Get More Live Viewers on Instagram: The Ultimate Hack

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Rifat Ara Bonnhy
July 31, 2023
instagram live views hack

Instagram is a unique platform, and while numbers on it may be a bit limiting 1.15 billion - it allows you to reach a unique demographic of 18-34 year old’s via a very visual means. One of the most popular growth tools on Instagram is the Instagram Live Feature.

Instagram Live is a dynamic way of engaging with your followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, it is hard to hack Instagram live views - and most creators are left disappointed with their view numbers after an exhaustive session on Instagram Live.

To clarify, Instagram Live Views are the number of people viewing your Instagram Live Video. This includes people who have watched a particular portion of it and are currently watching it.

This article covers our top tips & tricks for succeeding via Instagram Live & popular Instagram Live Views Hack. Keep reading to know more!

Legitimate Ways To Increase Instagram Live Views

legit instagram live view hacks

There are many legitimate ways to increase your Instagram Live Views, which have proven highly effective for many successful creators. These tips have been echoed across ages and we have decided to document them in a convenient manner.

Promote Your Live Video on Other Social Media Platforms

Most odds are that you are also active on other social media platforms if you are a social media creator. Leverage this, and announce to your audiences across all platforms regarding your upcoming Live Videos. This may be done on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and in some rare instances - also Reddit. In another sense, you can use different platforms to drive traffic to your instagram channel & live videos.

The unique benefit of this method is that your audience can explore you across more platforms, engage with more of your content, and know you more effectively. Besides, having more extra viewers is still a big win, regardless.

Use Instagram's "Live" Feature to Notify Your Followers

Instagram supports a 'Live' feature which pushes out notifications to users when someone they are following publishes a Live Video. This way, you can reach out to your entire follower base on Instagram and ensure they stay in the loop.

From a technical standpoint, the process is relatively simple. All you need to do is enable the Live Notification feature, and you are good to go!

However, you might be asking - ‘How do I get more followers?’. Thankfully, we wrote this article that elaborates more in-depth regarding the topic. Check it out, might help.

Collaborate with Other Users for Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion is a great way to get more audience members. Partner with other Instagram influencers and promote each other's content and viewers. You can also collaborate and co-host Instagram Live Videos - exposing each other's audience to each other.

Currently, Instagram Live offers up to 4-simultaneous participants, and depending on the synergy of your collaboration - it could result in intense growth for all collaborators involved.
Besides the growth, this can also be an immense win in terms of content - with you and your collaborators combining to make something genuinely enjoyable. This performance could even result in future collaborations and some amazing friendships along the way.

This "network effect" effectively gets more Live Video viewers, as you can leverage one another's follower base and create more exposure. Collaboration is a big win for all the parties involved - and quite underrated for Live video creators.

Use Hashtags and Location Tags to Reach a Wider Audience

Hashtags are a great way to increase the reach of your Live video. You can add relevant, branded hashtags and location tags in your Live Video description to attract an audience from outside the followers.

This helps reach out to new viewers who may discover you and your content and become long-term followers of your Instagram account. One caveat with this method is using only a few hashtags, which can be spammy.

Engage with Your Audience During the Live Video

Your live video engagement is paramount. Consider interacting with and responding to any questions or queries the viewers ask. There are many ways to do this, a few of which include:

Ask them questions, and make them participate

Popular creators will often ask their audience their thoughts on topics they're discussing. They can also ask them for trivia or ask them to engage in the comment section regarding other relevant topics.

Highlight their comment

If you're using external software, you can also highlight replies. This is a commonly used tactic by streamers with the software to read out messages attached to donations. While this may be risky at times, it can empower the people engaging with your content - and motivate others to do the same.

Ask Them to Join the Live Video

Any die-hard follower would love to share the stage with their favourite creator. Talking via voice instead of text to someone you admire is alluring. This is an insanely good engagement tactic and prompts better organic engagement.

Proper engagement with audiences during live videos can create a new level of engagement and a more compelling viewership experience. It also encourages followers to stay tuned to your content in the future. Bottomline: Be more engaging, and show the love back.

Risks of Using Illegal Hacking Methods

live view hacks illegal methods

In the age of click-farms and bots, there are many illegal hacking methods to increase Instagram Live Followers. Regardless of your ethics on the issue - this comes with its fair share of risk that should be considered before using illegal hacking methods.

If suspicious activity is detected, your account may be blocked, or even worse - you may be blacklisted from using Instagram for good.

It is important to note that this holds for most hacking methods and should be avoided as much as possible. Getting caught can result in some dire consequences, including

  • Your account can get flagged by Instagram and result in a permanent ban.
  • Your account might be hacked, and crucial data stolen and misused. The hackers might even use malicious malware to take control of your device.
  • You can end up paying fines under different laws related to violating terms of service if you resort to such illegal methods.
  • If exposed, your followers may begin to lose faith in you.
  • Creators within your network will lose admiration for you and refuse to collaborate in the future. This could harm your prospects.

Hacking Instagram Live View Properly

properly hack instagram live views

Thankfully, you can also opt into a proper way to ‘hack’ the instagram live videos. Professional services like SocialPlug  offer services such as ‘Buy Instagram Live Views’ starting at only 0.008 per listener up to 10,000 listeners per live. Because they are professionals, their method has been tried, tested and proven to be effective and not flagged by Instagram. 

Buying SocialPlug Instagram Live Views results in multiple benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Building Social Proof: At any time in the video, new viewers would notice that you have 1000s of viewers. To any average user - this would prompt them to stick to your video due to its credibility. In due time, they would get converted as your follower when they begin to enjoy the content you provide. Therefore, buying views can also result in more organic views - and we think that’s perfect.

  • Placement on Instagram Explore: Instagram Explore is one of the best discovery platforms across any social media. It has helped great content make a breakthrough - and help creators grow their channel. However, placement on Instagram Explore is up to the algorithm. The Instagram Algorithm factors in parameters such as ‘Watch Time’, ‘View Count’, and others to assess something worthy of being on the Instagram Explore Page. Buying Live Views could be a way to mark your spot on Instagram Explore.
  • Tricks Instagram Algorithm: As we’ve mentioned before, this is a safe method. The Instagram Algorithm has been incapable of detecting SocialPlug Instagram Live Views in the past and there is no reason they can now. The Instagram Algorithm will begin working in your favor via this method.

Therefore, consider working with a verified vendor like SocialPlug if you truly want to hack your Instagram Live View Count & Skyrocket your growth on the platform.

Alternatives to Using Hacks: Investing in Advertising

Suppose you want to increase your follower base or viewers quickly. In that case, it is better to advertise your Live Videos instead of trying to hack your way in. Adverts have higher returns and better quality followers in the long run - thus, a better investment.

Also, you will be assured that your account is safe and that you are playing within the restrictions of Instagram policy. While advertising can be expensive, it's necessary for long-term growth - so investing in the same can bring you immense dividends, provided you know how to make it effective. 

Services like SocialPlug can assist you in your advertising for Social Media. We have a set of instagram compatible services that can assist you to grow your channel. To be more precise, you can Buy Instagram Live Views from us at a very affordable price.


A successful Instagram Live Video can benefit any creator, no matter the size of their audience. Whether it's connecting with existing fans or creating new ones - Live Videos are a great tool to use. For best results, use the tactics mentioned above and avoid the ones you should avoid. With a few tweaks, you can make sure you make the most of your Live Videos and get the desired outcome - a big win regardless.

We wish you the best of luck on your creator journey, and hope to enjoy your hard-working content in the future.

Rifat Ara Bonnhy
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Rifat Ara Bonnhy

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