Adding a Flair on Reddit: A How-To Guide

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Rifat Ara Bonnhy
July 25, 2023
how to add flair to reddit

Reddit, one of the most popular social networking platforms on the internet, has steadily increased its user base in recent years. Reddit gives marketers and influencers the opportunity to produce content while learning vital information about what their customers are thinking about and experiencing. 

Due to Reddit's robust algorithms, brands may target specific users with the content that is most pertinent to them. This helps brands expand by connecting with potential customers who might not have otherwise seen their material.

A wonderful way to express yourself and make your postings stand out on Reddit is by adding flair to your profile or post. You may simply display your interests, hobbies, and even your work by adding a flair. It allows you the ability to add a unique design and style to your posts and account. 

Reddit posts can also be categorized and organized using flair to make it simpler for users to access pertinent information. The ability to identify as a member of a particular community or organization may also be demonstrated through flair, which makes it simpler to meet others who share your interests.

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Understanding Reddit Flairs and Their Uses

understanding reddit flairs

Reddit flairs are tags that are used to identify a post's content or the user's level of experience. They can be used to group posts into categories, making it simpler for visitors to locate what they're looking for, or to show the author's level of expertise in a certain subject. Reddit offers a few different types of flairs:

User-created flairs are created by individual users, and can be used to express their interests or opinions. Subreddit-specific flairs are created by the moderators of a particular subreddit for the purpose of categorizing posts and helping users find relevant content. Moderator-created flairs are also created by moderators and are often used to promote events or other content.

There are a few critical factors to make while picking the appropriate flair for your articles or profile. First, make sure that the flair you choose is reflective of the content you are sharing. This will make it more likely that people will recognize the post or profile as being pertinent to them right away. Second, think about the flair's aesthetic appeal. Is it appealing and eye-catching? After you’re done making sure that the post looks good, consider the flair's tone and mood to make sure they are acceptable and consistent with the point you are trying to communicate. 

How to Add Flair to a Reddit Post?

  1. In order to add flair using the new Reddit online interface, you must first create your post. You can sign in by clicking the Log In icon in the top right corner of the Reddit page.
add flair to a reddit post step 1
  1. After logging in, use the search box to choose your chosen subreddit or manually open it by adding the subreddit /r/ link to the URL bar. To begin a new thread, select New Post after entering the subreddit.
add flair to a reddit post step 2
  1. From the Create Post menu, select a suitable title and text body for your post. To add a new flair, choose one of the available options from the Flair drop-down menu.
add flair to a reddit post step 3
  1. If the subreddit allows you to change certain flair text, you can do this by editing the text in the Edit Flair box immediately below the Reddit flair you’ve selected. 

Once you are done, feel free to go ahead and select “Post” to publish your content to your community. If you forgot to add a flair, you can still edit this after submission by selecting the three-dot menu icon and Edit Flair (or if you wish to delete or remove it).

How to Add Flair to a Reddit User Profile?

  • You can add user flairs by searching for the subreddit or typing the address manually at On the About Community section on the left, select the Edit button that is displayed next to the User Flair Preview text. If this isn't evident, pick Community Options from the drop-down list first.
  • Make sure the Show my user flair on this community checkbox is selected before picking your user flair from the list in the Choose Flair menu.
  • Use the Clear Flair option if you want to get rid of the extra flair, then click Apply to save the adjustment.

Formatting and Customizing Your Reddit Flairs

Your profile can stand out and be more distinctive by using Reddit flair formatting and customization. Go to the "edit flair" tab for the subreddit that you are active in first. There, you can choose the language, any photos you want to use, and the flair you desire. 

To further individualize your flair, you can select from a range of fonts, colors, and styles. Once you're done, you may save the changes so that your flair will be visible to everybody who reads your profile.

Managing Flairs in Reddit Communities

After joining, you must go to the community's sidebar and locate the "flair" section. The choice to "create" or "request" a flair is then yours. If you request, you will be required to explain the specifics of the flair you require. 

When adding a flair, you will be asked to provide the specifications, including the style and wording. Once you submit your request, the community moderators will review it and determine whether to accept it or not.

If you are managing your own community, keeping track of and moderating the flairs that get tagged also becomes essential to maintaining subreddit sobriety. Make a list of potential flairs and a description for each first. Users will be able to easily determine a post's topic thanks to this. 

Next, let users choose a flair when they're writing or amending a post. This will give users a sense of ownership and keep the community structured. Lastly, keep an eye out for inappropriate or misleading content in flairs.

Leveraging CSS to Add ‘Flair’ to Your Reddit Flairs

For those of you with a bit of knowledge on coding, it is relatively simple to alter the look of flairs with CSS. You can simply adjust the font, background color, size, and color of your flairs with CSS.

You must first construct a style sheet using the proper CSS rules. Use the tag to link the style sheet to your page. The rules can be applied to your flairs once the style sheet has been linked.

Use the "width" and "height" parameters, for instance, to alter the flairs' size. Use the "color" property to alter the color. You can use the "background-color" property to modify the background. Use the "font-family" and "font-size" properties to modify the font. You can also use CSS to add borders, shadows, and other special effects to your flairs. 

Flairs and Reddit's Moderation Policies

reddit flair moderation policy

Reddit's moderation guidelines heavily rely on flairs. Posts are categorized using flairs, which enables moderators to find problematic or urgent postings with ease. They also give Reddit users a simple way to filter content.

With the help of flairs, moderators may quickly identify and delete posts that are inappropriate or off-topic for a given subreddit. They can also be used to identify posts that are a part of specific discussion threads or series, such AMA events. 

Flairs can be used to show appreciation to contributors for their work or for creating exceptional content. Giving the user a distinctive flair goes a long way towards this. Users may feel encouraged to keep contributing if their work is acknowledged in this way.

Be consistent within your community, and your community moderator will acknowledge you in no time at all, providing you with more standing within the subreddit. You may also get promoted with Reddit Awards which will also help you be noticeable and unique.

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Ultimately, this form of moderation is beneficial to every community and will definitely help you stand out in a sea of subpar content if what you post has a certain level of quality.


Consistency is an essential component to gaining authority and trustworthiness in any Reddit community. Choose one flair and use it consistently throughout a number of postings. Moreover, use a flair that is linked to the topic being discussed; for example, if discussing a product, include a flair that is pertinent to that product. 

For readers to understand that the material is relevant and up to date, flairs must be updated frequently. Finally, consider using multiple flairs for diverse themes to demonstrate to readers the breadth of topics you are knowledgeable about.

To find the ideal way to improve your Reddit experience, keep trying and testing various strategies with flairs. What works for one Reddit user might not work for another because every post and community is different. 

Don't be scared to experiment with diverse strategies and try out different gimmicks. You'll discover how to tailor your Reddit experience to better meet your needs as you experiment more. You'll soon have a Reddit experience you enjoy with the right approach and a little patience!

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