTube partner. 

YouTube might take a month or more to review your application. Once you have done that, you will get access to many perks YouTube offers to their partners, like creation tools, tips for faster growth, community support, and chances to participate in various events and win prizes.

Use Affiliate Links

You can promote goods and services as an affiliate marketer. Look up companies that are hiring affiliate marketers, then submit your application. You must include links to their items in the description of your video. Similar to how sales commissions operate, you receive a commission each time a customer purchases a product using the link you provided.

Depending on the organization, this can range from one dollar to fifty to one hundred dollars per click. Coupon websites like Krazy Coupon Lady, Savingstar, and Fetch Rewards give 1 to 5 dollars as commission for each click. 

Use Crowdfunding

Viewers can take up your offer of YouTube memberships. During live events, super chats will highlight the message from your paid members. You can also allow the option to donate during your live videos and make it, so their name pops up when they donate. You can shout them out while you're living this way.  

Moreover, Patreon is a crowdfunding website that funds creative individuals and artists. It is a good way for creators to generate revenue. Those who genuinely like your content and want to support you can become members of your channel through Patreon. This is a monthly subscription, and they can unsubscribe anytime. 

You can invite people to become Patreon members and cater to them by giving them access to unedited videos or allowing them to see videos before everyone else on YouTube. You can also shout them out in your videos. 

Make Money With Youtube Red

YouTube Red is a premium YouTube service that provides advertisement-free access to content globally. It also contains subscription-based series and videos made specifically for the site.

Through membership, fans can support you and enjoy ad-free content.  It doesn’t create any difference for content creators since they will get paid for the same content, once through views from non-members and another time through membership fees. 

License Your Videos

If your videos go viral, you can leverage their virality by licensing them in exchange for money. In this way, if any media website or social media platform wants to use your video, they have to ask your permission to use content from your video and pay accordingly. 

Licensing your videos is also a good way to prevent others from stealing your content and making a profit. 

Manage a Youtube Channel for a Business

Many businesses have lucrative job openings to manage their YouTube channel for significant money. The tasks primarily include scheduling when to post videos, quality assessment of videos, posting on the community tab, and ensuring that no comments violate community guidelines.

Besides, many other tasks are also there, like assessing YouTube analytics and giving an overview of when the right time to post is to gain maximum engagement or which type of content viewers enjoy the most. 

Teach a Course

If you are good at a particular subject or are confident in your technical expertise regarding a particular digital topic, you can make videos demonstrating your skills to market them to your audience.

Ask them for a certain number of likes, and promise that once it reaches that level, you will start a course in which you will teach them all the tricks to being as good as you. 

Offer Consulting Services

Similar to teaching a course, you can market your skills and ask other people and content creators to reach out to you if they need any assistance regarding that particular skill. 

How Hard Is It to Make Money on YouTube?

how hard is it to earn money from youtube

It's easy for good content to disappear in the sea of millions of other videos uploaded on YouTube every second. There is no end to quantity; therefore, you must focus on quality.

Try to post unique and one-of-a-kind videos that stand out and do it consistently. 

Moreover, instead of relying solely on views for money, you can utilize the aforementioned ways to get the best value out of your efforts. 

What Are the Requirements to Get Money From Youtube?

YouTube’s updated monetization policy for 2022 states some requirements that once you follow, you are eligible to earn money from YouTube. They are:

  • At least 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch hours over the last 12 months

Besides, there are YouTube partnership policies. You can earn money, and get community support, extensive features, and tips if you partner with YouTube. You must have 15000 cumulative watch hours for the past 90 days to apply for it.

Can I Earn Money Without Fulfilling Youtube’s Basic Requirements? 

can i earn money without fulfilling youtube requirements?

Yes, you can earn money without fulfilling YouTube’s basic requirements. YouTube is very strict with its monetization policies since it is one of the largest platforms in the world.  So it is hard to get past those.

However, you don’t have to rely on just the views from your videos to earn money. 

Sponsorship is a good way to earn money without having 40 watch hours. Reach out to brands through email. You must prepare a good pitch to convince them why they should sponsor you. Use your networking. 

Highlight your YouTube resume to show them the potential you have. However, in return, you have to spend a minute or two advertising their products before you can go back to your regular video. You can find fun and creative ways to incorporate the products into your video and segue into talking about those products. 

There are no limits to being creative; you can include your uniqueness and creativity in everything to build a name for yourself. 

Moreover, you can act as an affiliate marketer for products or services. Find organizations that are looking for affiliate marketers and apply to them. You will need to post the links to their products in your video description. This works similarly to sales commissions. Each time a customer buys a product using the link you provided, you get a percentage as a commission. 

Besides, you can market and sell courses online. If you are good at something, you can market your skills to your audience and ask them to support you if you want more of that. Lifestyle blogs and tutorials are a good genre of YouTube channel for that. Moreover, you can also sell digital products like photography, templates, effects, or songs. 

Patreon is an independent website where people pay monthly to be members and get access to exclusive content. People who want to support you monetarily because they like your content can easily do so using Patreon. It is free from algorithms and can be a good way of connecting with your fans. 

Tips for Speed Up Youtube Channel Growth

A few tips to speed up your YouTube channel's growth are:

  • Use a recognizable channel name: Use a unique but recognizable channel name that people can easily remember. This can help accelerate your word-of-mouth marketing
  • Post quality content at regular intervals: If you post one video a month, it's easy for people to forget about your channel, and you will go back to square one in terms of building your brand 
  • Regularly Check your YouTube analytics: YouTube analytics contains information regarding how your videos are doing and how the audience is reacting to each piece of content. This can be a helpful way to evaluate how to improve your content and which videos you should make depending on how well people respond to them. 

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Final Verdict

YouTube provides the best opportunity to turn your passion and hobby into a sustainable job. You need to make the best use of the variety of resources that YouTube offers that allow you to earn money from the site most effectively.

Some basics include opening a Google Adsense account and enabling monetization on your videos. However, getting money isn’t limited to views alone. You can manage a YouTube channel for businesses, market and sell courses, become an affiliate marketer, get sponsors, and many more. 

It may get frustrating if your videos don’t get traction immediately or for a long period of time. Purchasing YouTube views can be a good way to get a head start. It will build social proof and intrigue other people to check out your content and subscribe if they like it.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many YouTube views do you need to get paid?

For every 1,000 ad views, the typical YouTube channel can expect to earn roughly $18. When you consider the percentage of watched ads, that averages out to $3 to $5 for every 1,000 video views.

It is important to mention that you are paid when someone views or clicks on an advertisement that appears on your video instead of being paid per video. 

  1. When do you get paid?

Once your amount hits $100, you'll receive payment. Let's assume that 1,000 video views are required to earn $4 from viewers who watched ads. To earn $100 from those ads, you would need 25,000 video views.