How to Build an Nft Community- 8 Best Strategies

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Tasnim Abedeen Raju
December 9, 2022
how to build an NFT community

In most cases, NFT projects succeed because of their strong communities. And trust me, it has been proven that your NFT project's long-term success will be determined mainly by your Community.

Now the question is, how do you get your NFT project to have an awesome community? Unfortunately, it's much more complicated than creating a Discord server and posting an invite link all over your Twitter.

In this guide, I will elaborate on how you can build a thriving NFT community.

Before we dive into what it takes to build your much-needed NFT cult/community, it's imperative that we understand what an NFT Community is.

What is an NFT Community?

what is an NFT community

The NFT community is a gathering of NFT enthusiasts who actively collect, create, buy, sell, discuss, debate, hype, and use NFT projects. Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, and Reddit, are some of the platforms used to communicate in this Community.

The members of these communities have called themselves NFT bros for way too long, and there's a catch to it. These communities somewhat decide the fate of your NFT projects; it's like the saying, people who get it, get it, and people who don't, don't. To make your NFT projects shine like diamonds, keep reading.

8 Best Strategies to Build an NFT Community

best strategies to build an NFT community

Here are the 8 best strategies to build your very own NFT Community because only the best for you.

Determine Your Target

Finding a niche you are passionate about is essential in the NFT space, as there are a lot of different aspects. You can collect NFTs, play video games, or do art. It is possible to create a community once you have found your niche.

After that, you need to identify WHO you want to be in your Community.

You will likely talk to these people almost every day for the next few years if this is a long-term project.

It would be best if you considered who you want to be a part of your Community because they will also talk to others about your project.

You might think that because you work in the NFT space, you're all-inclusive and don't need to pay attention to obvious things.

Demographics include race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, and iOS/Android users. Because hey, then again, you probably don't want a cute bubbly community of 10-year-olds.

Build a Vision for Your Community

There must be a sense of shared effort within your NFT crypto community. A project's scope will be determined by its size, but everyone must be committed to it.

This is where your vision comes in. Your vision will give your community members the much-needed push they require and help you go through the roadmap, even if it's full of hurdles. 

Choose The Right Platform

Building a community of NFTs begins with social media. Your Community will resonate most with a channel that resonates with them.

  1. Twitter

NFT crypto community members can easily interact on Twitter with short messages, announcements, and short messages.

Check out this article to learn more about how you can utilize Twitter to its best capacity to build your NFT Community.

Here’s a guide on how to promote NFTs on Twitter!

  1. Discord

NFT crypto community members have benefited from Discord's evolution into a more inclusive site. You should look into Discord if you're just starting out in NFT.

Know how to get the best bunch added to your Discord NFT server.

  1. Reddit

The Reddit community provides a way for crypto users to communicate. A community-driven approach allows for more free flow. Subreddits can also be shared.

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  1. Telegram

In addition to being a popular choice for crypto users, Telegram offers a scrollable text chat that allows your Community to communicate in real-time.

Create Engaging Events

Create engaging events such as AMAs, giveaways, and podcasts. The buzz generated by sharing posts, word-of-mouth, and other activities will organically grow your NFT crypto community. Adding to it and keeping it going is up to you. You should educate your followers about NFTs and persuade them to participate in the auction.

Although your goal is eventually to receive your desired mentions, comments, and messages to respond to them, you should try to reach your maximum capacity to respond to any comment or question you receive when you're starting out, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative.

Building a sense of Community starts with engaging your audience. Make your Discord community a welcoming place by welcoming new members and participating in discussions. 

At first, it might feel awkward, but as you practice, you'll become much more comfortable! Keep your presence in the Community by bringing on moderators as your Community grows, but do keep in mind that your investors want to hear from you for added credibility!

Be Trustworthy

Being transparent and authentic with your audience is more vital than ever, as the market is already filled with influencers. It is not possible to force NFT crypto communities to trust your project. Unrealistic expectations will likely lead to disappointment if you are not already a celebrity.

So how do you earn this trust?

You might think your NFT will define the world, but that's not true. The ideal scenario would be that people would buy your NFTs, but not every conversation has to be about them.

There isn't much change in the world of JPEGs, so let people know that you are interested in hearing about them. How are they doing? In what ways have they won?

Creating a community isn't really what you're doing. It's like building a family for yourself.

The Community will know more about a person than the people in their lives if the Community is built with trust. It is more likely that they will trust community members than outsiders. Seeing them is the only way to ensure that happens.

Build Your Brand

Yoy brand guidelines will speak for your project. Establish your brand identity before you start engaging. Whether you invite your first Discord member, send your first tweet, or comment on your first Reddit post, having a consistent brand image is a must. 

No matter who creates posts for your account, a style guide will ensure that you use brand-consistent logos, fonts, and color palettes. It will also be easier for you to hire social media managers or graphic designers if you have a style guide.

This will also ensure you remember what shade of pink you used when you first made your logo. Identify a few complementary colors for graphics and text and document your exact color codes. 

Creating eye-catching cohesive brand content doesn't require an art degree. You will appear more official and trustworthy if your branding is consistent across your platforms. 

Partner with Viable Projects in the Industry

Try partnering with viable projects in the industry, such as CryptoPunks, Proof of Beauty, Decentraland, and many more. It is a good idea to spend time with other project managers.

What does it feel like to be around them? How do you like to spend your time? Do you have any dislikes?

With the help of a community creator, you can build the online space that you've always dreamed of. This makes individuals experience a lot. Don't let that opportunity pass you by.

Wanna know how you can see your project being listed as one of the viable projects in the industry? Click here, and trust me, you'll be amazed.

Collaborate with Similar Projects

By collaborating, you can expand your collector base, develop your Community, and build your network of creators.

When it comes to experimenting with style, collaborations can be the perfect vehicle. Embrace your co-creators and their artistic approach, and allow yourself to be inspired by their practice instead of sticking to your own distinctive style. It is possible to learn a great deal from collaborations.

Collaborations can also be a great opportunity for all parties to expand their markets and collector bases. Become familiar with each other's networks and take advantage of the opportunity to build your following.

To conclude, leverage collaborations to create deeper connections with NFT Marketors. Collaborations are a fantastic way to build relationships with peers and other artists.

Where Do NFT Communities Hang Out?

where do NFT communities hang out

The best NFT communities have real-life utilities, discuss other topics, hang out in Discord, and hold real-life meetups. The NFTs works the same way as clubs, except that you become a club member, but in the scenario of NFT, you achieve ownership.

Apart from twinkling around Discord, NFT communities are also active on Twitter, where they hold casual chats and virtual parties. You'll see various NFT communities posting their projects, launches, merch, and other fun activities all over Twitter and Reddit.

This makes it vital for you to have a strong Twitter following, right? Click here, and you'll thank me later.

5 Things to Avoid When Building an NFT Community 

mistakes to avoid when building an NFT community

Now that we're done telling you the dos, we'll let you know all the don't so that you come off as a green flag even in a garden of roses. 

  1. Paying for Fake Engagement

For your NFT Community to appear active, you might be tempted to hire some people to pose as community members, asking questions about the products and praising your team. 

At the end of the day, this approach might not produce results. Not all the time, at least. In order to create the best type of engagement for your NFT project, you need to let the members initiate the discussion themselves. 

Most of the time, it will be your members who purchase some items from your collection as a means of supporting the project. So think wisely before investing in engagements.

  1. Generic or Unrealistic Roadmap

A roadmap provides a sense of direction and actionable goals for each milestone in a community's development. Your roadmap is meant to inspire you and your community members. This type of plan is what often impresses people and gets them interested in your project. 

It is common to see, however, that some NFT projects draw rather impractical or overly stereotypical roadmaps. Honest and practical roadmaps will inspire and attract, but you need to understand that your project could come off as a vague promise right from the start if people see this as a red flag. 

Therefore, your roadmap should be sincere. We understand your desire to achieve everything possible, but be careful not to overpromise. 

  1. Not Taking feedback

You might think of yourself as the jack of all trades, and we completely believe in you. But that doesn't mean you need to do everything by yourself. We got a solution for you- HIRE.

As a community creator, you can handle a lot of roles, from moderating to managing partnerships to coordinating marketing. However, if your Community grows, that can become overwhelming. 

When you hire, you'll have trustworthy personnel counseling you and giving you feedback all the time. Hiring people for your team is the best way to avoid burnout and inefficiency. It is essential that you hire a Moderator to coordinate the Community's activities.

  1. Not Connected with the Community regularly 

Even though you created NFT or are "the owner" of the Community, you should remember that the success of your project doesn't revolve around you alone. Keep in touch with your NFT Community and examine feedback from your members to determine the ones to implement. 

Consider your members' suggestions and observations to give them a sense of belonging. Additionally, since they'd ultimately buy your NFTs, you should implement some of their suggestions so they'd be interested in them.

When you implement your community members' feedback, they'll feel more involved and vouch for your project even more. 

  1. Don't let your community members Whitelist

While you may want to incentivize your active contributors with whitelist spots, you want to be cautious so that doesn't be the sole motive they are staying in your Community.

From your end, you must inspire natural engagements where participants willingly make significant contributions closer to the increase of the assignment and additionally keep an active ecosystem in the Community.

This works higher than when you put benchmarks on the number of messages your contributors have to ship daily to impervious a whitelist spot.

Studies have proven that neighborhood contributors who are too whitelist-minded will finally mint the NFT, promote it at a greater price, and exit the project.

Believe in Yourself, Because we Definitely Do!

Your NFT Community will be one of the important influences on your NFT project. Building your own NFT Community from scratch will be hard; we know it. To find the right amount of inspiration, look at our tips.

You can also click here and get the help you require in your journey to building your awesome NFT Community.

Using Social plug's services will not only help you build the best NFT Community ever but will help you gain instant exposure for your NFT project as well. And if you ever get stuck, come back and reread this; we got you.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
  1. Why do I need to be part of a community?

Communities bring together like-minded folks to share their interests, collaborate, and have a great time. The community contributors acquire greater knowledge, so whether you're a collector or a marketer, you must join your favorite Community.

      2.  Are NFTs allowed on Discord?

Yes. Users can access channels on the discord server based on their NFT collections in their cryptocurrency wallets using NFT token-gated Discord. The NFT collection can also be used to assign roles within the channel, and this process can be automated.

      3.  Is building a NFT community on Twitter worth the hype?

Yes, it’s worth every bit of hype. Your Twitter community members will be your biggest supporters and inspiration.

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