10 Strategies to Grow NFT Twitter Accounts

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
November 2, 2022
How to grow NFT Twitter account

With platforms and businesses becoming increasingly used to the idea of crypto and digital transactions, new technology and digital items have become increasingly more valuable. NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are a defining part of this era defining wave of digital assets. The technology is relatively new to the market and people are still getting used to the idea of buying and selling virtual items. 

For something as new however, the traction and valuation the NFT marketplace has gained is nothing but surprising, with the most expensive one valued at over 91.8 Million USD. Experts predict this exponential growth to continue well into the coming decades, as global users become increasingly reliant on the internet.  

And while traditional brands and businesses may be somewhat reliant on social media, digital assets like NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are even more dependent on their digital presence for valuation.

Speaking of digital presence, it is no secret that social media is what drives businesses and investments ultimately into success in the 21st century. Therefore, it is no secret that shrewd financial experts invest significantly into growing their assets’ social media presence to make them more valuable. With over 450 Million unique monthly users as of 2022, Twitter is a social media platform that significantly affects the value and recognition of assets, both digital and physical.

For those with even the most basic idea of digital tokens, this presents an opportunity. An opportunity to explore seismic growth in valuation of NFTs using Twitter’s expansive reach. Ultimately, NFTs gain value via speculation and presence. This means, the more hype you can generate around your NFT, the higher you can value it at. And Twitter is the perfect place to create this hype. And we will discuss how to do that a bit further into this article.

What Makes Twitter Excellent for Promoting NFT Projects?

What makes Twitter Excellent for promoting NFT projects?

As we have already discussed, when it comes to marketing NFTs, what matters is their presence. If more people see or interact with your NFT on a regular basis, the underlying worth of your token exponentially increases. But to understand the potential of a platform and a technology, the first step is to understand your investors. 

Over 60% of all American crypto investors and traders are between the ages of 18 to 29. This means your maximum revenue lies in whichever space you can reach out to these individuals through. Most of the investors from this age group are highly active on Twitter, and that is what has turned the platform into a go-to for the NFT and crypto communities.

Behavioural psychologists agree that attention spans have significantly decreased over generations. And Twitter caters exactly to this behavioral change with a 280 character limit per tweet. Platforms like Facebook highlight content with more details in them and have seen shifts towards a more mature user demographic. Twitter on the other hand, has remained true to its roots and quick engagement style. Twitter’s system allows NFT accounts to make quick and efficient announcements or content that has much more circulation potential and connects to this demographic easily.

Twitter users are also much likely to use the hashtag feature to browse through and engage with content, making it easier for creators, users and investors to come together to work on projects. Users can also proudly display their ownership over NFTs by changing their display picture and linking crypto wallets to Twitter. 

Twitter recently optimised its NFT usability, making the platform’s features crypto friendly and ready for digital assets. This means there's no doubt that Twitter is the perfect platform to grow your NFTs brand value by increasing its relevance within communities. 

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Why Grow an NFT Twitter Account?

Why grow an NFT Twitter Account?

For those of you still a bit confused about the value of NFTs, a quick story can clear it up. Think of NFTs as pieces of art. Inherently, the value of art is defined by the creator of said art. This means the artist can literally assign a price at which they may want to sell the NFT at. However, for the creator to actualize that value, a few factors must be considered. Demand, scarcity, reach and recognition are all factors that can affect how much your art piece can be valued at. 

While demand and scarcity are factors that are mostly out of the control of the NFT owner and largely depend on the market  dynamic, reach and recognition can easily be built via an NFT Twitter account. Once a significant number of people recognise your NFT and generated content has gained enough followers, the value of your NFT instantly becomes much higher. And while the internet is a vast sea of websites with various followings, Twitter’s algorithm and user interface makes it the ideal platform to increase your NFT’s reach and value. 

An NFT twitter account therefore not only has the potential to create a unique brand identity, but also increase the value associated with that identity. Crypto and NFT communities are also largely based on the platform, making organic recognition and organic reach considerable advantages of growing NFT Twitter accounts

10 Strategies for Growing NFT Twitter Account

10 Strategies for growing NFT Twitter account

Use relevant hashtags:

As discussed before, Twitter users are used to browsing and discovering content based on hashtags. This makes it much easier for NFT Twitter accounts to get noticed by interested users. Keep up with large Crypto and NFT communities along with other trending Twitter content. If you pay a little bit of attention, patterns of trending and upcoming hashtags can easily be identified. There are also other common hashtags that are usually associated to NFTs like #Ethereum and #crypto. Use similar relevant hashtags to stay relevant and get trending on Twitter.

Engage with other users:

The first step to follower engagement is probably follower identification. Get a good understanding of your target audience and study how they interact over Twitter and other platforms. Once that is done, create content and engage with users to create genuine affiliation and recognition. People automatically feel more attracted to accounts that reply to them and create content based on feedback. 

Use images and videos:

Okay so this one is somewhat self explanatory. Using visual content such as videos and images makes your content more attractive. Users are also likely to retweet content that has more visuals instead of text-heavy posts. Visual content should also be direct, rather than ambiguous and should always showcase what the token represents.

Host or participate in Twitter chats:

The first thing any marketing expert will tell you is that branding starts with initiating conversations. Use Twitter’s user friendly tools to start and speed up conversations surrounding your account.

Tweet engaging posts:

While eye-catching visuals will surely get you noticed, they will hardly ever drive a real conversion. To achieve that, create and post content that works as engagement rather than one way communication. This will allow users to interact with your profile and give them a feel of community. 

Collaborate with other NFT Twitter accounts:

NFT and Crypto communities on Twitter are already pretty strong. However, followers still have a hard time finding other interesting accounts. Collaborating with other NFT Twitter accounts will not only get you even more followers, but also validate the NFTs social media presence. Communities surrounding your account will also get stronger.

Promote your Tweets:

With the social media marketplace already being flooded with so many brands and businesses, placing your content at the top of feeds can be a challenging task right from the get go. To make the process a bit easier, you can promote your Tweets to show up a bit higher at the top of users’ feeds. However, the maximum potential of these promotions can only be achieved by posting creative and attractive content to drive tweets to follower conversion.

Share your NFTs on other social media platforms:

While Twitter is the best platform to grow your NFT and add value to it, it is also important to maintain a certain level of relevance on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Stay relevant in these spaces and reshare the content  you created for your Twitter account’s marketing. 

Use Twitter analytics to track growth and engagement:

Twitter Blue gives users access to in depth analytics and performance statistics that lets them track performance based on time, post and content. Figure out what content works best for your account and what demographic of people are interacting with that content. Then, optimize your strategy based on this information.

Offer contests and giveaways:

One way to ensure that your followers are constantly engaged with your account is by making them feel like they are a part of the process. This ensures that they feel like a part of a much larger community and are genuinely enthusiastic about the content. Running contests and giveaways not only includes followers in the marketing process, but also gives them an incentive to actively keep up with and retweet content from the NFT Twitter account. This, in turn, drives more organic growth and creates hype around the target account. 

The Benefits of a Large NFT Twitter Following

While the benefits of having a large NFT twitter following are manifold, the main purpose should always remain to increase the value of your NFT. We have already discussed what factors drive the value of NFTs up in this article, and it is quite evident how a platform like Twitter can help you do that. Here is how a large Twitter following can help you:

  1. Create a unique identity and community around your NFT
  2. Engage with a community of crypto and NFT enthusiasts
  3. Drive NFT value via engagement
  4. Reach more people by creating creative content
  5. Reach a global audience and investor base
  6. Create a cost-effective and optimized marketing strategy

Why You Should Regularly Tweet About NFT

NFTs and Crypto are all the new fads and are constantly trending on Twitter. This means to stay relevant and have a considerable social media presence, being a part of this conversation is instrumental. Following these conversations and tweeting regularly using relevant hashtags will thus, make your voice heard.

The Do's and Don'ts of Tweeting About NFT 

The Do's and Don'ts of tweeting about NFT


  • Post creative and informative content
  • Be direct with your messaging 
  • Engage and tweet regularly about NFT
  • Collaborate with other NFT accounts
  • Track the analytics of each post and check account performance


  • Plagiarise content from other trending NFT accounts
  • Post text-heavy content
  • Take part in controversial conversations that could damage NFT brand

How to Avoid Spamming Your NFT Twitter Followers

While engaging with your users on a regular basis and posting regularly are important to staying relevant, posting too often can overwhelm your followers and make your account feel like spam. To avoid doing this, analyse other established NFT Twitter accounts and map out their posting frequency. Then, optimize your content schedule based on these data sets. Also, create unique content for each post instead of repeating posts to seem more genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add NFT to your Twitter profile?

Ans. First, launch the Twitter application and go to the profile page. Then tap the Edit Profile button which will lead you to a page with different options. Click on profile picture and choose NFT. Once you choose your desired NFT wallet, you will be given instructions within the app to connect to your crypto wallet and select an NFT.

What type of NFT sells the most?

Ans. Digital art and in game items are the two types of NFTs that sell the most. 

Final Verdict

An essential part of NFT marketing is building communities around and conversations surrounding your token. Essentially, you want to go viral to remain relevant and create considerable brand recognition. 

Twitter has a bunch of options and tools to help users grow within the platform. These tools can easily be leveraged to get noticed and spark interest around your account. Essentially, it is the perfect platform with the perfect tools to achieve your reach and valuation goals. NFT Twitter accounts are therefore extremely viable and highly suggested

Tasnim Abedeen Raju
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